Commentary: Remembering Nixon’s Legacy 30 Years After His Death

Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, died 30 years ago this week—on April 22, 1994. And while it may be hard to remember a Republican the left despised more than Donald J. Trump—Nixon probably takes the cake.

It was not so much how the former California Congressman and two-term Vice President governed or his introverted personality but rather his adversarial relationship with a hostile media, his sheer determination, intelligence, lawyerly command of the facts, exceptional understanding of both foreign and domestic policy, and his effectiveness as commander in chief that caused the left to view Nixon as persona non grata.

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Democrats, Liberals Criticize ‘Election Deniers’ but Face Allegations of Election Irregularities

Al Gore and Hillary Clinton (composite image)

While Democrats and liberals criticize Republicans, conservatives, and others who are concerned about election integrity, smearing them with the pejorative label “election deniers,” many allegations regarding election irregularities are now being made against Democrats.

Since the 2020 presidential election, former President Donald Trump and other Republicans have raised concerns about election irregularities and are often called “election deniers” by Democrats and the media. However, many Democrats have been accused or found guilty of election crimes, sometimes by members of their own party.

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Commentary: My Friend Joe

Joe Lieberman

I write now, in the worst pain and shock, with news of my friend Joe Lieberman’s death just moments ago. I write because I know what his critics will be quick to write, what news reports have already re-circulated. 

The same old attacks on Joe Lieberman, which he and I talked about so often, we both regarded as badges of honor: He often broke with his political friends and allies in the Democratic Party over matters of conscience. His critics did not just disagree with his positions. They had to attack him personally, call him names. But that didn’t dissuade him from sticking to his principles, regardless. 

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Politicians of All Stripes Focus on Post-Election Audits Before 2024 General Election Even Happens

Poll workers counting ballots

Various state legislators are focusing on post-election audits ahead of the November 2024 general election, with Republicans looking to implement or improve audits in some states, while Democrats in one state are trying to prevent an audit of the presidential election.

Post-election audits have been on the books of some states for years, most famously, the “hanging chad recount” fought over in 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore, which was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States. The issue of post-election audits and the ensuing litigation has received renewed attention since the 2020 presidential election, after numerous irregularities were discovered. The Arizona Senate post-election audit was one of the more famous following the 2020 race. Dispositive evidence that irregularities “moved the needle” one way or another is still a point of contention.

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Commentary: The Gift of C-SPAN in an Era of Partisan Media

Al Gore on C-SPAN

Forty-five years ago today, future vice president Albert Gore Jr. stood in the well of the House of Representatives to discuss an innovative development in television programming. There was nothing remarkable about that in itself: Al Gore had been a newspaperman before becoming a Tennessee congressman and had a genuine interest in both new technology and mass communication.

Except that there was something momentous about Gore’s speech that day. It was the first time that remarks delivered on the House floor by a member of Congress were televised. It was an event long envisioned by a 38-year-old Indiana-born, Purdue-educated, U.S. Navy veteran who had worked as a White House and Capitol Hill aide before returning to journalism. His name was Brian Lamb. As the Washington bureau chief of the trade publication Cablevision, Lamb had dreamed of creating a nonprofit cable network that would focus exclusively on public affairs, particularly Congress. It was called C-SPAN, and on March 19, 1979, that dream became reality.

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Commentary: We Know Exactly What ‘De-Development’ Means

by Roger Kimball   “The climate crisis,” said Al Gore at the U.N. a couple of days ago, “is a fossil fuel crisis.” “What climate crisis?” you might be asking, and you would be right to do so. Yes, it is impossible to turn anywhere in our enlightened, environmentally conscious world without being beset by lectures about one’s “carbon footprint” and horror tales about “global warming,” “rising seas” and imminent ecological catastrophe. But deep down you know that it is all hooey. Mark Twain was right when he observed that it is not so much the things we don’t know that get us into trouble. Rather, the mischief is caused by things that we “do know that ain’t so.” For example, we all “know” that carbon dioxide is “bad for the environment.” (In fact, it is a prerequisite for life). We “know” that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is reaching historically unprecedented and dangerous levels. (In fact, we have, these past centuries, been living through a CO2 famine). We “know” that “global warming”— or, since there has been no warming in more than two decades, that “climate change”— has caused a sudden rise in the seas. (In fact, the seas have…

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Commentary: Democrats Repeat the Mistakes of 2016

Donald Trump waving

As we get to the midpoint between the last presidential election and next year’s midterms, all political sides are expending extraordinary effort to ignore the 900-pound gorilla in the formerly smoke-filled room of American politics. This, of course, is Donald Trump.

The Democrats are still outwardly pretending Trump has gone and that his support has evaporated. They also pretend they can hobble him with vexatious litigation and, if necessary, destroy him again by raising the Trump-hate media smear campaign back to ear-splitting levels.

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Youngkin Campaign Slams McAuliffe for Questioning Results of 2000 Election

After Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe launched an ad blasting his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin for making election integrity a central focus of his campaign, Youngkin’s campaign has responded in kind. 

