Williamson County School System in Tennessee Won’t Comment on Texas Cultural Competency Plan That Preaches All Whites Are Racist


Officials at one public school system in Texas reportedly use a cultural competency plan that teaches that all whites are racist, and it was unclear Tuesday if those ideas have made their way to Tennessee.

Officials at the Williamson County School System in Tennessee wouldn’t say Tuesday if their own cultural competency plan mirrors the one that teachers use in Texas’ Southlake Carroll Independent School District. The Federalist describes the Texas curriculum in a report this week.

None of the 12 WCS School Board members returned requests for comment Tuesday.

WCS spokeswoman Carol Birdsong said Tuesday that she could not comment about what goes on at another school district. She referred us to two separate articles addressing the matter on the WCS school system’s website. The Tennessee Star, however, could not access the two articles Tuesday evening nor could we access the WCS website. The website was down for unknown reasons.

WCS officials in February hired a consulting firm, Fostering Healthy Solutions (FHS), to stamp out what they call a pattern of racism within the school district. WCS officials said previously on their website that FHS officials would “create a culture strategy plan” to “help the district create a safe, welcoming environment for all students.”

“FHS will not be training our staff on Critical Race Theory nor is it being talked about in discussion groups with employees,” WCS officials said.

“FHS is gathering feedback and information from stakeholders.”

When previously asked for comment, Fostering Healthy Solutions co-founder Anita Foster told The Tennessee Star that, as a business practice, she does not discuss clients.

Parents told board members in February that they researched WCS disciplinary records and, going by that, racism was not as rampant as suggested. Those parents also said this move falls well beyond a school system’s primary function and might indoctrinate students politically.

School board members are paying Fostering Healthy Solutions $55,000 for a contract that ends in July. School board members have the option to renew the contract afterwards for the 2021-222 school year.

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) spokesman Sean Braisted said Tuesday that he had no records of his school system working with Fostering Health Solutions nor was he aware of MNPS implementing any cultural competency plan.

Staff at the Southlake Carroll Independent School District in Texas are addressing what they call “structural racism” through a Cultural Competence Action Plan.

“Parents who have publicly spoken against the speedy ideological transformation of their top-performing school district have been viciously smeared as racists—and more. Last week a ‘progressive’ group sent this postcard to every household in the district in advance of a May 1 school board election that’s become a referendum on a critical race theory plan for Southlake schools,” according to The Federalist.

“It names local residents and even outs one to neighbors for a past criminal conviction, all for exercising their right to freely participate in the public process. It’s a clear attempt to socially stigmatize and silence the private citizens named. Smearing and doxing private citizens to suppress their participation in public affairs is a social dynamic beginning to permeate American life.”

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4 Thoughts to “Williamson County School System in Tennessee Won’t Comment on Texas Cultural Competency Plan That Preaches All Whites Are Racist”

  1. David

    Golden and the WCS Board are pathetic and need to be replaced. There is evidence that 2nd graders are being taught that all White people are evil racists who want to harm Black people – no wonder Black kids are scared to go to school. WCS needs to tell the truth. They aren’t technically teaching “Critical Race Theory” but are you teaching kids that all White people are evil racists?

  2. JB Taylor

    Sound like Williamson County needs a all NEW staff Members. The one’s in place need to be removed Immediately.

  3. Kevin

    Did anybody honestly think that in this “war against America”, the “buckle of the Bible Belt” would be left unassailed? The left has had Tennessee in their sights for many years. And they can’t allow us Bible reading, gun toting, America loving “rednecks” to ruin their plans!

    CRT is alive and well in several Tennessee counties (not just Williamson), and they ain’t just the ones that you might think! By the end of this legislative session, we are going to get a very clear read on where our State Leadership stands, or doesn’t! Then, it’s time for citizens to go to work!

  4. Rick

    WCS hiring a consulting firm for 50k only confirms the lack of leadership and incompetence of the school board. When you are so lazy and incompetent to bring in so called outside professionals to tell you how to do the job you were hired to do you have complete failure of the board to operate in a leadership capacity. Parent involvement and concern is the most important factor that has given WCS’s the ability to make public comments of what a good school system it is. If the numbers were known of how many private tutors are hired by concerned parents for their children (because financially most can in the WCS district) it would balance comments of performance by the school system.