Legal Reporter Rachel Alexander Says Trump Conviction is the ‘Most Twisted Legal Decision’ She’s Seen in Her Life

Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander, lead reporter at The Arizona Sun Times and recovering lawyer, said Thursday’s decision by a Manhattan jury to convict former President Donald Trump on 34 counts in the falsification of business records linked to the Stormy Daniels hush money scandal is the “most twisted legal decision” she has witnessed in her life.

Alexander, who has personal experience when it comes to being the target of lawfare, said “everything” in Trump’s trial was “deliberately done” to keep the presidential candidate from campaigning.

Everything from the horrible jury instructions…to all of the sleazy little maneuvers this judge pulled during the trial. Everything from gagging Trump and not gagging anybody else, basically forcing Trump to be in there so he couldn’t be out campaigning. This was all deliberately done. This is some of the worst legal corruption,” Alexander said on Friday’s edition of The Michael Patrick Leahy Show.

“I feel like we have really hit a turning point in our country. We were already descending into fascism when they stole the elections from us but now that they’re criminally going after their enemies, going after people on the right, and putting them in prison is what they’re trying to do, this is a very scary day for our country,” Alexander added.

Alexander said she believes the treatment of Trump has been so immoral that the Supreme Court will eventually step in and say “enough is enough.”

“I have said all along when the beginning of this lawfare began against Trump that he will never go to prison because I think people will finally step in like the Supreme Court and say ‘enough is enough.’ I think [Judge] Merchan knows how much he can get away with. He knows that if he tries to do that, he’ll be immediately reversed by the Supreme Court stepping in. So instead, he’s gonna just slow cook it and simmer it and just try to continue to tarnish Trump in the public eye leading up to the election. That’s my gut instinct on his method,” Alexander said.

“I have no doubt it’s going to be reversed. I’m very confident there. It’s just not going to be reversed by the next two layers up of the court of appeals courts because they are way to the left. It’s definitely going to probably come down from the Supreme Court,” Alexander said.

When it comes to the rule of law being changed as a result of Trump’s conviction, Alexander agreed that the rule of law is “still strong” and has not been “not been completely perverted” in selective Republican states, specifically citing states like Tennessee and Florida.

Alexander went on to note that there are a “few brave” state attorneys general who have pushed back on the Biden administration’s apparent weaponization of the legal system.

“Missouri’s attorney general is already looking into connections between [Trump’s] prosecution and the Biden administration. So yes, there are a few brave ones left. Obviously, we have none here left in Arizona, and part of that’s because Soros has been funding these left wing [district attorneys] to run against and defeat conservative [district attorneys]. But here’s my concern. My concern is that these red [district attorneys] who are going to do the right thing are going to have the state bars come after them,” Alexander explained.

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