Dr. Anthony Fauci to Deliver Keynote Speech at Virtual Health Summit Hosted by Meharry Medical College


Dr. Anthony Fauci will participate as a keynote speaker in a free virtual summit on health equity for minorities Wednesday hosted by Meharry Medical College.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) will participate in the Nashville college’s Health Summit series, Meharry Medical announced. The session will be form 10 a.m.-noon Wednesday.

Meharry President Dr. James E.K. Hildreth also will serve as a keynote speaker.

The college’s announcement contains a link to register.

Through open dialogue, the Summit will encourage stakeholders and health experts to develop a community-centered approach that will prioritize prevention of disease, elevate racial justice and equity and eliminate COVID-19 health care disparities among minority groups across the country. Featured speakers will discuss health integration and barriers to achieving whole-person and community-informed care that will integrate oral and systemic health.

“These conversations have never been more important,” said Dr. Hildreth, an infectious disease expert. “COVID-19 has only illuminated the gulf of health disparities that exist between majority and minority communities across our country, particularly in rural communities. Over the last year, we have further focused our collective efforts on addressing these disparities, and this Summit will provide our community with the opportunity to engage around how best to make long lasting changes that will impact the lives of all people.”

Journalist Monique Pressley will moderate a panel. Participants will include: Linda Keene Solomon, CEO of STEMbiotic Communities Inc.; Dr. Jeanne Craig Sinkford, senior scholar-in-residence emerita for the American Dental Education Association and dean emerita of Howard University; and Dr. Charles E. Moore, founder/president of HEALing Community Center and chief of service for the Department of Otolaryngology, Grady Health System.

A second session, with a topic on motivating action in communities, is scheduled to take place in March, WKRN reported.

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4 Thoughts to “Dr. Anthony Fauci to Deliver Keynote Speech at Virtual Health Summit Hosted by Meharry Medical College”

  1. Ms Independent

    Fauci is a fraud who loves fame. He’s on team “swamp”. Again President Trump was correct on this guy

  2. justme

    Fauci is a lying hypocrite who changed his comments depending on which way the wind was blowing.

  3. Kevin

    Why would anybody care to listen to this clown? “Flatten the curve, don’t wear masks, wear masks…”

    Surely we have somebody who is more up to date on medical advancements than someone who graduated from medical school over 50 years ago! Somebody who can give sound, pre-symptom advice, other than wearing a diaper on your face, to prevent getting the flu in the first place! But, no, we need people to die so we can create a hysteria and steal an election, and force a DNA-modifying vaccine.

    And I wonder how much this is costing us? For all of the chaos this guy has created, he should be paying us!

  4. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    Maybe he will advocate supplementing vitamin D and good nutrition over vaccines? Hank Aaron got his and now is dead.