Boyd Campaign Silent on Questions Related to Conexion Americas Donation

One year after Renata Soto, founder and director of Nashville-based Conexion Americas was elected as chairman of the board of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd and his wife Jenny donated $250,000 to Soto’s organization.

In a letter signed by Soto the Boyd donation was described as an “historic investment” and as “the single largest individual gift” to Conexion Americas in its 14-year history.

Soto’s other organization, NCLR has been generously funded by George Soros.

On Friday, March 10, 2017, The Tennessee Star asked the Boyd campaign’s communications director the following questions:

  1. Can you confirm whether Randy Boyd knew about Renata Soto’s leadership role with NCLR when he donated the $250K to her Nashville organization?
  1. Was he aware that Ms. Soto’s Nashville organization is a named affiliate of NCLR?
  1. If he was not aware of Ms. Soto’s leadership role with NCLR, would he have still made the donation had he known about her leadership role with NCLR?
  1. Did Randy Boyd know about Ms. Soto’s leadership role with NCLR when she was asked to join the board of Complete Tennessee?
  1. Does Randy Boyd support the Governor’s fuel tax proposal?

The Boyd campaign has not responded.

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2 Thoughts to “Boyd Campaign Silent on Questions Related to Conexion Americas Donation”

  1. […] under my watch,” said Boyd, who is regarded as an establishment Republican and who last year gave a large donation to Conexión Américas for its culinary entrepreneurship program. Renata Soto, the founder and […]

  2. Wolf Woman

    $250,000 is significant donation. It makes inquiring minds ask the question “why so much?”

    It seems Boyd likes that global conexion. But then he is best buds with Gov. Haslam, right?