Peyton Manning Will Not Run for Senate in Tennessee: ‘I Have NO Interest in the Political World’

Tennessee Star

Rumors swirling of a possible US Senate run by legendary football star Peyton Manning on the heels of a possible 2020 retirement of Senator Lamar Alexander have been sidelined. For now.

The Denver Post reported University of Tennessee alum Manning denied any interest in the Senate, stating: “I have NO interest in the political world.”

Via the Post:

“I don’t know where that came from. Last week I was going to run a team, this week I going to apparently run for Senate, and next week I’ll be an astronaut,” Manning said. “I have no interest in the political world, but would like to continue serving communities.”

Manning said he’s “excited about the next chapter of my career” and that he has “a bucket list” of things he wants to do before finding something new.

“The best advice I got was to not sign up for something full-time right away that you can’t commit to,” he said. “I’m taking my time and seeing what my options might be.”

So… we’ll put him down as a “maybe.”

Read the Post’s full report at:

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