Broncos Organization Says It Is Proud of Kneeling Players in Monday Night Football Game With Titans, Even as Viewership Plummets 38 Percent


More than 30 players from the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans knelt in protest during the national anthem prior to their Monday Night Football game, Breitbart reported.

Eighteen Broncos and 13 Titans took a knee and/or raised fists, the outlet said.

The Broncos organization tweeted that it was proud of its player-protesters.

As we’ve discussed with our team in recent months, the Broncos fully respect and support everyone’s right to advocate for positive change.

How a player, coach, staff member or fan choose to express themselves during the national anthem is a personal decision. Our entire organization has the deepest appreciation and gratitude for the flag, the military and the first-responders who keep us safe. We also understand the importance of bringing awareness to—and ending— police brutality, systemic racism and injustices toward the Black community.

Together with the players, we will continue to listen, grow and work to inspire change. We are proud of the players and stand with them in the fight for equality.

Radio personality and NFL writer Paul Kuharsky had reported seeing 11 Titans kneel.

“I saw 11 #Titans kneel for the national anthem: NDavis, Saffold, REvans, Hooker, Vaccaro, Long, Fulton, Simmons, TSmith, IMack, Kalu.”

The players did, however, manage to find their feet to stand for the “Black national anthem,” aka “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” according to The Gazette.

Is it coincidental that viewership for NFL games in opening week was bad?

Yardbarker reported that the Titans-Broncos game had 7.7 million viewers, a dramatic 38 percent from for the opening Monday Night Football’s late night game from a year ago.

The Steelers-Giants game, at 10.8 million viewers, was down 21 percent from a year ago.

The reduced TV viewership for the Broncos-Titans game was matched by the crowd at Empower Field, which was mainly empty but for a few hundred people admitted for COVID-19 protocols, The Gazette said.

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2 Thoughts to “Broncos Organization Says It Is Proud of Kneeling Players in Monday Night Football Game With Titans, Even as Viewership Plummets 38 Percent”

  1. Dave

    I’m proud of the fans who care more about respecting our flag & national anthem than using sports as a soapbox to preach moralism to the rest of us. And notice how the overpaid “athletes” berate the USA while keeping their ties to Commie China very close?

  2. never again

    Down 38%? Just the beginning. No one wants to see/hear a bunch of over paid whiners protest.