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OOOPS…Corker caught on tape

Last Saturday during Bob Corker’s talk to the TN GOP State Executive Committee members, an observer just happened to switch on their phone when Corker was asked to comment about the state’s lawsuit against the feds over the refugee resettlement issue.  If you’ve ever taken the time to contact Corker’s Senate office with a comment that is something other than a compliment or praise for the Senator, you likely received a circuitous non-response which is sometimes referred to as being “blown off.”

In typical Corker fashion, he throws out a bone to conservatives in the crowd because he thinks they haven’t yet figured out that he is not a conservative.  What conservatives in Tennessee do know is that when Corker first went to D.C. in 2007, he was openly against illegal immigration (not to confuse illegal immigration with refugee resettlement which is legal immigration). He was so against it that he said, that to be “fair to American citizens,” illegal aliens should have to leave and then re-enter before they could apply to be here legally…..

Then after spending too many years in Washington, he supported the 2013 “Gang of Eight” illegal immigration amnesty bill.

On Saturday, he gave the crowd classic Corker talking around the issue although he did admit that “Tennessee has no say so over refugees coming into the state:”

The fact is though that it’s very problematic for states like Tennessee. What happens is we have NGOs, non-government organizations that have set up here in the state and Catholic Charities may be involved. So what happens is you have an intake program that takes place and again they’re directed to places all around the country without governors’ approval and so I understand why governors would have concerns with that.

As far as the lawsuit itself I don’t know what the details are. Obviously I know Mr. Slatery well and I know, I think, he decided not to take it up but the General Assembly did.

When I was Commissioner of Finance, Fred Thompson and Bill Frist did a really good job of staying out of my issues. The mayor of Chattanooga is there now and I stay out of his issues and I’m gonna let the General Assembly deal with this issue.

Corker must have just “forgotten” that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which he chairs (and is responsible for abetting Obama’s Iran nuke deal), had planned a hearing in 2015 dealing with refugee resettlement. And you can’t really blame the guy for “forgetting” that when he was a member of the same committee in 2010, they held an extensive hearing on refugee resettlement and issued a report “Abandoned Upon Arrival: Implications for Refugees and Local Communities Burdened by a U.S. Resettlement System That is Not Working.”

Bob seems pretty fuzzy on important details of what’s happening with this program in his home state – like really, he’s not sure whether Catholic Charities is involved in operating refugee resettlement in Tennessee????

Maybe he’s just been in Washington too long.


Who knew that champion of ISIS has a friend in Nashville?

In 2010, Janet Napolitano, then Secretary of Homeland Security, appointed Mohamed Elibiary to the Homeland Security Advisory Council despite him having some “troubling” connections and questionable political activities. He resigned his post in 2014, supposedly because of tweets with “provocative comments about the ‘inevitable’ return of the Muslim ‘caliphate'” which ISIS figured was catchy enough to appropriate as a “recruiting tool.”

Apparently it was also discovered that Elibiary may have used his security clearance to improperly access “for official use only” Texas Department of Public Safety reports. It was alleged that he tried to pass these documents to a media outlet to get a story on the scourge of Islamophobia.

Being the prolific tweeter that he is, Elibiary is back in the news with his tweet of May 7, 2017:

Reading ISIS’s latest mag ‘otherizing’ Egypt’s Copts. Subhanallah how what goes around comes around. Coptic ldrs did same to MB Egyptians.


Former Texan and now Nashville resident, convert Paul Iesa Galloway and Mohamed Elibiary go way back. Galloway used to be the director of the CAIR-Houston office before becoming the director of Tennessee’s American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) and registered to lobby legislators in the Tennessee General Assembly. Elibiary was a CAIR official in their Dallas-Forth Worth office.

(We hear that AMAC will soon be known as American Muslim Advocacy Center maybe because that name will align better with their goal of collecting “anti-Muslim incidents.”)

While Galloway was living in Texas, he served as an executive officer of Elibiary’s Freedom & Justice Foundation and was the PR director for Elibiary’s Texas security company Lonestar Intelligence, LLC.

What’s that saying about “birds of a feather…?”


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6 Thoughts to “OFF THE RECORD”

  1. […] Haslam who supports continued refugee resettlement to Tennessee communities, have chosen to ignore the issues, forcing the Tennessee General Assembly to take action by passing SJR467 and initiating […]

  2. Bob

    Senator Corker was never a conservative. He needs to be “retired” when he is up for re-election. He is a smooth talker but does not represent the best interest of Tennessee nor of America. He would have been called a Democrat when Reagan was President.

  3. Pandora Vreeland

    I’d like to see Tim Burchett represent us in DC. If I could replace Lamar Alexander with Tim Burchett I would have replaced a mule with an elephant. Tim is conservative through and though. Lamar apparently started out his political career as a conservative but has now taken more left turns than a Nascar driver.

  4. Susan E Gingrich

    Senator Corker is just like too many other US GOP Senators who were conveniently conservatives to be elected and quickly abandoned conservative principles in the Senate. They jointly work to oppose true conservative candidates supported by the Senate Conservative Fund. When the conservative candidate wins the state primary he/she is often not supported in the general election by these RINO establishment senators. Look as recently as the last election in CO and loss by the excellent conservative Senate GOP candidate for proof. A little more money and support from them would have helped immensely. Since they stopped listening to us, why should we bother listening to or supporting them, especially Senator Corker?

    1. Tonie Osborne

      Indeed – spot on! Convenient Conservatives @ election time!