Hamilton County Teachers Now Sit Through ‘White Privilege’ Training


Hamilton County teachers are reportedly having to go through ‘white privilege’ training, just as teachers in Williamson County had to do earlier this year.

On his Twitter page, Hunter Hoagland of the Chattanooga-based WRCB television station showed slides teachers took at an in-service training.

Among only some of the lessons school system officials tried to impart to teachers:

• People of color cannot be racist because they lack the institutional power to adversely affect white lives.

• Even if minorities sometimes complain about whites, such complaints serve as coping mechanisms to withstand racism rather than actual anti-white bias.

• Even when minorities express or practice prejudice against whites they are not racists.

• White privilege is both a legacy and a cause of racism.

• White privilege exists because of historic, enduring racism and biases.

According to TheChattanoogan.com, Patrick Hampton, staff member of the conservative Hamilton Flourishing group, warned “The liberal left is running the systems that educate children.”

Hamilton County School System officials meanwhile, reportedly told the website they regret any misinterpretations of how the material was presented.

“The presentation was actually about how adverse childhood experiences can impact behavior in the classroom and methods to have effective classroom management,” school system officials reportedly said.

“Slides from a presentation by guest speaker Robert Jackson, a former NFL player and teacher, given today to teachers at the annual Urban Education Institute have been taken out of context and misrepresented in Facebook posts.  The slides are being misrepresented as a presentation on white privilege.  For the slides in question, the speaker was reviewing terms that can impact perception and definitions attached to the terms when the slides were used.  White Privilege was one of several terms on slides during the short part of the presentation.”

School system officials said the district “will put additional safeguards in place for external presenters to ensure there is less potential of misinterpretation of the content shared in the future.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Hamilton County Schools” by Hamilton County Schools. 




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14 Thoughts to “Hamilton County Teachers Now Sit Through ‘White Privilege’ Training”

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  2. Guillermo F

    This is STUPID, and teachers should refuse to go through this bull sht.

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  6. David

    Williamson County stopped teaching White Privilege after a lot of teachers and parents complained.

    Message to Hamilton County >> Teaching White Privilege will turn off a lot of parents and will cause people to question the judgment of the top school administrators. Is it worth that happening? I’ve been opposed to vouchers, but if my district taught White Privilege, I would push hard for school vouchers. The slides aren’t being misinterpreted – they are being correctly interpreted – that is what “White Privilege” teaches – it is the same nonsense they tried to teach in Williamson County – there isn’t a misinterpretation – just admit you made a mistake – that is what Williamson County did.

    Dr. Peggy McIntosh, who invented the ‘White Privilege” idea that all white people are racist, is white, wealthy, and very privileged. She was born in 1934, grew up in a very privileged and wealthy home, went to Radcliffe, and got a PhD from Harvard. I’m not sure if she suffers from White Guilt or if inventing “White Privilege” was a way to become famous – “White Privilege” has made her famous. Her views are based on her own personal life of Privilege. She grew up with more privileges than 95% of all people in the U.S., so she had more Privileges than 95% of all white people. Dr. McIntosh grew up in the 1940’s and was 20 years old in 1954 – her personal experiences are the basis for her “White Privilege” paper. Things have changed a lot since the 1950’s but training teachers about “White Privilege” keeps going because it is a business that makes money and power for the people who promote it. She founded the National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum (“Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity”) in 1986 and wrote a paper about White Privilege in 1988, and has since toured the nation and given over 1,500 speeches about White Privilege. You can read about her at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peggy_McIntosh

  7. David

    Hamilton County is making a mistake by teaching something so untrue and racist. Most white people won’t believe that they have more privileges than Barack Obama, Oprah, LeBron, etc. Discrimination today isn’t about color as much as it is about income. What Hamilton County is doing is encouraging parents to support school vouchers and online education so they can get their kids away from craziness like the ridiculous, racist, detrimental “White Privilege” concept that promotes racial divisiveness.

  8. David

    The problem is that teaching “White Privilege” teaches “White Supremacy” (which a Black Mom says in the article below).”White Privilege” makes non-white kids feel inferior – read below. It increases racial division instead of promoting equality.

    See http://www.thecollegefix.com/black-parent-upset-at-elementary-schools-white-privilege-handout about a Black Mom objecting to a “White Privilege” handout her second-grade 8 year old son brought home.

    The article says > “A Raleigh elementary school PTA’s efforts to talk to parents about white privilege backfired when a minority parent thought it was an attempt to promote white supremacy.”

  9. Real racism is on the Left

    Bending over backwards, tons of handouts, free this, free that is just not good enough. What’s next? I highly recommend reading the Diversity Delusion:How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine our Culture by Heather MacDonald.

  10. Debbie

    Have you lost your darn mind. What has this got to do with teaching our children. If you call working your but off for what you have white privilege than bring it on .

  11. Bill Delzell

    Nobody ever said that blacks and other non-whites could be racist. Rather, non-whites as a group have less power than most white racists as a group to impose their racism on others. Whites still control key law enforcement, military, and other major levers of power. The legacy of white racism that still permeates many police departments, both north and south, results from this white privilege. It will not hurt white teachers to take a course on white privilege. As a white person, I had to take such a course beginning over fifty years ago when our Nashville, Tennessee-based high school, Hillsboro High, included some sessions in our U.S. History eleventh grade class about white privilege and Afro-American history mixed in. Later in church workshops and in certain jobs, I had to take some courses in white privilege along with workshops on sexual harassment, and I came out fine. I found nothing offensive to me as a white American in these courses. If I can take the criticism against white privilege in these courses over the last fifty years, so can the rest of you whites. Quit whining!

    1. DK

      There is no such thing as “white” privilege, Peggy McIntosh is pushing this bulls**t socialism, divisive agenda thinking it will make her somehow relevant and teachers (or anyone for that matter) should not have to be forced to sit through such obvious lies and hate. This basically is promoting/teaching that “blacks and people of color” ARE “privileged”! No one should be “privileged “ because of their skin color.

    2. lu mahalo

      If it’s not one thing, it’s another. There are just as many black racists as white. Why? Coz blacks have been conditioned to play the race card while many whites are too afraid of being called racist.

      Until blacks start owning up to their own self-inflicted failures, they will never get ahead, no matter how you try to shame and guilt trip whites.

      One only has to look at crime rates to see why law abiding black and whites are afraid of many blacks. We have been conditioned to expect the worst coz we get the worst.

      Yup, the truth is racist according to upside down anti-America types