Georgia, Other States Settle Smartphone Ad Case with Google, iHeartMedia

Georgia is set to receive nearly $1.2 million following a settlement with Google and iHeartMedia over a series of ads with “allegedly false endorsements” of the Google Pixel 4 smartphone.

According to a news release, in 2019, Google contracted iHeartMedia to record pro-Pixel 4 ads. However, the purported testimonials in the ads were from people who had not previously owned or used the Pixel 4 phone.

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Blackburn Campaign Releases Final Two Ads Prior to Election Day Highlighting Trump and Border Security

The Marsha Blackburn campaign for the U.S. Senate on Saturday released its final two television ads which will air in media markets across the state. In an ad titled, “Closing,” U.S. Rep. Blackburn (R-TN-07) says, “As a World War II veteran’s daughter, I know America is always one generation from…

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Donald Trump Jr. Films Video Urging Tennessee Republicans to Vote on Election Day

America First Policies is launching a digital ad campaign recorded with Donald Trump Jr. urging voters in Tennessee to vote Republican on Election Day. The ad will start today and run through Election Day on Nov. 6. “America First Policies is a non-profit organization supporting key policy initiatives that will work for all citizens in…

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Transportation Coalition of Tennessee Set to Air ‘It’s Smart’ Ads to Promote Gas Tax Hike

Tennessee Star

  The Transportation Coalition of Tennessee (TCofTN), will launch a series of radio ads touting Governor Haslam’s IMPROVE Act “Tax Cut Act of 2017”, the Times Free Press reports. With the legislation heading to the state House and Senate floor as early as next week, the Transportation Coalition of Tennessee plans…

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