Former U.S. Sen. Bob Corker Talks About Tea Partiers in New Interview with ‘The Atlantic’

Former Sen. Rob Corker


Former U.S. Republican Sen. Bob Corker this week granted an exclusive interview to The Atlantic, and he used the occasion to voice his differences with the Tea Party.

This, while the writer of the article, Emma Green, touted Corker as someone who called out the “racism” and “moral failings” of the Republican Party.

Green asked Corker if he knew in 2010 just how much the Tea Party would influence the GOP.

“I was unaligned with them because I was from Washington, and I didn’t say the red-meat things because I don’t believe them,” Corker said.

“I’ve never been able to say those kinds of things. I cannot bash the other side of the aisle. I’ve just never been able to bash a Democrat because they’re a Democrat. The Tea Party—they liked me. They didn’t love me.”

In April, Corker downplayed talk that he might run for United States president.

The former Tennessee senator also opined on whether and how his brand of Republican Party differs from what it is currently under former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Corker said at the time that the person who replaced him in Congress, U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn, “is a little bit more representative [of the Republican Party] than someone of my ilk.”

In 2019, Corker said the Republican and Democratic parties have changed too much by his standards.

“I was a Republican in the Senate for 12 years and we cared about fiscal issues, world leadership and free trade,” Corker told the Chattanooga Rotary Club,

“I look at the Republican Party now and we are isolationist, protectionist and care nothing about keeping these institutions that have kept the world safe in many ways.”

Corker, an avowed NeverTrumper, has also used his previous platform as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to criticize Trump. He compared the former Republican president to a banana republic for removing former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance and other former officials’ clearances.”

Corker also said he longed for the way the Republican Party was before the Tea Party and before Trump. The former U.S. senator also likened Ann Coulter and the late Rush Limbaugh to tyrants, referencing their opinions on the U.S./Mexico border wall situation.

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21 Thoughts to “Former U.S. Sen. Bob Corker Talks About Tea Partiers in New Interview with ‘The Atlantic’”

  1. Thomas

    chairman of the Senate “Foreign Relations Committee”.

    “ANYBODY” with any knowledge whatsoever of Government, knows the FRC, is an enemy of the USA and our form of Government,

    They prefer a “One World Government”.

  2. Jay

    Bob should have stayed on as mayor. He was suited for that job.

  3. Ron W

    He was senator only because Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary split the conservative vote in the 2006 Republican Primary. I voted for Ed Bryant then but never for Corker.

  4. william delzell

    Although I have my differences with Corker such as his opposition to labor unions and his militaristic foreign policy views, he has raised valid points against the bigotry that dominates the current G.O.P. I can never accept the racism, homophobia, antifeminism, and xenophobia that Blackburn and Company identify with.


    Bob you had your chance in the US Senate and you failed to represent Tennessee. Quit blaming you lack of skill on others. Bob it time to put a CORK in your mouth

  6. 83ragtop50

    The guy was more of a Dimocrat than a Republican. A small, self-serving elitist. He did not run for re-election because he knew that he was going to be voted out. I will give him credited for being smart enough to realize that fact but no other credit is due him.

  7. Nashville Deplorable


  8. Karen Bracken

    Maybe if more people in TN would have done some resesrch into Corker while running Chattanooga they wouldn’t have elected him to be dog catcher.

  9. Better he focus on his highly-questionable real estate deals and leave us all alone. Once again, money does not equal brains.

  10. Ms Independent

    Little bob corker was a rhino from day one. So many just like him in the Republican Party

  11. EdC

    It’s amusingly obvious that Corker is adding his imagined influence to block President Trump’s return. A prospect that terrifies the blue left (yes Bob, you are a blue rhino). That he gave this “exclusive interview” to the Atlantic adds to the humor.

  12. SadButTrue

    i want my votes back. what a scum bag.

  13. Jeffrey R Batten

    If Tennessee had primary run off elections, He may have never made it to the Senate. he didnt get 50% of the vote.

  14. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    It’s a Republic if you can keep it. That would included sound money as Constitutionally Mandated. Bob here is part of the Central Bank Cartel that prints fake money.

  15. Maggietwin

    Bob, you were a horrible Senator, glad you retired, because you were never going to be reelected. RINO go spew your BS to someone who believes you, because I don’t.

    1. I agree Maggie. I always suspected Corker was this way (and Alexander too), and now he confirms my suspicions.

  16. Horatio Bunce

    Chris, thanks for reading the Atlantic….so I don’t have to.

  17. Kevin

    “I was unaligned with them because I was from Washington…” Hey Bob, the feeling is mutual, because we’re from America! And we put our God, and our nation ahead of a few bits of silver!

    But for the record, you left because you knew you were going to get beat.

  18. TN ribs

    I’m ashamed I ever voted for this little evil man.

    1. Tennessee Budd

      I’m pleased that I didn’t. I knew he was horrible.