Founder of The American Evangelicals Association, Kelly Kullberg Urges Tennessee to ‘Come Along With Us’ and Pass the Heartbeat Bill

On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked to Kelly Kullberg who founded the American Evangelicals Association with a first hand account of what occurred in Ohio during the passage of the heartbeat bill in that state.

Towards the end of the segment, the group spoke about the protesters and the responses from particular people who have spent several years trying to see this bill pass.  Kullberg urged Tennessee to “Come along with us!” and pass the Heartbeat Bill in the Tennessee Senate.

Leahy: We are joined now on the line by our good friend, Kelly Kullberg the founder of the American Evangelicals Association. She lives in Columbus, Ohio. She was there yesterday when the Ohio state legislature did something that the Tennessee General Assembly at least in Tennessee State Senate doesn’t have the courage to do. They passed a fetal heartbeat bill. Welcome Kelly.

Kullberg: Hi Mike. Hi Steve. Thanks for having me.

Gill: The Ohio legislature showed a lot more courage than the Tennessee legislature. The House moved the heartbeat bill here along. But in the Senate they decided to send it to summer study which is “Let’s put it in the closet and hope nobody notices while we kill it.”

Leahy: What was it like there? You were there in the state capitol yesterday when this was happening. What was the atmosphere? Who was for it? Who was against it? Describe the event if you would please Kelly.

Kullberg: Sure. Columbus, Ohio it was you know yes a historic victory for the children, for the soul of America and I’d love to mention some of the people behind it.

Leahy: Sure.

Kullberg: In terms of the drama of the event itself, there were the bill was kind of surprisingly on the House side for about three hours and we thought it was going to be, had already been debated, that it would be signed quickly and we’d celebrate when in fact there were speeches given. It was discussed, or kind of stalled almost by some of the Democrat members of the House for three hours. (Laughs) And so (Chuckles) it was extremely loud.

Leahy: Were there protesters? Who were the protesters there on the side of the pro-Planned Parenthood people there?

Kullberg: Planned Parenthood. There were over a hundred.  It was a strange thing. I mean candidly it felt like, I’m a Caucasian woman and but it felt like over a hundred excuse me, white liberals with signs shouting, extremely coordinated and they were following mainly a young man with a loud voice who was leading the chanting. And I went over and took pictures of him and he had a DACA amnesty shirt on and buttons related

Leahy: So the usual left-wing suspects have grabbed on to this particular issue as well?

Kullberg: Yes. As a group together. So hey are expected to show up as a group together even if they are for Amnesty or you know whatever, they have to show up. It’s like street theater. I listed six or seven groups, Indivisible, Code Pink I think was there. La Raza. They were all George Soros groups.

(Leahy laughs)

Gill: Just the protest du jour. “What’s on the protest schedule today? Hand me my t-shirt. What are we against today?”

Kullberg: Right, so they’re creaming and chanting for three hours.

(Leahy laughs)

Leahy: Three hours of screaming and chanting against this bill?

Kullberg: Yep. It was African American Christians, Hispanic Christians, and a couple of us White Christians. It was the most diverse praying, singing worship songs.

Leahy: Praying for the bill to pass. African American Christians, Hispanic Christians and a few white Christians. And against it basically the white liberals. Is that right?

Kellburg: And army of paid white liberals.

Leahy: Wow.

Kullberg: You saw Christians holding little dolls you know babies.

Gill: Kelly, it’s always struck me as very interesting that again the African American community are the biggest victims of this abortion agenda. And if you had a bunch of white supremacists over there waving confederate flags shouting, “Kill more black babies!” The black community would be outraged but because they’re white liberals saying ‘kill more black babies’ they don’t have a problem with it. More black babies are aborted each year in New York City than are born alive. And we have this story up at Tennessee This Democrat state representative there in Ohio, Janine Boyd, and African American woman who actually filed an amendment trying to give a exemption to African American women to this heartbeat bill saying because of the history of rape and enslavement we need to kill more black babies now. What is the logic there?

Kellburg: It’s unbelievable and of course white college women are being targeted too. It’s not limited. But it’s a very strange, I hope everyone sees plan. I saw it the night before which is one of the reasons I had to go to this House and it is an amazing story. And so we all need to get involved because there’s no compromise when these state’s like New York and Virginia killing live or willing to kill live-born children. This is infanticide. This is craziness. This is barbaric dark age stuff.

Leahy: So yesterday the fetal heartbeat bill, the one that the Tennessee legislature didn’t have the courage to pass. Passes in the Ohio House, fifty six forty. That margin was only sixteen votes. It passed the House here in Tennessee by three to one margin. So then it goes to the Senate. Now the Senate is where it was killed here in a five to three vote in a committee. It’s on the floor of the vote, floor of the Senate. what happens there? Did you track that as well Kelly?

Kullberg: Yes. So the bill passed in the House. It went quickly went over to the Senate where it passed eighteen to thirteen and Governor DeWine unlike our former Governor John Kasich who vetoed the passage of the bill calling himself pro-life. What a shame John Kasich is and Ohioans know it. But unlike him, Mike DeWine the new governor is expected to sign the bill today. He’s promised to do it. So, we’re really celebrating here in Ohio.

Leahy: In Ohio are they fearful…

Kellburg: Come along with us Tennessee! I hope folks are listening.

Leahy: Well yeah. That’s a good point. ‘Come along with us Tennessee’, Ohio is saying. What did the Governor DeWine do to help pass this bill in the House? Was he proactive or was he not?

Kellburg: I really don’t know about the inside. Someone like Janet Soldier Porter, she’s kind of the William Wilberforce if you will who that ended slavery. She genera for this bill and has an incredible story for carrying it through now for nine years. So she was, after the vote was over she was on her knees in the with about thirty people thanking God and praying. And she was crying. The drama was unbelievable. People were just so grateful to God. Tens of thousands of Ohioans dying every year of abortion. Many late-term abortions. This just can’t go on. Representative Pam Killer and Ron Hood who reintroduced the bill after Kasich vetoed it. Kasich was gone, with the new governor DeWine they reintroduced the bill passes in the House and Senate. DeWine should sign it today. And that was my understanding of the order of things.

Leahy: Is anyone in Ohio, did anyone in Ohio on the Republican side argue, “Oh well, the courts might overturn this so we’d have to spend money fighting that.” Did anybody make that lame argument there?

Kullberg: I’m sure there were people but you just have to do what’s right. Republicans have to stop being the Washington generals.

Leahy: (Leahy chuckles) Yes.

Kullberg: Thank you for laughing. There’s a team that’s paid to play with the Harlem Globetroppers and they’re paid to show up and look like a basketball game and loose. (Leahy laughs) We’ve got to go on offense. America’s decline is inevitable in terms of culture and our values and so forth. We’re being out maneuvered by these Soros groups. And so the highly organized tiny minority, well funded, obnoxiously loud, visible people is overwhelming the majority of decent good people that are listening to this radio show. And we’ve got to just say enough. We’re calling your bluff. Peel back the layers and say, “Who’s paying for this? Oh, it’s George Soros.”

Leahy: Exactly. Well Kelly Kullberg, founder of the American Association of Evangelicals. Thanks for joining us with that great first hand report of the passage of the heartbeat bill in Ohio.

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