Davidson County Republican Party Applauds Trump’s Primary Win in Tennessee

Lonnie Spivak

The Davidson County Republican Party (DCRP) congratulated former President Donald Trump’s victory in the Tennessee presidential primary election on Tuesday.

“We congratulate President Trump on his strong victory yesterday as we look forward to seeing the completion of the primary process and move toward a decisive November election victory – all toward a stronger, more prosperous America,” DCRP Chairman Lonnie Spivak (pictured above) said in a statement. “During President Trump’s first term, America’s economy grew, our border was secure, we projected strength abroad in support of our global allies, and good leaders were appointed to key positions while the swamp was draining. In the years since, the Biden regime has reversed what they can of that good work and made our country weaker. It is time for America to continue doing what is right for all under a steady hand and sound leadership.”

According to unofficial election results submitted by county election commissions to the Tennessee Secretary of State’s Office, Trump received 446,682 votes (77.33 percent) in Tennessee’s primary election, followed by Nikki Haley’s 112,914 votes (19.55 percent).

Haley suspended her presidential campaign following Trump’s victory in Tennessee and 13 other Super Tuesday states.

“I respect Nikki Haley’s effort and determination in this primary race and appreciate her graciously suspending her campaign after the Super Tuesday results showed Trump the clear recipient of our nomination,” DCRP’s Spivak added. “We look forward to her supporters, and others, uniting in the work of making America truly great again. We invite those in Davidson County to join us in that work.”

In Davidson County, the margin between Trump and Haley was much more narrow, as the former president received 17,220 votes (60.96 percent) compared to Haley’s 10,208 votes (36.14 percent).

A majority of voters in Davidson County voted for a Democrat candidate.

A total of 33,267 voters supported incumbent Democrat President Joe Biden, while 3,464 voters were uncommitted.

Statewide, 10,442 voters (7.84 percent) were uncommitted to Biden.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Follow Kaitlin on X / Twitter.
Photo “Lonnie Spivak” by Lonnie Spivak. Background Photo “Donald Trump Rally” by Dan Scavino Jr. 





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