Commentary: Local Left Wing Propaganda Outfit’s Misleading Headline About Pro-Trump Rally in Nashville Yesterday

Tennessee Star

A certain left wing propaganda outfit owned by a large globalist conglomerate headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area ran a story with this headline yesterday:

“2 arrests reported from Trump rally in Nashville”

Here’s what the story misses.

Those arrested were not part of the huge crowd of 2,000 pro-Trump supporters.

The man arrested on charges of disorderly conduct (he tried to vandalize motorcycles parked by a group of pro-Trump bikers, according to some reports) was one of about a dozen anti-Trump protesters wearing black face masks and waving flags and banners that could generously be described as “Anti-American.”

He was quickly subdued and arrested by Tennessee State Troopers on the scene.

Word to the wise to anarchist snowflakes: Don’t mess with Tennessee State Troopers . . . or bikers who support President Trump.

The other arrest was a woman who stole some T-shirts from a vendor of pro-Trump merchandise before the rally started, then threw them in a trash can.

She was apprehended and arrested.

The propaganda outlet that ran the story with this headline “wants you to believe these were Trump supporters, so the editors make no effort to include the information that says otherwise. It’s another example of a story that is both factual and misleading,” as one observer noted on Facebook.

“I’d link it but I don’t link to #fakenews,” the observer noted.

We agree.

(Note: The individuals in the headline image were not the two individuals who were arrested.)

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4 Thoughts to “Commentary: Local Left Wing Propaganda Outfit’s Misleading Headline About Pro-Trump Rally in Nashville Yesterday”

  1. I spoke at length with the young man in the photo. He wasn’t the leader of the anti-Trump group. I asked him not to shout the F-word through his bullhorn, pointing out that children and elderly ladies were present. He said that it was his right and he would continue. He struck me as the sort who lives in his mother’s basement, plays video games all day and night, and has never had success with girls. He was not a bad fellow, just a bit of a moron. Bless his heart.

    1. Wolf Woman

      Bless his heart over and over again, John, because he also said he believes that change in government can come only from violence. He is a confused young man who believes that Pres. Trump will take away his right to gay marriage. I would have more compassion for him if he didn’t have a bad case of Antifa potty mouth.

  2. Barbara Case

    Yes it definitely was an uplifting day for many who want to see President Trump make America great again! The silly noise from the left was entertaining for a hot second, but was drowned out by the positive speakers who had morals and class by comparison. Thank you Mark Skoda and all other speakers for a great rally!

  3. ChristyTrammell

    The young man in the photo appeared to be the “leader.” The organizers in Nashville did a phenomenal job; more importantly, our Tennessee State Troopers should be applauded! Great day in Nashville! #notmyresistance!