John Solomon: Whistleblower Admits He Was Paid $45k to Illegally Ballot Harvest in Georgia 2020 Presidential Election and 2021 Senate Runoffs


Just the News founder and Editor in Chief John Solomon appeared on The John Fredericks Show Wednesday morning to discuss his breaking story involving an alleged ballot harvesting ring in Georgia exposed by the election integrity group, True the Vote.

The group, working through the state’s open record laws, obtained video footage, statements, and other documents substantiating a complaint alleging material engineering of the 2020 election outcome in Georgia.

In all, the number of illegally cast ballots could be as high as 1,000,000, at a cost, one whistleblower says, of $10 per ballot.

John Fredericks:  We’re talking, here, about a guy that made $45,000 dollars at $10 a ballot. Have you done that math? That’s 4500 ballots.

John Solomon: That would be just one of those 242 people delivering potentially 4,500 ballots if that math is correct and if he’s given us an accurate account – given a true and accurate account. So that’s just one person and that gives you a little bit of a sense of the potential scope and size of the operation.

Again, this needs to be investigated; we need to validate all this information – but you can see on some of the video footage I’ve seen, people walking in with stacks of ballots. Sometimes they have so many in their hands it drops to the ground and they pick some of the ballot envelopes up again, put them in. You can see them occasionally taking those selfie photos, which is what the gentleman described as part of the modus operadi.

And so there’s a very good roadmap – and in some cases, I noticed, you could see the car and the vehicle license plate of the person bringing in the ballots at 1, 2, 3 o’clock in the morning. And that’s another important thing: most of us don’t vote at 2, 3, 4 o’clock in the morning. We’re asleep or we’re on the night shift working. But the idea that so much of this occurred on the videotapes between 12am and 5am, I think, adds another level of intrigue that maybe this was something illicit.

But we’ve got professionals looking at it; and people who know the law and  have subpoena power. We’ll find out how real and how extensive this is. But as described in the complaint, it is a very large operation.

Fredericks: John, listen: $45,000 dollars at $10 a ballot means that this one individual delivered 4,500 – allegedly – ballot harvesting. Just one guy. You times that – and that’s an average – he’s saying it’s about average – and you times that by 242 people. Between the General and the Run-off you’ve got over a million ballots.

This is an incredible number!

Listen the the full interview:






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5 Thoughts to “John Solomon: Whistleblower Admits He Was Paid $45k to Illegally Ballot Harvest in Georgia 2020 Presidential Election and 2021 Senate Runoffs”

  1. R. Maddox

    What a frigging JOKE! So one liar comes up with some tail about getting $45,000. From who. PROVE IT!! So called videos of people with ballots coming in all hours of the night. Think possibly be poll workers from around the state bringing the ballots in after counting them? These people will never just admit, TRUMP LOST!! And that is a FACT! net over it and get a life.
    Not to mention this Tn. newspaper, sic, seems to spend more time worrying about what is happening in other states than their own. Maybe you should report on some of the illegal crap going on in your own state.

    1. Sandra Bearden

      Apparently you aren’t from Georgia or do not know how our laws forbid absentee ballots being harvested. Absentee ballots have to be put into a ballot box by the voter. One vote. It is illegal for a person to drop multiple ballots. When the ballots are removed by a election worker, they are supposed to be counted, logged and the log signed by the worker. Chain of Custody is law. This is fraud pure & simple. It’s not about Trump sir. It’s about the election was hijacked by criminals that installed a corrupt government that is destroying our country and our freedoms. If you can’t see that then you must have been a party to it.

    2. James

      Don’t forget there’s 4 million hours of video confirming this. They tracked over 1 trillion data points showing tens of thousands of peoples movement throughout the cities involved in their money and tracks how many times they went to a ballot drop box and then to Wei nonprofit to get paid there’s a lot more to this.

  2. Hugh Brooks

    This article is highly suspect. Remember a year ago when all of the GOP leadership was trying to sell us on what a great candidate Kelly Loeffler was? She was an absolute disaster!

    But she said the magic words. I am worth hundreds of millions and can self-fund!

    She ended up costing us tens of millions from individual donors that could have spent in other important races. Her “expert” campaign consultants talked David Perdue into running with her “as a team”.

    So, she pulled him down with her. We lost both seats in a single night. And it also cost us control of the Senate.

  3. CCW

    Please everyone write, call, fax, their congress critters to address employees of the USPS assisting in Mail-In, and Mass-Mail balloting. Since the USPS (untouchable by States as being a creation under the USC), is increasingly involved in election activities, the USPS employees and management should be required to hold active national security clearances.