Gov. Glenn Youngkin: ‘I Don’t Think Biological Boys Should Be Playing Sports with Biological Girls’

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) delivered a straightforward response to a 17-year-old girl identifying as a boy who asked the governor about school restrooms and sports policies that place biological sex above gender identity.

During a CNN Townhall, Nico, a 17-year-old girl who identifies as a boy, asked Youngkin about his school policies requiring students to use the bathrooms and play on the athletic teams consistent with their biological sex:

Governor Youngkin, your transgender model policies require that students play on the sports teams and use the restrooms that correspond with their sex assigned at birth. Look at me. I am a transgender man. Do you really think that the girls in my high school would feel comfortable sharing a restroom with me?

“So, first of all, Nico, thank you for again asking the question, being here tonight, and engaging in this important discussion,” Youngkin began his response. “I believe first when parents are engaged with their children, then you can make good decisions together. And I met your dad and I’m glad that you’re both here together. That’s really, really important.”

The governor proceeded to address the issues of bathrooms and sports, and, while he did state schools should have more “gender-neutral” bathrooms “so people can use a bathroom that they in fact are comfortable with,” he did not suggest students should use the bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity if that differs from their biological sex.

Youngkin then addressed the question of sports, stating the issue is “very clear” and not “controversial”:

I don’t think that biological boys should be playing sports with biological girls. There’s been decades of efforts in order to gain opportunities for women in sports, and it’s just not fair. And I think that’s pretty – that’s non-controversial – and something that I think is pretty well understood. Again, I think these are very difficult discussions, and I am very, very glad to see you and your dad here together.

SFC Communications Director Greg Price tweeted the video clip of the question and Youngkin’s response, with Price noting Nico’s father “shook his head when Youngkin said boys shouldn’t play girl’s sports.”

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) released a statement at the end of February on the transgender trend, particularly in minors.

Among the points made in the statement are:

  • Biological sex is determined at conception by genotype and, apart from rare anomalies, sex is correctly identified at birth and is obvious.
  • The process of reproduction “requires a male gamete (sperm), which can only be produced by a person of XY genotype, and a female gamete (egg), which can only be produced by a person of XX genotype.”
  • While individuals can change the physical appearance of their bodies through medical and surgical intervention, “changing physical appearance does not change biological sex.”
  • The transgender medical industry is “dedicated to providing ‘gender-affirming’ procedures that are generally irreversible and have a high probability of causing sterilization.” These interventions “commit a patient to a lifelong need for medical, surgical, and psychological care.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Megan Brock drew attention in mid-February to public records that revealed Biden United States Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel (born Richard) Levine conversing in emails in December 2018 with Rollyn Ornstein of Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital “about potential revenue and ROI [return on investment] associated with having a Gender Clinic Social Worker.”

“I am trying to convince the administration about the need for a MSW position specific for the imminent Gender clinic, I am trying to put together a presentation re: potential revenue, including downstream,” Ornstein wrote to Levine.

“You should be able to fund a MSW for evaluation and therapy for pediatric and adolescent patients in a program such as you do for the ED program and is done at CHOP,” Levine responded. “Pre surgical consult for patients under 18 will most likely be limited to FTM Top surgery…”

During an interview with Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt, Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of AAPS, suggested establishment medical organizations that support “gender-affirming care” “probably do not represent the opinion of their members and may have a profit motive.”

“Rachel Levine herself said that it’s a good investment to start treating children when they’re young, even if you’re forbidden by law, to give them puberty suppressors, or to mutilate their bodies,” Orient added. “Just keep them around for a while, because there is the possibility of big profits once they reach the age of 18. And they can go for these very lucrative surgeries.”

In its statement, AAPS also asserts that minors cannot comprehend the long-term consequences of transgender hormonal and surgical interventions and, therefore, cannot give informed consent to this “gender-affirming care.”

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Susan Berry, PhD, is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Glenn Youngkin Town Hall” by Greg Price. 




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