McAuliffe, who served as Virginia’s governor from 2014 to 2018, also headed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) from 2001 to 2005. During that time, he claimed that Republicans stole the 2000 election from then-candidate Al Gore, in favor of former President George W. Bush. 

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Controversial Byphalia Pipeline Project Shut Down After Protests

After a flurry of protests featuring high-profile activists, politicians and a public relations campaign against the project, the company that was planning to build the Byphalia Pipeline through Memphis abruptly canceled the project Friday.

The pipeline, which left-wingers deemed “racist” because it would have run through mostly black South Memphis neighborhoods, would have transmitted crude oil from a Valero refinery in Memphis all the way to Mississippi.

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Nashville Group Says Running the Byhalia Pipeline Through Memphis Violates Civil Rights Act

The Virginia-based Southern Environmental Law Center has filed a complaint with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) alleging that running the proposed Byhalia Pipeline through Memphis violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Byhalia, according to its website, is a crude oil pipeline that is supposed to run nearly 49 miles from Memphis to Marshall County, Mississippi. The pipeline, the website went on to say, will connect the Diamond Pipeline with the Capline Pipeline. The Diamond Pipeline provides the Valero Memphis Refinery with crude oil to produce gasoline and jet fuels. The Capline Pipeline, meanwhile, runs between Central Illinois and the U.S. Gulf Coast.

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Bill Hagerty Donated to Both Al Gore and George W. Bush in 2000 Presidential Election Cycle

U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty donated $1,000 each to the presidential campaigns of both Al Gore and George W. Bush in the year 2000, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

That year Hagerty, according to his LinkedIn page, worked at the private equity investment firm Hagerty Peterson & Company LLC in Nashville, a position he held until July 2017. Hagerty said on his LinkedIn page that he co-founded the company.

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Joe Biden Tells Al Gore He Will Rejoin Paris Climate Accords

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and former vice president and environmental activist Al Gore, apparently from his Nashville home, had an online environmental pow wow this past week.

During this Climate Change Town Hall, Biden accused President Donald Trump of ignoring science. Biden promised that, if elected, he would make the United States rejoin the Paris Climate Accords.

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Al Gore Thinks Barack Obama Could Assist with the Coronavirus

Tennessee native Al Gore said late last week that as President, Joe Biden, could appoint former President Barack Obama as a “Coronavirus Czar.”

Gore said this from an undisclosed location in Nashville when he appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Maher began the interview by noting that Bernie Sanders dropped out as a Democratic presidential candidate. Biden, Maher said, is the likely nominee.

“What would you think about Biden naming Obama the coronavirus czar right now? He did really good with the Ebola virus,” Maher asked Gore.

“Do you think that would excite people to get to the polls, knowing that Obama was going to be in charge of handling this disease, as opposed to the way it’s being handled at the top right now?”

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Tennessee Native Al Gore to Lecture Australia About Climate Change, at Taxpayer Expense

Tennessee Star

  Tennessee’s “favorite son” Al Gore is reportedly traveling to Australia to preach to the locals about climate change — at Australian taxpayers’ expense. The British Daily Mail this week reported Gore is scheduled to lead a three-day climate change lecture in Queensland June 5 through June 7 at the Minister’s Climate Change event in Brisbane. “The cost of the event has seen Queensland Government fork out about $142K,” according to The Daily Mail. “The event comes at a cost to taxpayers with the Brisbane Convention Centre hire and one project co-ordinator costing about $142,000 and being charged to the Queensland Government. State Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch said the Queensland Government was supporting the climate leadership training by providing funding for the venue and a Brisbane-based Climate Reality Project manager.” According to the publication, the Queensland government will not pay Gore. Gore at one time commanded a $100,000 speaking fee. The event will reportedly feature an appearance by Labor leader Bill Shorten. Gore, meanwhile, opposes the Adani coal mine, which is due to operate in Queensland. Gore reportedly told one publication “the Adani mine doesn’t have its financing, I hope it never gets its financing.” Gore went on to say “it’s not my…

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Al Gore to Address Harvard University Seniors at Class Day Celebration on May 29

  Calling Al Gore a “dedicated public servant” and other superlatives, The Harvard Gazette announced the former vice president will address graduating seniors on May 29 as part of the annual Class Day celebration, the day before Harvard University’s 368th commencement. Gore is a 1969 Harvard alumnus. In the lengthy laudatory article, the publication quoted the speaker selection committee co-chair: “It is an absolute honor to be able to welcome Al Gore as our Class Day speaker,” said Cleanna Crabill ’19, program marshal and co-chair of the speaker selection committee. “For more than four decades of service he has modeled leadership based on civic duty, commitment to the public good, and a persistent, forward-looking vision. What’s more, he has shown us the necessity of being a proactive citizen of the planet. We are unbelievably excited to have a speaker who has consistently challenged the moral imagination and continues the call to action for the most imminent issues of our future.” The story mentions Gore’s “leadership” and environmental activism. The Harvard Gazette failed to mention Gore’s misfires in environmental activism. In December 2018, The Tennessee Star reported on the city of Georgetown, Texas, which Gore profiled in his “An Inconvenient Sequel” for…

