Commentary: The Harris Administration’s Radical Agenda

by Julie Strauss Levin


Kamala Harris seeks the (almost) highest office in our great land, the most powerful position in the free world.  Freudian slip that Harris referred to a future “Harris administration” at a virtual roundtable in Arizona last month?  Maybe she missed that her name is in the VP slot or maybe she doesn’t understand that “me too” refers to the movement advocating for sexual harassment victims and not “she too” for president.

Either way, no time like the present to explore who Kamala Harris is despite that we’re not supposed to look critically at her record.  The media isn’t curious and dare anyone raise any questions, cries of misogyny abound.

So, does that mean democrats are misogynists? They resoundingly rejected Harris during the presidential primaries.  Her poll numbers dropped to single digits and even her native state of California rejected Harris for president when likely Democratic primary voters, by 61% to 24%,  thought Harris should quit.

Harris’ allegiance to “me too” is predicated on what is expedient for her.  She was outraged by and rushed to judgment with Blasey-Ford’s unsubstantiated allegations, brutally attacking nominee Kavanaugh in front of the cameras while monetizing her performance by posting thousands of fundraising ads off the Kavanaugh hearings.  She even used an edited video to play “gotcha” with Kavanaugh except she got caught.

Then, lest we all forget, primary candidate Harris was unequivocally indignant when declaring she believed Biden’s sexual harassment accusers and said they should be heard. “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.”  There were at least eight in number, including Tara Reade, whose accusations against Joe Biden are too appalling to write here and apparently too much for 60 Minutes voters in the United States, but fine to air on 60 Minutes Australia.  Once selected as Biden’s VP running mate, voila, Harris abandoned Reade, sanctimoniously standing by her man Joe.

And speaking about changing positions when good for her, recall how Harris attacked Biden for his civil rights record, offended by the segregationists whose company Biden kept, and calling out Biden’s objection to busing.   Not an issue now that Harris is Biden’s running mate.  Will the real Kamala Harris please stand up.

Harris touts her time as a prosecutor but she sides with the anarchists destroying our cities, intimidating and hurting innocent citizens, breaking the law and causing mayhem.  She refers to them as “a movement that is fueled by the diversity, the beautiful diversity, of [those] demanding change and justice … They are not going to stop and everyone beware because they aren’t going to stop before election day in November and they are not going to stop after election day … they should not let up and they should not.”  Not exactly the law and order, safety first leadership this country needs at the moment.

Let’s be honest, though, Harris isn’t worried since she has secret service protection and is well-protected by armed security when in the Capitol.  The demonstrators also happen to be Biden-Harris voters no doubt.

Harris praises the “brilliance” and “impact” of BLM, claiming it “has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system.”  Yet, she ignores its violent and destructive actions, and she turns her back on the fact that BLM is an anti-Jewish hate group.  As Professor Dershowitz aptly stated, BLM engages in a “war on the Jewish people.”

Recall Harris’ visit with Jacob Blake, Sr. in Kenosha. After the meeting, she called his an “incredible family.”  Honestly, would you describe someone who said of  Jews; “[a] Jew can’t tell me s*** period,” “[t]he Jewish media picks who is a terrorists and is not,” “I’m with Farrakhan 100,” “[w]arning for Jews in Pittsburgh no warning for gunman in Kentucky” an incredible family?  More examples exist but you get the drift.  He also posted a photograph of a white Jesus floating in a toilet bowl.

It also doesn’t bother Harris just a bit that hers is the party of anti-Semites.  AOC, Omar, Talib, Pressley and others don’t even hide their prejudice.  Harris proudly stands with them as she did with the six speakers at the Democrat National Convention who are fans of Louis Farrakhan.  (He’s the one who calls Jews “termites” and Hitler a “very great man.”)   That her husband is Jewish is convenient but not probative.  Just look at the radical Jewish organization J Street.  Virulently anti-Israel, J Street held a fundraiser for Biden-Harris.  Like J Street, Harris supports the disastrous Obama-Biden Iran deal that gave the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism the path to nuclear weapons.  She said Trump’s shredding of the Iran deal was a “huge misstep” and that she would re-join it.  Like J Street, her Senate votes make clear she doesn’t oppose the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement or place high priority on security assistance to Israel.

