Georgia Association of Educators Pushes Woke Social Justice Activist Curriculum

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The Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) is advancing far-left gender ideology, Critical Race Theory, and social justice activist curriculum for members of its organization.

GAE, an affiliate of the National Educators Association (NEA), promotes racial justice education materials from various sources, including those offered by NEA, whose organization claims that racism is “systemic” and “is so deeply rooted in our history, culture and institutions that there’s no escaping it.”

Among the resources highlighted on the GAE website is Black Lives Matter at School, an organization based on the founding principles of Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter at School offers a curriculum resource guide for early childhood to adult learners to “ensure continued wide access to identity-affirming, justice-oriented educational materials across the lifespan.”

In cooperation with Black Lives Matter at School, which seeks to do “the work required to dismantle cis-gender privilege” and expose gender identity ideology to students as early as Pre-K-2nd grade, GAE encourages LBGTQ books for students in early childhood through high school.

GAE also promotes “Teaching Hard History,” a Critical Race Theory curriculum plan and social justice project from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) called Learning for Justice (LFJ). LFJ teaches views such as “…the legacies of slavery, white supremacy and settler colonialism continue to affect life in what is now the United States.”

Additionally, SPLC’s Learning for Justice project has an “Educator Fund” to insert its social justice ideology in schools by providing “ongoing guidance and critical resources” to support educators “who embrace and embed social justice, anti-bias and anti-racist principles throughout their classrooms and schools.”

Moreover, GAE also champions the debunked 1619 Project, “an initiative by The New York Times Magazine” that received funding from Meta (Facebook) and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, which teaches an alternative view of the history of the United States through the lens of systemic racism.

However, there is pushback against the radical social justice ideology that GAE amplifies. In his article, “Correcting 1619’s Falsehoods about the American Founding,” senior fellow Jason L. Riley at the Manhattan Institute cites “veteran community activist” Robert Woodson’s 1776 Unites curriculum as a response to the “junk history” of the 1619 Project.

In contrast to the 1619 Project, 1776 Unites features “empowering, historically accurate lessons for students of all backgrounds” with “a special focus on stories that celebrate black excellence, reject victimhood culture, and showcase African-Americans who have prospered by embracing America’s founding ideals.”

Charles Love, executive director of Seeking Educational Excellence (SEE) and 1776 Unites scholar, states that the 1619 Project has a “dangerous” and “toxic” message based on “critical race theory” where its “proponents twist truths, omit facts, and change definitions.”

Love also warns, “If schools adopt critical race theory, they will sadly rob students of the opportunity to receive an education that prepares them for the future and makes them proud to be American.”

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Debra McClure is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and The Star News Network. Follow Debra on X / Twitter.





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  1. Patrick McArthur

    The only solution to this abomination is universal vouchers for every student.
    The system we have today is beyond reform.