Davidson County GOP Applauds Governor Lee for Signing Bill Limiting the Number of Metro Nashville Council Elected Officials

The Davidson County Republican Party (DCRP) applauded the Tennessee General Assembly’s final passage and Governor Bill Lee’s signing of legislation that caps the number of elected officials in the Metro Nashville-Davidson County City Council to 20.

On Thursday, The Tennessee Star reported that  Lee signed SB87/HB48, which “prohibits the governing body of a metropolitan government from being composed of more than 20 voting members” following its final passage of the Senate.

Under the new law, the Nashville Metro Council – composed of 40 members – must “dissolve, combine, or reapportion districts or wards, as necessary, so that the number of members elected to the governing body does not exceed 20 voting members.”

In a press release, the Davidson County GOP stated that the legislation “came about at a time when Metro government is less effective than ever and the Council does more to advance social agendas than impactful governance and public service.”

“I’m glad that Governor Lee understood the importance of this legislation and saw fit to sign it quickly upon passage,” DCRP Chairman Lonnie Spivak said in a statement, adding, “By doing so, he has not only encouraged Nashville and Davidson County to have a more functional and accountable Council, but the timing allows the possibility of still having Council elections under the new districts this year.”

Under the new law, the Nashville Metro Council will be required to redraw district maps and other logistical measures by May 1st and elect its new representatives at the next general election scheduled for August 3rd.

Alternatively, if that deadline isn’t met, a special general election can be set for the first Thursday in August 2024, with council members serving three-year terms beginning September 1st, 2024.

“Assuming this law stands up to the inevitable legal challenges, it will be a true fresh start for Nashville as our citizens build a Council that takes a more intellectually focused approach to policy and city services, answers directly to constituents, and spends less energy being a rubber-stamp for the Mayor’s Office,” Spivak added.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.
Photo “Bill Lee” by Gov. Bill Lee. Background Photo “Davidson County Courthouse” by Circuit Court Clerk of Metro Nashville-Davidson County.


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3 Thoughts to “Davidson County GOP Applauds Governor Lee for Signing Bill Limiting the Number of Metro Nashville Council Elected Officials”

  1. Johnny Unitas

    Yes, a lot would change if affordable housing would park itself in Green Hills. I’m watching my part of Nashville be destroyed by it in such a short amount of time too. When I move again, it will be far away from Nashville. Used to love this city.

  2. william delzell

    The Davidson County Government Overreach Party (G.O.P.) has betrayed its fellow Davidson County taxpayers and residents by selling out to the state government. The rest of Metro Davidson County should take retributive actions against these turncoats!

  3. Phyllis West

    THE METRO COUNCILWILL NEVER BE ACCOUNTABLE TO VOTERS UNLESS THEY HAVE THE POWER TO HIRE & FIRE THEM. With mandatory term limits the voters lost the Power to do that. No matter how many Council Members you have, there is no incentive to work tirelessly to make a difference for their Constituents if they know they wont get reelected no matter how gard they work. The Metro Government has already destroyed the once beautiful safe Davidson County suburbs. When Mandatory Term Limits were imposed on the Legislative Branch of Davidson County Council Member, the VOTERS lost their voice. Nashville suburbs look just like all Left Wing Urban Cities. Just drive out to any suburbs except Belle Meade, Green Hills or Forrest Hills. All the
    “Affordable Housing” that taxpayers subsudize, have been moved into the hardworking middle & uppermiddle class neighborhoods. Crime , homeless, drugs etc came with it. Build “AFFORDABLE HOUSING” in Green Hills, Forrest Hills & Belle Meade & see what happens.
    The roads are horrible, it’s just not a pleasant place to raise a family.