Nashville Lawyers Help Illegal Criminal Aliens Remain in Tennessee Communities


“Fighting for immigrant rights” is what Nashville attorney Elliott Ozment does.  He is one of the lawyers suing Metro Nashville, Davidson County and Sheriff Daron Hall, on behalf of the Saudi visa overstayer and the “hundred and likely thousands of immigrants” subject to ICE detainer requests. Ozment helps  illegal aliens who have committed crimes remain in Tennessee communities.

Ozment Law’s website says:

At Ozment Law, we have helped hundreds of legal and undocumented immigrants in Nashville and the surrounding areas obtain the necessary documentation to be able to work and live in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

“Undocumented immigrant” is a term that purposely obscures the fact that U.S. immigration laws have been violated and suggests that legal immigration status is merely a matter of completing some paperwork. Activist liberal groups like the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) also use “undocumented immigrant” even though U.S. law and the U.S. Supreme Court refer to foreign nationals who enter the country without authorization as “illegal aliens.”

A May 3, 2017, blog post on the Ozment Law website asks the question, “Do I have to leave the country after being convicted of a crime?” followed by an answer that begins:

Every day, immigrants, legal and illegal, are arrested on charges such as drunk driving, driving without a license or breaking into a store. Such an event can be frightening, especially when you do not know what it means for your future.

You may be notified that you have to leave the country, but the fact is that you might qualify for a waiver. This waiver enables you to stay in the United States for as many as 10 years as you apply for legal status.

The “waiver of inadmissibility” also referred to as a “hardship waiver,” is used to bootstrap an illegal alien onto a “spouse, parent or child” who is lawfully in the U.S.

Nashville lawyer Perry Craft also wants to ensure that “the rights” of illegal aliens arrested for drunk driving are protected. His website assures illegal alien DUI offenders that a first time arrest cannot lead to deportation.

However, repeat DUIs may indicate a problem with substance abuse, which can lead to your removal from the country. If you damage property or hit another person while driving under the influence, you may be deported. If you are under the influence of illegal drugs, or if drugs are found on your person or in your car, you may also face removal proceedings.

At the Law Office of Perry A. Craft, we help non-citizens just like you fight DUI charges. We believe that one poor decision shouldn’t have to affect your entire future.

Drunk driving illegal aliens have killed in Tennessee. For example,

Jonathan Naravez-Pena., driving drunk,  an illegal immigrant, crashed into a car killing a young man and his son in Nashville.

Lorenzo Hernandez Santiz, speeding and driving drunk in Nashville, flipped his car on an interstate ramp killing his passenger. He had been arrested three times in the year prior to this crash for charges of unlawful gun possession, DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, escape, driving without a license and criminal impersonation.

Romon Neri, drove drunk and on Christmas day, killed legal immigrant Mr. Koirala, a father of five.

Victor Javier Benitez who had two prior arrests, while driving drunk ran a red light, hit and killed TN State University athlete Joycelyn Gardiner.

Julio Villasana had been deported three times and allowed to leave voluntarily eleven other times, returned to Nashville and while driving drunk, struck and killed Nashville musician and mandolin expert Charlie Derrington.

Mario Roberto Diaz-Mourillo had previously been convicted of drunk driving when later while again driving drunk and driving north on the southbound highway lanes ran head-on into Florida vacationers John Richard Clevelle and Mildred Margaret Lillard, causing permanent injuries to the couple.

Garcia Gustavo Reyes, with multiple convictions for drunk driving, crashed head on and killed a Mt. Juliet couple while he was drunk again.

In 2010, Tennessee passed a law that now requires local jails to verify the citizenship status of anyone “arrested, booked or confined for any period in the jail” and report illegal aliens to ICE.



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2 Thoughts to “Nashville Lawyers Help Illegal Criminal Aliens Remain in Tennessee Communities”

  1. Sim

    I can’t blame anyone for trying to improve their lot in life, but I can blame those who give a “false hope” to those trying, such as the Obama administration did with their immigration policies.
    But here’s some facts America needs to address and deal with,
    According to demographics, America’s population is aging, most will be leaving the work force in the near future.
    This is hurting the Social Security fund in that fewer are paying in than what is being paid out.
    The population that normally would have replaced them has been “Aborted”, close to 55 million, this leaves America ontrack to an unfunded Social Security for those retired.

    Obviously the choice is bankruptcy of social security or replacements, and the only replacements available are from among the “Illegal Immigrants”.

    Most Illegals are hard working and honest people just looking for a better life for them and their families.

    So here’s my suggestion, Like fishing, let’s keep the good ones and throw the others back,

    Let’s give them all the benefits of Citizenship, on the tax roll, and use this to solve our worker shortage, along with our immigration and social security problems, In one simple act.

    With this program America would all be citizens again with few illegals that are easy to catch and deport.

    Sticking our heads in the sand is not going to solve the shortage of workers and the funding of Social Security.

  2. Bob

    We have no recourse but to bring these people to court as events happen. Civil suits against them and Mayor Berry personally will stop this.