Tennessee Star Report-Knoxville Edition: According to CNN, ‘Everyone Get’s a Pass’ as MSM Bands Together Claiming First Amendment Rights to White House Press Corp

On Wednesday’s Tennessee Star Report: Knoxville Edition – broadcast on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill talked about Megyn Kelly’s inability to create a base and keep it, CNN’s lawsuit against the White House, and how the usual ‘liberal’ suspects are joining the MSM band wagon in support of CNN’s ‘friend of the court brief’ claiming it’s a First Amendment right.

A couple of quick items for you.  The Today Show has apparently seen a ratings increase after they fired Megyn Kelly.  That’s right, ratings for the 9am hour of the Today Show increased after they let Megyn Kelly go.  Now this was after they let her go because she had apologized for comments where she was accused of defending ‘black face’ for purposes of Halloween costumes.

The problem that Megyn Kelly has had, and she’s beautiful, she’s bright, she’s articulate, she’s an excellent news caster it’s just she doesn’t understand how to create a base and keep it.

I mean when she was at Fox, she seemed to go out of her way to make it clear that she wasn’t a Conservative.  And then when she went to NBC she couldn’t overcome the fact that most people, because she was coming from FOX, most people that were watching NBC who are left of center, couldn’t forgive her for that time at FOX.

So the NBC folks, viewers wouldn’t embrace her.  The FOX folks didn’t want anymore to do with her after she had trashed people like Bill O’Reilly and others and decided to move left.  So, she was left with nothing.  And I don’t know what happens to her next, I don’t think FOX could bring her back.

Although as you see FOX news move further and further to the left, maybe it would be possible.  You’ve had FOX news now file a friend of the court brief with CNN.  CNN is of course suing the White House, suing Donald Trump for denying Jim ‘Your Rude’ Acosta his press pass.

Now you’ve got most legal scholars saying “No the white house can deny people access.  You don’t’ have a guaranteed first amendment right to interview the President, to ask questions to the President, to be in the White House.”  If that was the case, every news outlet in the country would be entitled to be in the White House press corps, to have white house press credentials.

That’s not what the first amendment guarantees. The first amendment guarantees your right to ‘free speech‘. Not access to anybody you want access to including the White House. This should be a pretty simple case.

So, CNN has filed this lawsuit, the President’s lawyers are defending it and now FOX News showing that they are moving to the left, is deciding to weigh in in this case with a ‘friend of the court brief‘.  And of course all the other fake news mainstream media is jumping in to defend Jim Acosta and back the CNN lawsuit against the White House.

NBC of course has joined in.  The usual ‘liberal’ suspects in the media also chiming in on behalf of CNN.  And which, shouldn’t surprise us.  The National Association of Hispanic Journalists told CNN they’ll be joining with a brief and support of the CNN network as well.

Others are looking at joining the brief including the Associated Press, Bloomberg Media, Gannett, that’s who produces the Tennessean and the Knoxville News Sentinel.

So yeah their all globbing on together, to declare that access to the White House is a first amendment right.

I can’t wait till I get my press pass.


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