Police Padlock Motel in South Nashville as Public Nuisance

Police raided and padlocked The Thrifty Inn in South Nashville on Friday after responding to hundreds of calls over the past three years.

From January 2014 through this March, police responded to 586 calls about illegal drug sales, domestic disturbances and shots fired, according to a Metro Nashville Police Department news release. The motel is located on Harding Pike near I-24.

“The Thrifty Inn has proven to be a drain on resources,” said Police Chief Steven Anderson. “The men and women of the South Precinct work to protect a 70 square mile are. It is not fair to other neighborhoods and businesses when we have to keep sending officers to the same place for the same issues, over and over, for years.”

The motel was declared a public nuisance in a temporary injunction and padlocking order issued by Criminal Court Judge Steve Dozier after the district attorney’s office filed suit. The order directed that the entire property be vacated and that motel owner Kiranbhai Patel appear before the judge Wednesday morning.

On Friday as the motel was being closed, several agencies were available to provide guests with assistance, including transportation to another motel. Registration fees paid in advance by confirmed guests will be refunded.

Judge Dozier’s order also directs the Metro Health Department, fire marshal’s office and codes department to inspect The Thrifty Inn. The health department received at least three complaints about bed bugs at the motel in 2016. In two cases, the presence of bed bugs was confirmed.


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