Reagan/Trump Advisor Dr. Arthur Laffer Endorses Andy Ogles for Maury County Mayor

Andy Ogles, Art Laffer

Andy Ogles, who is running for Maury County Mayor as the Republican nominee, has received the endorsement of famed economist Dr. Arthur Laffer.

Laffer, who served as a Senior Economic Advisor to Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump and who authored both of their tax cuts, specifically cited Ogles’ background in economics when announcing his support.

“Andy Ogles has the economics background to manage Maury County’s historic growth while keeping taxes low, protecting taxpayers and recruiting higher pay-ing jobs,” Dr. Laffer said in a statement, adding, “Andy is absolutely qualified to successfully lead Maury County.”

Ogles, who led the effort to eliminate the Hall Income Tax in Tennessee, said he is extremely proud to have received Laffer’s endorsement. “Nobody understands ‘real world’ economics better than Dr. Laffer and how low taxes spur growth.” Ogles also pointed out that he is uniquely qualified to manage the difficult chal-lenges ahead as Maury County faces unprecedented growth.

“In 2013, Maury County’s principal debt was $60 million, just five years later we have $163 million in debt. Going forward we will need careful and proactive stra-tegic planning in terms of infrastructure build out, debt planning and long term tax management to avoid massive tax increases and major spending cuts. With the right leadership we can avoid that disastrous combination.”

Early voting is on a record pace among Republicans in Maury County. Election Day is August 2, with early voting running through July 28.







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4 Thoughts to “Reagan/Trump Advisor Dr. Arthur Laffer Endorses Andy Ogles for Maury County Mayor”

  1. Truth Hurtz

    Kiss of Death. VooDoo economics does not work and never has, unless you’re ultra rich.

  2. […] In addition to working in the Reagan Administration, Laffer also served as a senior economic advisor to Trump, The Tennessee Star said. […]

  3. I also saw where Laffer endorsed Brent Moody for State House District 56. He obviously knows what he’s talking about.

    1. Wiley

      Art Laffer’s name is pretty much dirt in the financial world these days.