PJTN’s Founder, Laurie Cordoza Moore Continues Her Crusade to Oust Omar in D.C. at ‘Jexit’

On Friday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – the duo spoke intently with Laurie Cordoza Moore from PJTN.org about her continued petition to demand the removal of Ilhan Omar from the United States Congress.

Further into the segment, Gill and Cordoza discussed the recent anti-Semitic cartoons in the NY Times and how this was a red flag for Jews who are already starting to flee the Democratic party.

Gill: She’s back in the news, not Laurie Cordoza Moore she is sometimes as well, but Ilhan “some people` did something” Omar is back in the news basically showing her racist approach that this should not be a country of white people and that basically we all be bowing and scraping to Sharia or be out of here.

She’s wanting to impose her Sharia law on America and this is just yet another reason why this woman has no business being in Congress much less on the House Foreign Relations Committee. And Laurie Cordoza Moore, Chairman of PJTN.org has a petition up to try and urge her removal from the foreign relations committee. And Laurie Cordoza Moore is on for an update with us this morning. Laurie, welcome in.

Moore: Giving that never ends with her. It’s outrageous her comments and of course, she was condemning Ben Shapiro because Ben Shapiro called her out and tied her to what happened in Poway Synagogue and she was offended by that. Well you know it’s interesting Steve she says she’s trying to say that anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are two different sides of the same coin.

Well, you know what, Ilhan is out raising money for CHAIR a Muslim Brotherhood front group and Islamic Relief USA to annihilate the Jewish state. And she’s trying to tell us she’s not an anti-Semite? You know it’s amazing what comes out of this woman’s mouth and I guess she really believes it as she continues to repeat these lies long often enough and long enough people are actually going to believe her. But Ilhan, we’re not stupid here in America. We know who are enemies are.

Gill: And we know you shouldn’t marry your brother. (Leahy laughs) 615-737-9522 if you want to chime in and join us Laurie Cordoza Moore from PJTN.org with us. Has she ever condemned the murderous attacks on the churches and hotels in Sri Lanka? She was very quick to condemn President Trump. Blame him for the attack on the Mosque on New Zealand and yet she’s been absolutely silent, as has Rashida Talib and the others with respect to Christians being murdered by those same “some people who did something” people in Sri Lanka.

Moore: Yeah. Because those Christians who happened to be murdered were celebrating Easter and of course the silence is deafening. As you know Steve, and I want to encourage your audience, I’m going to be in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday next week. We have a petition on our website. PJTN.org. There is a huge Jexit rally that’s going to be taking place.

Gill: What is Jexit?

Moore: Jexit is the jews calling out the jews that support the Democrats and to plea the Democrat party. Kind of like the Blexit we saw a couple months ago that was pushed. And so now we have a Jewish woman it’s time for Jews to flee from the Democrat party. The Democrat party is supporting, aiding, and abetting the anti-Semites.

And it’s time for them to flee. In fact, I was just reading earlier that fifty percent of the contributions that go to the Democrats are coming from Jewish donors. And it’s the Jewish donors, they need to look and see the writing on the wall because this woman is helping to fuel that hatred today.

Gill: Just like the NY Times with their anti-Semitic cartoons and then they double down and do a second one. You’ve got Ilhan Omar who does the most valiantly anti-Semitic rhetoric and then the Democrats in the Congress won’t condemn her or remove her from that House Foreign Relations Committee. They embrace what she’s doing and as we’ve talked with you before, Jewish voters in America continue to vote Democrat.

Donate to the Democrats. Their leadership is anti-Semitic in about every way. We are seeing the same Democrats that actually didn’t want to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. They would say they did but nothing would ever happen until President Trump got into office.

Moore: You know Steve, we are watching a mass exodus of the Jews who are fleeing the Democratic party and of course…

Gill: I caught that little exodus deal that was pretty good.

Leahy: Yeah very good.


Moore: Absolutely. You brought up a really good point about the NY Times and their anti-Semitic ads. It was so shocking to me when I saw those ads. And of course, the NY Times is a left-leaning publication.

Leahy: Left-leaning?


Moore: I mean extreme left.

Leahy: Exactly.

Moore: Extreme left leaning.

Gill: If the Leaning Tower of Piza fell completely over you would describe it as left-leaning using that same analogy.

Moore: If you look at it and you compare it to what happened in the thirties with Der Sturmer a publication that frequently had cartoons like what we saw in the NY Times, it’s frightening to see that!

Gill: You know I had a chance to go to the memorial museum for those that were killed during the Holocaust in Israel several years ago and what struck me is what’s different here in the US. The one in Israel, in Jerusalem, highlighted how did it happen. And in terms of these cartoons.

In terms of this demeaning dehumanizing approach in Germany because it took that for a long time to have young German soldiers kill young kids that looked like their brothers and sisters. You had to have this build up that of there not actually humans, they’re insects that can be squashed. And you’re seeing that same sort of stuff. They had the editorials. They had the cartoons in the museum there. We’re seeing the same thing taking place now.

Moore: Oh yeah. It should make all of us very frightened. The fact that we have a leading international newspaper that represents most people around the world when they get their NY Times no matter where they are in the world. They look at the NY Times as what Americans think.

They don’t understand that we’re having this debate going on right now and calling them out as left-leaning. So it’s critically important that we need people to go to PJTN.org, sign the petition. We’re going to have that rally in Washington, D.C. Steve, we’re going to report back on the outcome. We’re expecting thousands of people to show up on the capital steps. Call out Ilhan Omar. She has to go, she has to leave.

And Nancy Pelosi, she’s aiding and abetting this problem.  This anti-Semitism. She’s fueling it. I put the blame at her feet. She should have done something in her leadership capacity. But no, she wanted to be on the Rolling Stone cover. That’s another symbolic publication to have Pelosi on there with these anti-Semites who are the freshman representing the voice of the new Democrat party. And she does nothing. She can’t even get a resolution out of her House.

Gill: And here in Tennessee we’ve got Steve Cohen who’s a Jewish member of Congress. Interestingly both Steve Cohen in Memphis and David Kustoff who represents the area outside. Both of them are Jewish and go to the same synagogue and yet you’re not hearing this condemnation of Ilhan Omar from David Kustoff or Steve Cohen.

Steve Cohen’s too busy eating chicken in a congressional hearing yesterday to try and mock Barr. But they won’t condemn this anti Semite terrorist embracing congresswoman in their own midst.

Moore: I don’t understand why. Especially David Custoff. He should be at the top of the list condemning her and calling her out. I don’t understand it myself, Steve. I’m telling you if we as Americans don’t rise out and demand that these women be removed…They are a threat, and I read earlier this week where Trump is considering listing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

That needs to happen because CHAIR has infiltrated not only our government, but our education system. They’re providing anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic content that violates our US and state constitutions because they favor that religion over all others. We’re dealing with the same issue of anti-Semitism in Orange County. We’ve got a new parent that has exposed a book that was written by an author, a PLO member.

Gill: And they’re using it in schools. Again it’s part of an overall propaganda campaign.

Moore: Absolutely.

Gill: We appreciate you Laurie fighting against it. PJTN.org where you can sign that petition. Also find out more and good luck with the protest in D.C. on Tuesday. We’ll get an update from you then.

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  1. Josh Read

    If leaders and members of the Muslim faith do not explicitly and publicly reject those precepts and teachings of their religious doctrines which promote bigotry, hegemony and subterfuge to achieve those ends, as deeply flawed, and remove them from the texts of their Koran and the Sharia their welcome days in the United States are coming to an end. Cardozo-Moore is the brave outspoken tip of this spear but she is not alone.