The Vicki McKenna Show: Matt Kittle Talks Alleged Discrimination Laundering Happening at Sun Prairie School District

Live from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Thursday morning on the Vicki McKenna Show– weekdays on News/Talk 1130 WISN, McKenna welcomed Matt Kittle of The Wisconsin Daily Star to the homesteader store hotline to talk about Sun Prairie School District’s discrimination laundering.

McKenna: Welcome back show. Standing by on the homesteader store hotline, homesteader store good people with the right stuff about Alice tractor and cub cadets are pal Matt Kittle from Wisconsin Daily Star. Go to to find all the latest. And the latest is from Sun Prairie. The Sun Prairie School District, which likes to brag that it’s a high-performing school district.

It loves to say that we’re a high-performing school district. They define high performance as 40 percent, 4-0- 40 percent proficiency in reading and mathematics in the Sun Prairie School District. But they’re a high-performing school district. They are a high-spending school district. About $17,000 per kid to get 40 percent proficiency.

I just wanted to throw that out there. Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has got a little dashboard where you can look up how well your school district is doing with regard to academics. But Matt Kittle has got something different to talk about, and that is laundering, racial discrimination. Welcome to the program, Matt.

Kittle: Thank you, old Building and Loan pal. How are you?

McKenna: I’m doing well. I’m doing very well. By the way, Wisconsin right now also has a Sun Prairie School District story as well, if you’d like to check that out. Inappropriate Sexual Content Being Peddled to First Graders by the Principal of the Elementary School in Sun Prairie. Yeah, but this is different. This is Sun Prairie Area School District literally laundering money through a private organization so that they can get away with racial discrimination. What’s going on?

Kittle: That is the allegation, and the accusation if you look at the documents and you’ll find them all up soon published at The Wisconsin Daily Star. We’ll have all of the many documents involved in this. But we see the Sun Prairie Area School District working with American Family Insurance in receiving $35,000 to fund these kinds of so-called equity initiatives.

And the argument from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, Dan Lennington Deputy Counsel there as he originally went about and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty went about trying to get these documents hearing that there was an exclusive trip that, you know, took 50 students to the south for a historically black college and university tour.

And then, through those documents, they found out that there’s also a program called Deer Diary, which is open looks to be exclusive to black middle school girls. There are other initiatives, including an excellence achievement award for black students. Looks to be exclusively for black students. Now we reached out to Sun Prairie Area School District Superintendent.

He did not return our request for comment. Neither did American Family Insurance. But the issue here that Lennington and others are seeing is what he likes to call racial discrimination laundering, meaning that you have these woke corporations dumping in, in this case, $35,000 to fund this trip for students.

And it is discriminatory based on communications between the attorney for the school District and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, she says, well, anybody can be involved in these sorts of things.

McKenna: No they can’t.

Kittle: But you see, they are designated, in the case of the Beam Awards, you have to be a member of the Black Student Union. It’s just another example of the kind of stuff that equity is purchasing these days in our schools.

McKenna: Well, and it’s illegal because it’s being sponsored by the school. They’re saying, well, it’s private money, so it doesn’t matter. So if it doesn’t matter and any private organization can plunk down $35,000, can another organization plunk down $35,000 and say, I just want to target heterosexual white Christians and I want to give them special awards and I want to send them on a special trip? Does anybody¬†think that any school district in the country would allow that? No.

Kittle: And that’s a good point. That is ultimately the core of this argument. It’s not just Sun Prairie. We’ve seen this in the Madison School District, we’ve seen it in Milwaukee, we’ve seen it across the state and across the country. And now we’re seeing these woke corporations come in and fund what is supposed to be equity. But in the end, equity is the idea that because certain groups of people were discriminated against for years, it’s now time to discriminate against other people, and by any other name, that’s discrimination.

McKenna: Correct. People have to understand that equity doesn’t mean equality of outcome. Every time I hear that it makes me want to smack someone. It simply means that the oppressed identified preferred group is advantaged at the expense of the disproved group. That’s all it means. One group gets advantages at the expense of another group. That’s discrimination. Equity is discrimination.

And they’re getting away with a nice-sounding word and people’s misunderstanding of what the actual meaning of the word. That’s a conservative’s misunderstanding of what the actual meaning of the word is. So you’ve got just black students at the Sun Prairie School district. What about Hispanic students, Asian students, Native American students, and White students? Any special programs being funded for them?

Kittle: The school district can make all kinds of arguments. But in terms of the programs that we’re talking about here, their argument again is that anybody can join.

McKenna: But anyone can’t.

Kittle: How many students are joining the Black Student Union? How many white students are going on a trip that’s designated to visit historically black colleges? I’m not saying that a white student couldn’t do that or a Hispanic student couldn’t do that, but they are billed as such.

And let me tell you something. You talk about groups being privileged in this sort of thing. Take a look at the bill for this field trip down south. We’re talking about $41,000 spent and all kinds of different stops at restaurants, including $1,000 bills for ribs and pizza and tacos and all kinds of different things. Now, it doesn’t seem like everybody got to be involved in that. But this is what’s going on in these school districts.

McKenna: Yes, and the attorneys are trying to play past it. This is an attorney for the Sun Prairie School District who has a habit of sending cease and desist orders to parents who complain, Matt. It’s something else in a story that is related because it’s a Sun Prairie story, but a parent who is complaining about inappropriate content being presented to her first grader has been told to shut up and go away. So the Sun Prairie District Council seems to be comfortable with the idea of discrimination and foreclosing parents from making contact with government officials because that is what school employees are.

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