State Troopers Foil Riot of Left-Wing Mob at Tennessee Capitol

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – A riot at the Tennessee State Capitol was stopped by state troopers Thursday as State Rep. Justin Jones (D-Nashville) and at least two other far-left Democrat state representatives encouraged a crowd of more than a thousand protesters to breach the Tennessee House of Representatives chamber floor during a gun control demonstration.

Tennessee State Troopers foiled the breach, as protesters attempted to enter the chamber from the gallery above and the ground floor.

The left-wing mob showed up outside the capitol early Thursday morning. Most of the more than one thousand protesters appeared to be under the age of 30.

Videos show rioters attempting to breach the House chamber from the Capitol gallery, where lawmakers occupy their offices.

The video also shows an unidentified man being shuffled through a door on the opposite side of the House chamber hallway, away from the protestors, by what appears to be a security officer.

The rioters can be heard screaming obscenities at police, and one rioter managed to breach the police barricade of the House chamber hallway entrance before being briefly detained.

“Give him back,” the rioters yelled as the man was detained.

An earlier video shows protestors screaming, “Enough is enough” inside the Capitol gallery.

Sources tell The Tennessee Star that activist Democrat lawmakers including State Reps. Justin Jones (D-Nashville), Justin Pearson (D-Memphis) and Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville) were involved in the riot. That statement is confirmed by a cell phone video of the event that showed Jones and Pierson shouting encouragement to the protesters from the well of the House with a bullhorn.

Sources tell The Star that Pearson, Jones, and Johnson rushed to the well of the House during a period between the consideration of two bills and Jones began shouting with the bullhorn.

“Jones, with his bullhorn, encouraged protesters from the well of the House during a period of time between bill readings,” according to a source at the capitol.

Jones has a history of legal trouble stemming from “activism” before he was elected to office, as reported extensively by The Star.

State Troopers then cleared the rioters out of the gallery.

The House then went into recess, and reconvened later in the day.

More than 1,000 protestors gathered outside the Capitol building Thursday morning, demanding gun control in the wake of Monday’s deadly mass shooting at The Covenant Presbyterian School, carried out by Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a biological female who identified as a transgender male.

“Thousands, not hundreds. Awesome turnout. Keep the pressure on,” far-left blog The Tennessee Holler said on Twitter of the crowd size.


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Pete D’Abrosca is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Michael Patrick Leahy contributed to this report.
Photo “Tennessee Capitol Protesters” by Kelsey Gibbs. Photo “Tennessee Capitol Protesters” by Moms Demand Action – TN.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to correct the spelling of State Rep. Justin Pearson’s last name.





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  1. Pedro

    The comment sections of these articles are always entertaining. Where room temperature IQs debate the real meat of the modern man’s struggle. Fantastic, let’s keep worrying about all these social-political issues instead of the real enemy; Crab People.

  2. Amy

    Y’all are as dumb as rocks. The insurrectionist actually broke into the capitol with the intention of harming anyone verifying the vote (they had weapons and handcuffs), these are kids who walked into the open to the public state house to protest (they were not armed, they didn’t break in, and no one died). Comparing the two is level of delusion only the saddest most desperate people can achieve.

  3. Jeff

    Your Fascism will destroy your state. Keep up the stupid is as stupid does leadership GQP.