BREAKING: Majority of House Republicans Oppose Gas Tax Increase in ‘Secret’ Whip Vote, 37 to 30

Tennessee Star


Earlier this week the House Republican Caucus Chair Rep. Ryan Williams (R-Cookeville) conducted a secret poll of the House GOP Caucus members to gauge support for the Haslam IMPROVE Act “Tax Cut Act of 2017.” Williams distributed popsicle sticks to members of the Caucus for them to cast their votes in favor or opposition to the bill as it currently stands. The Tennessee Star has obtained a copy of the Williams vote tally, which shows a clear majority of the Caucus poised to vote against the IMPROVE Act “Tax Cut Act of 2017” that was passed out of the Finance Committee yesterday by voice vote.

The “secret” vote among the Republican Caucus members revealed that there are currently 37 “no” votes, 30 “yes” votes, 2 “present and not voting”, and 4 popsicle sticks that were not returned. The GOP Caucus is currently comprised of a total of 73 House Members.

Passage of the IMPROVE Act “Tax Cut Act of 2017” on the House Floor will require 50 votes. Therefore, if the numbers revealed in the secret vote tally hold, Governor Haslam will have to secure the votes of almost the entire Democratic Party Caucus to pass his tax plan, particularly if he wants to ensure a relatively safe margin.

In a handwritten note addressed to House Republicans dated Tuesday, April 11, State Rep. Ryan Williams (R- ), Chairman of the House Republican Caucus told his colleagues that they had voted against Gov. Haslam’s gas tax increase by a 37 to 30 margin in Monday’s secret ballot Whip vote.

“As I promised yesterday, I wanted to share the results of yesterday’s Whip Vote on the IMPROVE Act “Tax Cut Act of 2017″ as it heads to Calendar and Rules Committee on Thursday,” Williams wrote.

“The votes have been preserved for the members of the caucus to view upon request of my office. I appreciate your diligent service and your trust in me,” Williams added.

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3 Thoughts to “BREAKING: Majority of House Republicans Oppose Gas Tax Increase in ‘Secret’ Whip Vote, 37 to 30”

  1. Kenny

    They have almost 2 Billion in surplus that they should use before ever thinking about raising any taxes.They also need to get Broad band out to the rural populace soon .We have some of the highest sales taxes in the country. I cant believe that they want to raise anything here.Plus did you hear that bogus info that it co st over a grand per family driving on our roads really i know of no one paying more than a tire every couple of years lies. And lord knows they need to improve the schools around here just Damn lol. One more thing the doctors in this state when it comes to pain relief are really uncaring.They need o just legalize weed and get over it.Not everyone going into there offices are looking to get high some of us are in real pain. I would rather put Gods medicine then keep poisoning myself with this morphine. Any day Everything that God made was good remember that always. He also give us free well for a reason. I go out of state because they treat me with compassion not judgement.

  2. Sam Taylor

    We need this gas tax. Our roads are as bad as I can ever remember. With all due respect to you, it sounds like some of your peers down there are afraid of losing their jobs if they vote to pass it. Sometimes one has to make tough decisions for the betterment of our state. Thank you for the job that you are doing.

    1. Michael Bryant

      The Senior citizens those on fixed incomes & the Poor and Rural citizens of Tennessee do not need our fuel to cost us more. We have to drive greater distances to buy Groceries to go the the grocery store. Any reduced taxes on food will be added back PLUS the cost of the Fuel that the distributors add to their groceries. NO TO HASLAM TAXES.