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4 Thoughts to “FDA Authorized First COVID-19 Antiviral Pill in U.S.”

  1. Suzanne DeBolt

    It is another EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION, not FDA APPROVAL. It has a reported 20% efficacy; and contains HIV medication. Ivermectin has more than 70% efficacy and a safety record of decades. But can’t allow repurposed drugs; Pfizer got to make buck!

  2. LM

    Surprise , surprise! The “Biden Administration” has spent taxpayer money , and teamed up with the Department of Defense to buy up 10 million courses of therapy.

  3. LM

    Now what- a Paxlovid mandate?

  4. Tom

    Yay more poison for the sheep slaves!!! Fatten Big Pharma’s pockets more and enjoy an early demise.

    There is a very safe pill already available, cheap and thoroughly tested for decades called Ivermectin.