Tennessee State Representative Ron Gant Helps Secure $1 Million to Expand Fayette County Airport

Tennessee State Representative Ron Gant (R-Piperton) announced that he has successfully helped secure $1 million dollars in state funds to expand the Fayette County Airport and support future economic growth in the area.

The Fayette County Airport, in operation since 1975, is a county-owned, public-use airport located approximately two miles southwest of the central business district of Somerville, in Fayette County, Tennessee.

The Fayette County Airport currently serves as a hub for businesses operating in the state, for shipping, and as a reliever airport for larger flight centers.

According to Gant, the grant money is provided by the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) Aeronautics Economic Development Fund which is intended to impact job creation and investment opportunities in Tennessee’s aviation industry.

Gant details that the grant money will be used to build a new commercial aircraft hangar and office space at the Fayette County Airport. The project will also allow for the expansion of an on-site flight school.

Gant says that the airport’s expansion will benefit both residents and businesses across West Tennessee.

“The Fayette County Airport is an incredible asset for travel and economic development in our community. This expansion will benefit residents and businesses throughout West Tennessee. I appreciate TDOT’s partnership in helping us secure this investment for the airport and its future,” Representative Gant said.

TDOT says that aviation facilities are critical to the economic development of communities across the state of Tennessee.

“Tennessee’s aerospace sector has a rich combination of research assets, capital investment opportunities, advanced manufacturing expertise, accessibility to educational resources, and workforce capacity. This environment provides an excellent opportunity for new or expanding aerospace programs and activities,” TDOT said.

Gant told The Tennessee Star that this expansion will help ensure critical infrastructure is in place as West Tennessee continues to grow.

“As West Tennessee continues to grow, we must ensure the necessary critical infrastructure is in place to best serve citizens and businesses. This expansion of the Fayette County Airport will bring new jobs and additional tax revenue to our community while also supporting ongoing economic development efforts in our region,” Gant told The Star.

The press release from Gant details that with this Fayette County Airport expansion, by 2024, they anticipate the airport to gain 19 more full-time jobs and four more part-time employees.

Additionally, Gant says that the initiative will help the expanding local economy, notably that of Ford Motor Company’s Blue Oval City in nearby Haywood County, Tennessee. According to Gant, the battery and vehicle manufacturing campus will be the single-largest economic development investment in the history of the state, totaling $5.6 billion, and creating 5,800 new employment in West Tennessee. He also notes that there will likely be a statewide increase of 21,300 indirect and induced jobs as a result of this development.

The Tennessee Star reached out to Fayette County Mayor Rhea “Skip” Taylor and Nathan Peterson Chairman of the Fayette County Airport Board for comment on the airport expansion but did not receive a reply before press time.

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Hannah Poling is a lead reporter at The Ohio Star, The Star News Network, and The Tennessee Star. Follow Hannah on Twitter @HannahPoling1. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “State Rep Ron Gant” by Tennessee General Assembly and “Fayetteville County Airport” is by Fayetteville County Airport.






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