Rumors Swirl Over ‘Imminent’ Justice Kennedy Retirement at Supreme Court

Roger Stone, a long-time friend of President Donald Trump, said this week that President Donald Trump has been told to expect an “imminent” letter of resignation from Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Trump told the Washington Times last week in an interview that he had heard rumors that Kennedy, the 80-year-old senior justice on the court,…

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One Thought to “Rumors Swirl Over ‘Imminent’ Justice Kennedy Retirement at Supreme Court”

  1. Ruth Wilson

    Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore needs this Supreme Court seat. He has been elected twice from all the the people of Alabama and because he wouldn’t surrender his Christian principles the devil has sought to destroy his wonderful testimony for Americanism, God and Country. I think he has been “buffeted” by the wicked enough that he could withstand the Confirmation hearings.
    Judge Roy Moore needs to be on the Supreme Court.

    For God & Country