There’s a lot more about Harris that is worrisome and should be worrisome to the American people.  Here are some additional highlights of what Harris has in store for our country if the Democrat party takes over.  Brace yourself because these are radical and destructive: significantly higher taxes (referring to AOC’s 70-80% top taxes rates as “bold ideas”), single payer socialized medicine (aka the Bernie Sanders $32 trillion plan), the elimination of private insurance (telling Americans, “let’s move on”), passage of the Green New Deal (the “most aggressive and progressive” version, as she says), the end of fracking, open borders with government-funded health care for illegal aliens, and sanctuary cities.

The list goes on and on.  Kamala Harris, whether as vice president or, as she “faux paxed,” at the top of the ticket, is unacceptable.  She is radical in her positions and cagey in hiding them.  She is driven by a radical agenda that is out of step with the values of our exceptional country.  Ours is not a country where thuggery, anarchy and violence are acceptable, where the federal government engulfs us, dictates our health decisions, and governs our daily lives.  This is Kamala Harris and this is today’s Democrat party.  Rejecting her doesn’t amount to misogyny.  It means we wish to preserve the exceptionalism that is America.

– – –

Julie Strauss Levin is a proud American and attorney who loves her country.






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17 Thoughts to “Commentary: The Harris Administration’s Radical Agenda”

  1. diane r whisler

    Kamala in the debate lied right through her teeth when saying only people that made over $400,000 dollars a year taxes would go up because what she wasn’t saying is that she also plans on taking away the tax breaks the average citizens are getting now, which will raise the taxes were paying go way up. Kamala is a dangerous person to the american citizens and right up their with Nancy Pelosi kind of crazy. If the democrats really wanted to win the Presidency in the election why did they choose such losers for their party to back up?

  2. Deplorable Bay Stater

    Where did all these left-wing morons come from all of a sudden?

    It’s difficult to understand how the same people who were so outraged by President Trump’s election that they have trouble putting together a coherent sentence see nothing wrong with Kamala Harris spouting off lie after lie after lie. As i watched the VP debate, I kept asking myself which one would I want to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency with a President who might not survive his full term. When I looked at Mike Pence, I saw someone who could probably grow into the job; when I looked at Kamala Harris I saw someone who is incapable of opening her mouth without lying, who seems to think she’s entitled to the job just because she’s a Black (or is it Indian?) woman, who acts like a child when she doesn’t get her way, who absolutely refuses to tell the voters what she and Joe Biden will do if elected…and then I had to go to the bathroom and vomit.

  3. lubo hrabkovsky

    how many of you lived in comunism ?
    is Canada,Britain,Sweden comunist …
    Problem is nobody is willing to work on what us good gor this country,nobody wont to do compromise…greed is killing America. and everybody is like …it is what it is.I am not democrat or republican , whats hsppening now is a joke

  4. Spencer Dow

    You know what’s radical? A pandemic response leader that doesn’t enforce standards in the White House and West WIng where an outbreak is occuring…

    You know what’s radical? That same incompetency of the pandemic response leader also lead to his State’s largest HIV outbreak when he was Governor of Indiana…

    You know what’s radical? Jumping off a bridge with no parachute… Yet here we are, lined up on that bridge where parachutes were promised, but as per usual, never delivered…

    You first.

    1. Spencer Dow

      You know what else is radical? Ignoring the Tiki Torch march the IMPOTUS admired.

    2. Connie Welty

      Governors need to grow a pair and respect their constituents. People’s rights include taking risks and accepting responsibility for their actions. Trump is not responsible, because he does not have authority over what each state’s administration has decided. Trump COULD HELP… and did when asked… but only when asked. State’s Rights were legally respected inline with the Constitution. Learn the law… and learn WHO is following it and WHO has tried to circumvent it at every turn.

  5. Treasure

    Pence is far right and cagey about it. Pence does not support a woman’s right to chose. Pence does not support gay rights. Pence is wrong for the country in all ways shape and form.

    1. Fireguy

      Figure out a way for that unborn child in those women to have a “choice” and you may someday have a valid point of view. News flash- it’s not a blob of matter, it’s a human growing in there and YOUR poor choices will never make it right. But then that woman’s “choice agenda” was always about the ultimate definition of greed, wasn’t it. Do the world a favor and keep your pants on. “Baby Killers, Wring For The Country In All Shapes And Form.”

