Mayor Rick Graham Re-Elected in Spring Hill; 3 New Aldermen Win as Incumbents Fall

“Voters in the April 13, 2017, Spring Hill Municipal Election re-elected Mayor Rick Graham to a second four-year term,” the Spring Hill City website reports.

“Incumbent Alderman Amy Wurth, who ran unopposed, was re-elected to Ward 1, and three new aldermen will join the board: Jeff Graves in Ward 2, Kevin Gavigan in Ward 3, and Vincent Fuqua in Ward 4, the only seat without an incumbent in the race,” the site adds.

“There was a significant victory for conservatives in Thursday’s Spring Hill election,” a source familiar with Williamson County politics tells The Tennessee Star.

“In Ward 2, Alderman Jonathan Duda was not re-elected even though State Rep. Sam Whitson, a big supporter of Gov. Haslam’s gas tax increase, had a mailer and ads supporting him. Jeff Graves, the actual Republican candidate won in Ward 2 over Duda by the largest margin of any of the contested races,” the source says.

Duda’s mailer included these words of praise from Whitson:

“As a member of the Transportation Committee and your State Representative of the 65th District, I know that Jonathan Duda is doing the hard work that is necessary to complete the major road projects that are desperately needed to improve traffic in Spring Hill.”

Duda served as Whitson’s campaign treasurer in last year’s race.

Vincent Fuqua, the newly elected Alderman in Ward 4, also voiced his opposition to Gov. Haslam’s gas tax increase when asked about it during his door-to-door canvassing efforts.

“A total of 1,769 votes were cast among the City’s 22,911 registered voters on both the Maury and Williamson County sides of Spring Hill, a 7.72 percent voter turnout. Here are the voting results (including early voting and absentee ballots), according to the Maury County Election Commission:”

Rick Graham: 879
Shane McNeill: 850
Write-In: 9

Amy Wurth: 1,420
Write-In: 55

Jonathan Duda: 722
Jeff Graves: 975
Write-In: 1

Kevin Gavigan: 827
Keith Hudson: 795
Write-In: 2

Vincent Fuqua: 846
Doug Holtz: 783
Write-In: 1

Spring Hill is a rapidly growing city with a population approaching 40,000 that is located in both Williamson County and Maury County.

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