Tennessee Department of Health Announces Grant Recipients to Expand Services, Address Staffing Shortages

The Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) announced on Tuesday the recipients of $119 million in grant funding through its Healthcare Resiliency Program.

Forty-one applicants received funding to expand “brick-and-mortar healthcare capacity, and for Practice Transformation and Extension projects, to improve access to healthcare services” through Capital Investment projects, according to TDH. The funding was awarded on a competitive basis.

University Health Systems, Inc. in Knoxville was awarded $19.6 million – the most funds from this round of funding. Mountain States Health Alliance in Johnson City received the next highest amount in awarded funds of $16.8 million.

“We are going further than many states in responding with investments to address recent challenges in the healthcare landscape,” Tennessee Health Commissioner Ralph Alvarado, M.D., F.A.C.P. said in a statement. “While healthcare is only one part of a person’s overall well-being, these investments reach into communities to make access to health services easier for millions of Tennesseans.”

According to TDH, this funding round is the program’s second and final round of grant funds approved as part of the Tennessee Resiliency Plan, created by Tennessee’s Financial Stimulus Accountability Group last year.

“Improving the lives and livelihood of Tennesseans has been our commitment since day one of my administration,” Governor Bill Lee said in a statement. “The Healthcare Resiliency Program is a fulfillment of our effort and a program where the impacts will be long-lasting and generational.”

The grants are funded through the American Rescue Plan (ARP), according to TDH. Tennessee received $3.9 billion in ARP funds, with $250 million total committed to TDH for healthcare modernization and transformation projects.

“These strategic investments will grow capacity and ensure our citizens have the opportunity to live healthier lives…The dividends these dollars will pay out in terms of increased access and improved outcomes will be astronomical,” Lt. Gov. Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) stated.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.




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2 Thoughts to “Tennessee Department of Health Announces Grant Recipients to Expand Services, Address Staffing Shortages”


    BIDEN is using our tax dollars through his American Rescue Plan to implement his Climate Agenda, Racial equity (not equality), employment & education for illegal immigrants & other DEI & ESG WOKE AGENDA. These requirements that will destroy the Art of Medicine & Healthcare in Tennessee. Biden believes this will give him, not those of us who will be paying for this lie, a higher place in the Globalist Community. Will it demand Transgender mutilation of minors? The Dems don’t care that Tennessee has a law banning that criminal medical program. Be aware, if it’s coming out of this White House, it’s not in your best interest.
    Vanderbilt recently got a $17M NIH grant that is full of DEI & ESG requirements.
    Things like correcting Racial Injustice by recruiting & training people of color only. VERY RACIST in & of itself.

  2. Randy

    Non profit…. that’s rich.