  6. Jim Bresee

    Harris is far from a progressive.

    As a conservative, you should be concerned with the flagrant spending of the current administration. Our deficit due to lower taxes on businesses and the top 1% of wage earners as well as unchecked spending has put us in an economic position that should make any real conservative alarmed. There are only two solutions to the problem – raise taxes or slash spending. From a spending perspective, the only significant targets are the military, social security and Medicare (all other spending is insignificant). Medicare is a great place to look for savings, but that requires addressing healthcare. The GOP has controlled the Senate for 11 years, and despite numerous promises of “repeal and replace”, they have not even offered a suggestion of a plan. You can follow through with the President’s plan to eliminate Social Security, but then you have a problem with millions of retirees who invested in Social security that are left destitute and unable to feed or shelter themselves. That leaves slashing military spending and that’s not exactly a popular GOP platform.
    You decry Harris’s politics as progressive, yet you offer no plan at all for what you would do.
    The GOP is the dog that caught the car. You control the supreme court, the DOJ, the Senate, the majority of governorships, the overwhelming majority of justices, the Presidency, and you had the House. We are living the GOP dream, and the country is burning down as a result.

  7. Alegra Allan

    I won’t bother reading this whole negative stuff, you could write this type of fol de rol about anyone. Pence had all kinds of crap in his background and he is in a spot now where he is praying each night for his big chance. Otherwise he is nothing so why bother with this b s? Because she is a woman first and a black woman besides but mainly oh my God she is a democrat. Just Shut up!!! I am so sick of todays politics, lying, shameful disgusting. People around the world are completely disgusted with us as it is, with Trump. Grow up and do some serious and productive writing!

    1. Trimpe

      Educate yourself
      She is correct
      If you want Communism
      $250.00 flu shots like ROmania communism
      Like I lived
      You will be sorry

      1. Avid Reader

        The eastern bloc, including Ceaușescu‘s Romania, didn’t fail because of their economic policies. They failed because they were corrupt to the core and undemocratic. I can understand why living under a Cold War communist regime would make you reflexively pro-market. But understand that the Republican Party has carefully cultured this image for decades while in practice has been consistently pro-monopoly and anti-competition, pro-oligarch and anti-public rights, and pro increased public spending while decreasing taxes to unbalance the budget in a way they profess to oppose.

        As more of the public realizes this, their present tactics are increasingly necessary to retain power. Corruption and anti-democracy are symptoms of an out-of-control party, not of a particular economic policy.

        Do you think a flu shot in America wouldn’t cost $250 if big pharma decided to lobby for it? It already costs more than twice than for an epipen.

    2. Noneya

      LMAO. YOU stfu! Ignorant idiot!

    3. diane r whisler

      Before you’re so gun-ho over the likes of Kamala you should really do some research on her! she has a really bad record, not to say anything about how one minute she’s calling Biden a racist and how he should be held accountable for his actions against the many women that have come forward with accusations against him and how the women deserve to be heard and believed….now all that has changed since she’s running with him for Vice President and has chose to talk out the other side of her mouth as usual and considers him Mr. Wonderful now and what women say about his creepy touching them doesn’t count anymore. Kamala saying one thing and then saying the total opposite later is all on videos for anyone to watch. Apparently she has trouble keeping her lies straight .

  8. Albert Attie

    Dear Julie,

    I read your text with great interest. I was shocked by K. Harris’ aggressivity towards Mr. Kavanaugh at the time of the hearings for his nomination to the Supreme Court; it was obvious that she did not want give him the time to respond to her attacks. She did not want him to talk, period. Her behaviour reminded me of the good old days in the Soviet Union, not to speak of the blatant lack of courtesy.

    1. Trimpe

      Go Trump Pence 2020

      We live in CA
      I know Harris, Newsom and her friends

      This is communism
      She does not care about people only power

      Destroy America

      1. Avid Reader

        Communism is a system in which the state owns the means of production. Exactly which Biden/Harris policies suggest this?

        Or is “communist” just an insult you throw at anyone who suggests the rich should pay more than they currently do and the poor should have more protection?