Action 24/7 Set to Debut in Tennessee


Action 24/7 plans to make its debut as the only locally-owned and operated sportsbook in Tennessee, and will initially compete against three international operating publicly-traded companies.

“We believe we have a home-field advantage that will be hard for competitors to match. Our investors and our employees are from communities across the state,” said Action 24/7 President Tina Hodges.

“We will be involved and active corporate citizens in the communities we serve. When the time is right, we will have local events for our Tennessee players.”

Hodges said they won’t compete with other organizations in Tennessee — instead they will dominate the market.

“That is what we intend to do with Action 24/7, a sportsbook BY Tennesseans FOR Tennesseans,” Hodges said in an emailed statement.

Tennessee, Hodges said, is unique in the United States in that it has online betting only.

“There will be no in-person casinos or betting parlors in Tennessee. They do it from a telephone or a computer,” Hodges said.

Sports betting just became legal in Tennessee more than a year ago. The licensing authority is under the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Action 24/7 is headquartered in Nashville.

“My company, Tennessee Action 24/7, is the only Tennessee owned and operated company that will be licensed here — or at least has made an application as of now,” Hodges said.

Action 24/7 currently has 10 employees, but company officials hope to grow that number to 50 by the end of the first year, Hodges said.

“Coronavirus aside, we are hoping to have lots of player activities across the state, so when we are able to resume in-person activities it’s going to be very exciting for us to have tailgates and player activities all across the state,” Hodges said.

“I think that is something that will be unique and fun for our players to do. Of course, it is delayed a little bit, as are the start of sports. So, as soon as we are able to have those in-person events, we really look forward to meeting those people face-to-face all across the state.”

For the past 20 years, Hodges said she has run another company, which has grown from a start up with three employees to one of Tennessee’s fastest growing businesses, Advance Financial.

“We’ve been recognized for our customer service, our world class employee experience and our rapid and consistent growth. Click here to review our awards,” Hodges said in her  emailed statement.

“I intend to run Action 24/7 the same way. Our customers will rave about our service, our employees will recommend us to their friends and family and our communities will speak highly of us as good corporate citizens.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected].








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3 Thoughts to “Action 24/7 Set to Debut in Tennessee”

  1. Destiny Starr

    Johns statement is beyond true.

    However the bigger concern should be how this company fired over 800 employees during a pandemic and suddenly was able to open a new business after so many had shut down. These people are predatory to both consumers and employees.

    In my opinion Tina and Mike Hodges prey on those who are in dire situations and make those situations so much worse.

  2. John

    These title load paces and other similar places are a cancer on society, with their predatory lending practices, preying on weak minded people with no credit, making a bad situation worse. These places are also an eyesore throughout cities and towns throughout Tennessee. They seem to be on every corner and in every strip mall, with the exception of places like Green Hills.

    So I guess after losing your money at Action 24/7, you’ll be able to go to Advanced Financial and “borrow” it back.

    1. 83ragtop50

      John – I was attempting to compose my thoughts into a meaningful comment but you did such a good job of say it I will just second what you have said.

      Building a business or running a government on the back of gamblers is a disgusting process.