Commentary: Joe Biden’s America Is a Gay Version of the Soviet Union

President Joe Biden at a pride event
by Josiah Lippincott


“Show me the man and I will show you the crime,” so said Lavenitry Beria, the longtime head of Stalin’s secret police.

The Trump conviction shows that the same crooked principle of justice animates American courts today. Should we be surprised? The alliance between the United States and the USSR during the 1940s—the American taxpayer funded the Soviet takeover of half of Europe and Asia to the tune of 300 billion inflation-adjusted dollars—was the central event of the 20th century.

FDR and his liberal New Deal allies saw the Soviet Union and global communism as the natural allies of liberalism. At Tehran, FDR suggested to Josef Stalin, in a private meeting, that India should be reformed along “Soviet lines.” It was Stalin who demurred on FDR’s desire for a communist revolution in Britain’s largest colony.

The alliance between liberals and communists was not merely a prudential move to defend against fascism. FDR’s administration gave money, weapons, and training to both Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong, helping them rise to power in Vietnam and China, respectively. The post-war arrangements made at Yalta, Tehran, and Potsdam envisioned a planet governed jointly by the USSR and the United States.

This vision did not come to perfect fruition, however. Geopolitical tensions between the United States and the USSR in the aftermath of WWII eventually turned into proxy conflicts. The Cold War was not really an ideological conflict between capitalism and communism but rather a spat between two former allies and left-wing powers grappling over geopolitical disagreements.

The collapse of the Soviet system was not, therefore, an ideological victory. It did not mean the end of communism or of leftism. It simply meant the implosion of one faction of the global left. America today has assumed the Soviet Union’s role as a purveyor of planetary revolution. The organs of American power roam the earth, sparking color revolutions against “authoritarian” governments, encouraging homosexuality, and exporting feminism. American governmental and non-governmental entities work in overdrive to help import third world migrants into the civilized world.

The complete left-wing domination of America’s culture and political life are not accidents. Neither did these events happen only in the last decade. Wokeness has deep roots that stretch back nearly a century.

The sexual revolution, mass migration, censorship, and political repression that are the reigning features of contemporary American political life are the natural outgrowths of liberalism. Had the USSR and USA managed to overcome their post-war disagreements, American life would have achieved our contemporary level of moral and spiritual insanity decades ago.

Donald Trump’s conviction must be understood in this historical light. Only when we see the true context of events can we begin to make sense of our world. In a number of ways, Joe Biden’s America is worse than the Soviet Union. In the 1930s USSR, they would only do one show trial for political dissidents. Donald Trump, by contrast, faces a half-dozen!

The Soviets were brutal but also scientific. Josef Stalin, for instance, knew how many genders there were. Joe Biden does not. The Soviet Union, though it experimented with sexual liberation, did not encourage or practice widespread sexual perversion on the same scale as we do today. Children created through artificial insemination were not for sale in the USSR the way they are in contemporary America. Obese, twerking women were not the cornerstone of Soviet artistic culture.

More importantly, though the Soviets were happy to starve and murder their population by the millions, it did not occur to them to flood the USSR with third-world migrants. As brutal as the Soviets were, the populations of the Soviet Republics were not systematically replaced by foreigners from the global south. This has meant that, now that the communists are no longer in power, parts of that old Russia, such as Orthodox Christianity, have even managed to reassert themselves.

Will such a renewal, even a half-hearted one, even be possible once American liberals have had their way? The flood of migrants from China, India, Africa, and Central America will have a longer-lasting effect on American culture and life than any ideology. A nation under a bad form of government can get a new government, but a nation that loses its sense of identity is no longer a nation at all. The root of the word “nation” is the Latin word “natus,” or “birth.” Change those who are born into a regime and you have permanently altered the core definition of nationhood.

Mass migration is a political weapon of the left designed to crush the older American way of life under the weight of sheer numbers. It is no accident that three of the judges before whom Trump has appeared are immigrants. Juan Merchan, the judge in the most recent conviction, was born in Colombia, just like Aileen Cannon, the judge in Trump’s documents case. Tanya Chutkan, the judge in the DC insurrection case, was born in Jamaica.

The next time you visit a third-world slum, just think: you might meet a future hero of the American legal profession while wandering the streets!

The leading difference between the USSR and Joe Biden’s America is that our regime is dominated by clowns. Liberalism is the gay version of communism. Pride flags are the hammer and sickle of modern American leftism. The Soviets were brutal, but serious. Their program of forced industrialization killed Russians by the millions but it did work. The USSR managed to put a satellite and a human being in space before the United States.

The American regime, by contrast, promotes both spiritual and literal degeneracy. The raw human capital of the contemporary left is in serious decline. The election interference case in New York is a perfect example. Affirmative action recipient Alvin Bragg led a case that depended on what even liberals acknowledge is a “novel” (read: moronic) legal theory. His star witnesses were a whore and a disbarred lawyer with a felony conviction.

The case against Trump is the result of the revenge fantasies of the lowest and stupidest class of human beings in America. When Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis isn’t getting her back blown out by one of her subordinates, she traipses around the world on vacation, milking the taxpayer dime. Jack Smith, the lawyer in Trump’s J6 case and classified documents case, is married to Katy Chevigny, the producer of the glowing Michelle Obama documentary Becoming.

The cases against Trump are overseen, in other words, by a bunch of political hacks, losers, and grifters. The American justice system in the hands of these clowns is a joke.

The Trump conviction and ongoing trials are simply the manifestation of late-stage American decline, a real-time view of the collapse in human quality in the American ruling class. Hysterical, stupid, and resentful, they lash out at the populist champion who possesses charm, popularity, and intelligence that they could never dream of.

Trump’s conviction is not an end but a beginning. The legitimacy of the American ruling class is in perpetual decline. No one in power today has the wisdom to avert this crisis.

Trump, in contrast to what will come next, is a moderate. But the dam has broken. The ruling class has shattered our older political norms to their own detriment. The traditions that protected our corrupt rulers from prosecution are gone. War criminals like George W. Bush and Barack Obama belong in jail. Known insider traders like Nancy Pelosi deserve the same.

There will be retribution for what is being done to Donald Trump. Trump is, indeed, one of the few American politicians over the last 8 decades who does not belong in jail. By launching wave upon wave of unjust prosecution against Trump, the real criminals in DC endanger themselves.

Their hubris will be their undoing.

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Josiah Lippincott is a Ph.D. student and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. You can find him on Telegram at or subscribe to his Substack here.
Photo “Joe Biden Pride Event” by Joe Biden.



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