Organizers of the Teens Against Gender Mutilation Rally Discuss Censorship, Security, and Future Aspirations

Live from Music Row, Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Turning Point USA Faith Field Rep. Nicole Herschberger and Rutheford County TPUSA Chapter President Hannah Faulkner in studio to discuss the motivation for the rally, Eventbrite, and Faulkner’s future aspirations.

Leahy: We have two brave young women here in studio. They’re about to go on a journey and need all the help they can get. They’re doing a rally on Saturday, January 28th, in downtown Murfreesboro at 2:00 p.m.

The Teens Against Gender Mutilation rally. Nicole is with Turning Point USA Faith. Nicole, you were telling me that you can’t put it up on Eventbrite. Why is that? Isn’t Eventbrite open to everybody?

Herschberger: You would think so, but what we’ve discovered specifically towards the conservative movement and anti-left ideology that we share, they won’t allow us to promote this event on Eventbrite. And we fear that it will be taken down as it’s been done in the past.

Leahy: Can you do a little experiment for me?

Herschberger: Yes.

Leahy: It is now 6:19 a.m on Wednesday, December 7th. I would like you to I would encourage you to try and put the rally up. What’s the over-under on how long Eventbrite would leave it up?

Herschberger: Maybe a day. Two days max.

Faulkner: Just seeing the gender mutilation on there would strike it.

Leahy: Is there a reason why you wouldn’t put that up? Because it’ll certainly generate publicity when they take it down.

Herschberger: Yes, it would. And it would also have a lot of trolls and bots as well.

Leahy: Trolls and bots? But I mean, come on. But you understand trolls and bots in person are going to be surrounding your rally in Murfreesboro because, you know, teens in America that are against gender mutilation according to the left, this is awful.

Teens ought to be in favor, they would say, of forced gender mutilation for those under the age of 18-21.  Hannah, you are here, you’re 15 years old and you’re smiling all the way through this. You guys are so brave.

Faulkner: Thank you.

Leahy: What’s been the reaction since you’ve come out with this? And by the way, if you’re listening, we have to kind of do this under the radar because the bad guys are going to try to shut this down because teens in America can’t say they’re against gender mutilation, apparently.

Get your pen and paper out if you’re listening. This is all lowercase except the very last letter. So if you were to type in a then you will go to this super secret Google doc. Super secret. Will Google shut this down.

Herschberger: Michael, now they’re going to have to shut it down.

Leahy: Google. You didn’t hear that? It’s Teens Against Gender Mutilation rally. Take a stand against gender mutilation surgeries. Special guest de-transitioner Chloe Cole and others.

The location is at the Civic Plaza, 111 West Vine Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee Saturday, January 28th from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Do you think Google’s going to say no? Can’t do this.  We’ll find out.

Herschberger: We’ll find out. That’s right.

Leahy: I spilled the beans. I spilled the beans.

Herschberger: You spilled it, Michael. Big secret. (Laughter)

Leahy: So Hannah Faulkner, the 15-year-old president of Turning Point USA’s Rutherford County chapter. You want to finish your associate’s degree at Liberty. You’re homeschooled now. You want to then do two more years at Liberty and then go to Liberty Law School?

Faulkner: Yes, sir.

Leahy: We need constitutional attorneys.

Faulkner: Yes.

Leahy: I think you would be a very good one.

Faulkner: Thank you. I think that the lie is, especially amongst believers, is don’t be a lawyer because there are too many corrupt lawyers. But what we need to be doing is getting Christians back into the public square. We need more Godly constitutional lawyers that are going to fight for this Constitution. And so yes, I love that idea.

Leahy: Nicole, where did she come from? She’s only 15 years old.

Herschberger: I know, and you know what?

Leahy: She’s very impressive.

Herschberger: It’s amazing. And we need more Hannahs in the world if we’re going to take back this country.

Leahy: So you announced this Teens Gender Against Mutilation rally. Heads are going to explode all over the left in America because teens shouldn’t be able to go out and say something against the mainstream ideology. What’s been the reaction to people now that you’ve been doing this?

Faulkner: It’s been amazing. We’ve had great, outstanding reviews and lots of different organizations wanting to help promote it, so that’s great. I know we’re only two days into promotion, so we’re definitely looking not necessarily looking forward to it, but we’re going to definitely have some background.

Leahy: Seriously, are you going to have, like, private security guards?

Herschberger: That’s a requirement usually for Murfreesboro.

Leahy: For the event.

Herschberger: For the event. What they’re doing is they’re actually allowing us to use their entire Murfreesboro state police force.

Leahy: I mean, between now and then, are some of these crazy lefties going to be lurking in the hallways here for you, Nicole?

Herschberger: Possibly. And so we encourage every American to take advantage of their Second Amendment rights. (Leahy laughs)

Faulkner: Yes, absolutely.

Leahy: Hannah, when you talk to your parents about this and you said, hey, I think I want to do a rally, Teens Against Gender Mutilation, what did they say? Did they say oh, my goodness?

Faulkner: I have to say that I wouldn’t have any of these ideas without my parents. My parents are a wonderful example of Christian Godly parents representing a traditional stable home. And so without them, I most certainly wouldn’t have this idea.

So they were thrilled. They actually kind of, like, sparked this idea several years ago. I’ll say this. My parents have made me sit down my siblings and I for 30 minutes each night and watch Fox News with them all the way up to my three and four-year-old sisters at the time. So over those years, I’ve grown to.

Leahy: So who’s your favorite Fox News host?

Faulkner: Tucker Carlson.

Leahy: Tucker Carlson. So if we were to call up Tucker and say, you know, I think you ought to talk to Hannah, would you be willing to talk to Tucker?

Faulkner: Absolutely, yes.

Leahy: I think this is a story he might be interested in.

Faulkner: I think so, too.

Leahy: Tucker, we know you listen to the show. You got to get Hannah on the show.

Faulkner: Yes. That would be amazing.

Leahy: Teens Against Gender Mutilation rally. So will you be speaking at the event?

Faulkner: Yes, I’ll be speaking in the beginning, and then Nicole will.

Leahy: You are going to speak also?

Herschberger: Just for a little bit, yes.

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