Brad Paisley Promotes Love and War Album at Nashville’s SiriusXM Radio Studio


By Bethany Bowman

NASHVILLE, Tennessee–In one of many events, Brad Paisley dropped by the SiriusXM Radio in-house studio in Nashville to promote his highly-acclaimed 11th studio album: Love and War.

Brad Paisley has always been a big fan of collaboration as he likes to “honor the people who have come before [him].” This record does not disappoint as he co-wrote/sang with the likes of Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, Bill Anderson, Timbaland and with the help of John Carter Cash, he finished writing a song that Johnny Cash had started.

Sirius/XM On the Highway host, Storme Warren, interviewed Paisley and revealed that country music’s first “visual album” arrives April 28 and will be a companion to the regular album which was released April 21st.  This visual album will have a music video for each song listed on the record and each video tells its own story.

“Drive of Shame” featuring Mick Jaggar, was co-written two months after the Rolling Stones appeared in Nashville as Mick returned to stay with Paisley. They had a three-day writing session at his house. It is a fun song that perfectly matches the edgy themes of many Stones’ songs along with the quirkiness of some of Paisley’s tongue-in-cheek songs. It is sure to be it a hit with country music and classic rock fans alike.

The record’s title song “Love and War” featuring John Fogerty was written as throwback to soundtrack of the Vietnam War for which Fogerty is famous. It is a tribute to the men and women of the military is another well-deserved anthem to them.

The most prolific country song writer ever, Bill Anderson, co-wrote and sings on the song “Dying to See Her” with Brad Paisley. This song is relatable to many and could almost be considered a sequel to George Jones’ “I Stopped Loving Her Today.”

Even though Hip-Hop and Country Music don’t seem to have much in common, Brad Paisley and Timbaland make it work in the fun song, “Grey Goose Chase.” Paisley says the place where these two genres of music meet is Bluegrass. They also collaborate on the song “Solar Power Girl” which Millennials will relate.

John Carter Cash allowed Brad Paisley access to one of Johnny Cash’s unfinished songs/poems from which “Gold All Over the Ground” was derived. Paisley wrote the rest of the song in Johnny Cash’s cabin and the tune is reminiscent of the Johnny/June love songs that classic country music fans adore.

With all this said, the newest release from the album, “Heaven South,” has the feel and nostalgia of many other of Brad Paisley’s hit songs. This song does not disappoint and is sure to be another hit. It matches perfectly to the number one song “Today” which is also featured on the Love and War album.

The Love and War Album is available on iTunes and as a CD for purchase at various outlets. Look for the visual album, an Apple Music exclusive, to be available on April 28.

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Bethany Bowman covers entertainment for The Tennessee Star. She resides in Nashville, Tennessee and is a fan of country music.

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