Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally Believes Special Legislative Session Is Unnecessary


A spokesman for Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) on Thursday shared McNally’s views on whether state legislators should still convene for a special session.

“While Lt. Governor McNally is firmly against government vaccine passports, he is extremely reticent to place restrictions on private business,” said McNally spokesman Adam Kleinheider, via email.

“Religious and medical exceptions to mandates are very common and Lt. Governor McNally believes those kind of exceptions should be available in most cases. At this time, Lt. Governor McNally does not believe a special session is necessary but will work with Speaker Sexton and Governor Lee if one is called.”

Members of the Williamson County-based Tennessee Stands said this week that members of the Tennessee General Assembly should still hold a special session.

Tennessee Stands Executive Director Gary Humble said in an emailed message to his supporters that Tennesseans and a majority of members of the Tennessee House of Representatives want a special session. This, Humble said, “to address a host of issues currently plaguing our state.”

“Yet, nothing. Our legislators have an obligation to protect and defend the individual liberties of all people of this state, regardless of the policies of the governor’s office or the leaning of any political party,” Humble wrote.

“And where our General Assembly has not only a constitutionally prescribed duty to protect these liberties but also the power and authority to do so by calling itself to a special session, the act of not doing so is then construed to engage in actively oppressing the people of this state.”

Doug Kufner, speaking for Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville), cited Article II, Section 8 of the Tennessee State Constitution. That passages says the General Assembly may, by joint resolution, recess or adjourn until such time or times as it shall determine. Legislators will convene at other times when called by the governor. They will also convene when called upon by the presiding officers of both state houses — at the written request of two-thirds of the members of each house.

“Speaker Sexton and all members of the House Republican Caucus have already asked the governor for a special session to address several COVID-related issues legislatively,” Kufner said via email Wednesday.

“The House stands ready to act, should the call for a special session come.”

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12 Thoughts to “Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally Believes Special Legislative Session Is Unnecessary”

  1. […] Lt. Governor McNally was hesitant to embrace the call for the session to address the mandates, despite several Senators and all […]

  2. Faithy Faith

    First, I need the Tennessee Star to do some light investigative work to see if it is true if McNally is like Senator Corman for Pennsylvania. Here is what I mean, is all of this public theater while McNally is threatening committee assignments to get Republicans in line.

    Second, we need a serious primary challenge for Governor Lee & McNally because for two reasons. One, McNally is responsible for creating the law that over extended Executive orders in Tennessee which ultimately led to Executive Order 83. If you have not read Executive Order 83, please due so because it is a doozy and would create conditions here that mirror Australia. Governor Lee is just giving Tennesseans lip service acting like dingbat Kristy Noem by writing Executive order 84 for the ban on school masks while allowing the Shelby County Healthy Department unlawfully (they admit it is likely not enforceable) to issue a public mask mandate (the city and county begged them to do it which is common sense because if the local city council cannot do it, then you know the health department has no legal standing to do it) and Shelby County Schools and Davidson County has publicly defied. All Lee and McNally did was make one more Twitter Response threatening consequences without actually giving them consequences’ political theater.

    Sexton needs a primary challenge as well because that whole trinity (Gov, LT. Gov, and House Speaker) is engaging in Theater because of the election so they can say we fought for you (without actually fighting) while we are suffering.

    The republican rep from Shelby County needs a primary challenge for his Twitter trash talk without backing it up.

    These Rhinos could have fixed this in May 2021, but they did not. If they were really against what Shelby and Davidson County were doing, then Gov. Lee would not have written Executive order 83. Hospitals are being waived from liability under the name of COVID. They are throwing theater rocks while hiding their hands.

    McNally’s love for Private Businesses is a convenient excuse since private business still have Federal Regulation such as the Civil Rights Act. If he was sincere, they he would write a law to remove liability protections and increase penalties up to 500,000 for each illness as a result for any business that require a mask to fight disease for its employees and customers if the customer or employee becomes ill for wearing a mask. Ban vaccine mandates period. I don’t care how long schools have been requiring them.

    These Rhinos with the help of Lefties neutered and killed legislation that would allow a recall for school boards; that is our so-called Republicans working for us. We need a petition to create a TN state vote on the ability to recall school board members, local council members, the governor, and state elected officials. We also need a law on the ballot if our so-called elected official won’t do it to curb the power of the Health Department.

    These So-called Republicans have gotten too comfortable and McNally has over 40 years in that comfort zone; it is time to legally not just talk, but walk their lying behinds out of office by disfavoring them, praying God removes the mantel from them, running tv and social media ads against them, not buckling to pressure, and voting them out locally and statewide. Strongholds only last if we allow them to.

  3. John

    The real headline…….

    Tennessee Citizens Believes Career Politician, Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally, Is Unnecessary And Should Resign

    1. 83ragtop50

      John – You are absolutely correct. He has been an obstacle to getting truly conservative legislation passed. When a strong bill comes from the House, McNally and his RINO senate buddies either block it or water it down to the level that it is less than useless. The telling thing is that his good ol’ buddies in the senate unanimously elected him to be Lt. Governor. The whole lot of them needs to be replaced. That includes my senator, Farell Haile.

    2. Faithy Faith

      Hallelujah brother!

  4. Our reps (both houses) don’t want to upset their vacations They think only States like Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia are being looked at and Tennesseans won’t notice; after all, Tennessee gave its electoral votes to Pres Trump and why would we worry that we are meandering into socialism. Do your jobs! Call yourselves into session. You don’t need the governor or LT governor for this. For the love of God, have some backbone!

  5. Trevor

    Speaker Sexton is in touch with Tennesseans! McNalley needs to retire or be retired!!

  6. Nancy

    McNalley is out of touch with the working people of Tennessee! Ask your state senator if they support him as leader? If they do primary them! McNalley needs to step down! McNalley does not understand what is happening in the metropolitan areas of the state!

  7. Kevin

    You have got to be kidding me!

    “Lt. Governor McNally does not believe a special session is necessary…” We have a Governor being forced to do the Legislature’s job through executive order, on issues such as CRT, Covid and a myriad of other issues! We have tons of circumstantial evidence that the 2020 election process was fraught with problems, AND a Legislature appointed Secretary of State who says that there were NO problems! If there were NO problems, why not call for a forensic audit in TN and prove it? Why is there such a visceral reaction when election integrity is brought up?

    The fact is that TN RINO’s are in charge. And they think that they have seats in the “life boats” when the whole Republic sinks! There are plenty of issues in Tennessee, but, Randy McNally IS the main obstacle in Tennessee leading the nation in conservative policy!

    It’s time for We the People to take back our State and preserve our Republic!

  8. ted risner

    McNally supported one before he didn’t, so it’s ok. Oh yeah, Gov wants one….yes! Gov doesn’t want one….me neither! Legislature should always cowtail to Executive….especially White Boy Lee

  9. CMinTN

    He will not be getting my vote. So tired of wishy washy go along to get along types. More worried about catering to the business class than his own constituents. Vote ALL RINOs out next election…

  10. John Bumpus

    McNally has been a member of the Tennessee General Assembly since 1979. Maybe it’s time for McNally to do something else. He will be 78 in January. Just sayin’.