Metro Nashville Health Department Apologizes for Calling Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict an Injustice


Metro Nashville Health Department (MPHD) staff on Wednesday apologized for Director of Health Equity Stephanie Kang calling the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial an injustice.

Last week, Kang in an email to MPHD employees, described Rittenhouse as “a young white man who shot and killed two people and wounded one other.”

On Wednesday a source said MPHD officials relayed their apology via email. The source read a portion of the MPHD’s apology to The Tennessee Star.

“Upon reflection, we used language that was unnecessarily inflammatory, and we apologize for that,” according to the MPHD email.

“No matter how good our intentions are, there is no future for us in either creating or hardening divisions in our community. That is counter to our goals, and to the extent we did so we failed you, ourselves, and the community we serve.”

Metro Nashville At-Large Council Member Steve Glover last week called Kang’s email “sickening.” He told The Tennessee Star Report on Tuesday that he wanted MPHD staff to apologize.

Glover, upon learning of Wednesday’s apology, said he appreciated the gesture.

“It makes me happy to know that we in Nashville are working together,” Glover said.

Kang, in her email last week regarding the Rittenhouse not guilty verdict, wrote:

“We recognize that these injustices can cause distress and harm for BIPOC communities and exacerbate trauma instilled daily through acts of racism and the pervasiveness of white supremacy and oppression. We must move forward collectively to disrupt systemic racism and reaffirm our shared values of equity and inclusion publicly and through practice.”

Kang also said MPHD staff were “committed to providing a space for healing for anyone struggling to process, experiencing distress, and/or needs additional resources to support their colleagues.”

Merriam-Webster defines BIPOC as Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

Metro Nashville Health Department officials hired Kang in July, according to Kang’s LinkedIn page. Kang received a doctorate from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Stephanie Kang” by Stephanie Kang. Background Photo “Nashville City Hall” by euthman. CC BY-SA 2.0.




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24 Thoughts to “Metro Nashville Health Department Apologizes for Calling Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict an Injustice”

  1. Ken_you_understand

    Send the piece of filth back where she came. There is not such thing as a proposition nation. Race is part of the definition of a nation. It is time to stop pretending reality does not exist.


    What precisely is a, “Director of Health Equity?” And how much are we paying for a phoney job?

    1. Mel

      Preaching to the choir!!! Amen Jim!!!

  3. william r. delzell

    Why apologize at all? Stephanie Kang has nothing to apologize for!

  4. Fireguy

    Let’s see. The city council is the most liberal bunch in the history of the city, along with the mayor and department heads. She worked for the socialist/communist Representative Pramila Jayapal in Washington state. How could you expect anything different? This is what the people and city government wanted. Education doesn’t translate into common sense. This is what colleges teach now. I am so glad after 50+ years I left that crap. My new city is amazing. Perfect-no, but conservative and politicians that don’t think they need to direct your life. Gosh the air smells better up here.

  5. […] Metro Nashville Health Department Apologizes for Calling Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict an Injustice […]

  6. JAB

    I am very offended by her comments! She needs
    to loose her job.

    1. Mel

      I agree. Since she ran her mouth in public then She must apologize in public. And she needs to find another line of work. One that’s obviously communist based. Maybe in China or Russia.

  7. Jeff

    Why is everyone still here going on about skin color ? Aren’t you tired of the excuses and lies that black people and others are only about the color of their skin ? Or are y’all just a bunch of shallow minded sheep ? Don’t suppose anyone remembers the black man who became president and started all the undoing of the civil rights movement. Or the hundreds of people of color holding public office in our nation.
    Keep on like this and we’ll all be together under Chinese or Russian rule ! Then when you complain they will beat and or kill you for doing so .

  8. LM

    Actually, it was not Kang who apologized. It was the health department , which apologized FOR her. And besides , who are these “people of color”? What about all of us “people of color” who do support what Rittenhouse did , and who are traumatized by leftist attempts to keep us from defending ourselves from roving mobs?

  9. John

    So if I’m to play the leftist’s game, she’s been in mourning over the death of a convicted pedophile. Got it!

    BTW, her apology is about as empty as Marsha Blackburn’s suit.

  10. Daniel Griffey

    Empty apologies to save your job are meaningless. Just another example of a lib showing how bad Nashville Metro government has become

    Let’s Go BRANDON 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Teddy

    Kang apparently spoke out of ignorance of the facts in the case. Poor judgment on her part. Another divisive liberal.

  12. David

    This is an example of why Nashville is in Financial trouble and on the Top 10 list of cities with the highest per capita debt.
    Her title is > Director of Health Equity
    She is obviously an arrogant Radical Leftist.
    She is probably intelligent but she thinks she. has all the answers and promotes a Leftist narrative.

  13. rick

    Fire Kang Kang and FJC for hiring this leftist! Her apology is worthless, she will say anything to save her job. Progressive Leftist Democrats cannot hide their true feelings. Ignorance is bliss in their warped mental state, they have to share their thoughts with the peasants! Maybe President Brandon could hire her . “Lets Go Brandon”

  14. Unreal. The young man was defending his life and trying to defend other’s property. He was also offering first aid to those injured in a riot. Unreal how deranged the left truly is; all emotion and no intellect.

  15. Nashville. The torn dress, panties lost, walking-home, broken shoe, still half drunk city… proving, once again, with yet another government official… that, Nashville, HAS (a solid past tense!) become the NEW capitol of the demonstrably destructive Democrat Party, within Tennessee.

    My dearest fellow Tennesseans. stop voting for this, and these people of government. Look at your city. A good long look; Nashville, is LITERALLY becoming a crime-ridden, problematic, higher taxes for less city service, little San Franscatco, just like California’s city of failure.

    Nashville has fallen into disgustingness. Nashville can barely maintain its veil, of (now lost) beauty, to all the other states. If you have truly forsaken Tennessee, and embrace the destructive policies of the Left, and that is what you REALLY want… then, keep voting for ignorance, just like this woman from your Health Department.

    PS: Your land values will fall immensely, as crime rates increase, and the Left policies embrace more violence, waste, and corruption. I will effectively pillage your area at rock bottom prices, wait for YOUR local taxes to fix my Nashtyville property values, for me (for free!), and then resell to the highest bidder, at top-value prices, OR evict all the Leftonuts, and THEN more-selectively reinstall new patrons/owners/renters, at top-value prices! LOL!

    We’ll have to wait, and see, how far Nashville’s embrace of the Leftist insanity continues.

    Dear, Nashville, you need an intervention. There are facilities, to help you with all your problems. If not, soon, your city’s image to all, will be with your real teeth rotten out, like a meth addict’s. Save yourself!

    1. rick

      The truth well spoken !

    2. Mark Knofler

      As long as leftist felling leftist S**tholes keep moving here and voting for stupid leftist feel good policies, nothing changes only gets worse. As long as Communist keep getting elected to the City Council, nothing changes. As long as mental midgets keep getting elected to the School Board, nothing changes. Liberalism IS a mental disorder, and liberals should be treated as mental patients. #VotetheBumsOut!

    3. Mel

      Spot On!!!
      Keep voting for people with their own communist agenda and we all live like we are in China or Russia That what you want for yourselves and your families???
      And these people are Not ignorant!! They know full well what they are doing!!!