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Country Music Singer John Rich Gives His Take on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Country Music singer John Rich made some interesting observations this week about New York Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal. “I think a lot of the sensible Democrats are scared to death of what she’s talking about because they all know that’s crazy talk,” Rich said on the talk show, Over-Caffeinated. The Beacon Center of Tennessee, a Nashville-based free market think tank, produces the online show. “To think that you could do away with all combustion engines in the next 10 years or 30 years. Let’s talk about our military. What are you going to do about the military?  I think it shows a real naïveté on her part that she probably didn’t think this through before she put that down on paper. It’s one thing to sit in a bar, maybe, and discuss some crazy notion like that,” Rich said. “I have seen a lot of the Democrats, (Diane) Feinstein is a prime example, she has been in the Senate almost 40 years, and she said ‘That’s impossible. You can’t do that.’ And they don’t like the answer ‘You can’t do that.’” Rich is also a songwriter and one half of the music duo Big and…

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Al Gore Says Ralph Northam Can Atone for Blackface Scandal By Opposing Gas Pipeline

by Michael Bastasch   Former Vice President Al Gore said Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam can fulfill his “racial reconciliation” pledge by opposing the Atlantic Coast pipeline, which he called a “racist rip-off.” “This is an ideal opportunity for him to say, ‘I’ve seen the light,’” Gore said at an anti-pipeline town hall in a historically black part of Buckingham County, Virginia, as part of an “Environmental Justice Tour,” the AP reported. Gore appeared on stage with his daughter Karenna Gore, Rev. Dr. William Barber II, environmental activists and residents of Union Hill, a historically black neighborhood, who oppose the Atlantic Coast pipeline. Gore and climate activists see Northam’s recent blackface controversy as a way to turn him against the Atlantic Coast pipeline. Northam’s political future was thrown into doubt early in 2019 after his medical school yearbook photos surfaced, showing a picture of an individual in blackface and another in a KKK hood. Northam apologized for being in the photo, but, one day later, claimed he wasn’t in the photo amid calls for his resignation. He did, however, admit to wearing shoe polish for a dance contest in 1984. The embattled Democratic governor refused to resign, and wanted to…

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Evidence Mounts Against Climate Prediction That Inspired ‘Day After Tomorrow’ Disaster Flick

by Michael Bastasch   New evidence casts further doubt on model-based predictions that global warming could halt the Gulf Stream currents as part of an alarming scenario that inspired the 2004 disaster film, “The Day After Tomorrow.” For years, scientists warned global warming could halt the Atlantic’s “conveyor belt” and foment extreme weather and raise sea levels from North America to Europe. That prediction is based on climate models that, the new study found, may be analyzing the wrong thing. “Some of these models are producing five times the amount of Labrador Sea water they should be producing, based on observations,” lead author Susan Lozier, a professor at Duke University, told The Washington Post Friday. Lozier’s study found that climate models overestimate the role of the Labrador Sea west of Greenland in the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC). The study found the Nordic Sea east of Greenland played a dominant role in the AMOC. Lozier led an international effort to measure AMOC in the North Atlantic. Scientists from 16 organizations launched the Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Program (OSNAP) in 2014, and now released data collected during the first 21 months of operations. Some researchers cautioned that 21 months…

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Al Gore, UN Officials Team Up To Push A ‘New Deal For Nature’

Tennessee Star

by Michael Bastach   United Nations has joined forces with former Vice President Al Gore to promote a sweeping environmental agenda that seems all to familiar: a “New Deal For Nature.” The U.N. is calling for a “New Deal For Nature” ahead of a biodiversity summit next year where some sort of global compact is expected to be agreed to, that is, if environmentalists get their wish. This newest New Deal got a boost at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland at a dinner co-hosted with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The dinner featured a rousing speech by Gore as guests ate their meals. “I refuse to believe that we are the generation who willingly and passively allowed the destruction of the world on our watch! Who is with me?” Gore said at the Thursday evening dinner. Environmentalists with Conservation International say such a New Deal is “essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement” to fight global warming. At its heart, however, this New Deal is a call back to warnings that underpinned “population bomb” fears, that humanity was sucking up Earth’s natural resources faster than they could be replenished. Those warnings fell flat as global population, food production and…

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Texas City Featured in Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Lost Millions in its Green Energy Gamble

by Michael Bastasch   Former Vice President Al Gore hailed the city of Georgetown, Texas, for powering itself with only solar and wind energy, but now the city is losing millions on its green energy gamble. Georgetown’s bet against fossil fuel prices cost the city-owned utility nearly $7 million this year, and prompted officials to look for a way out of their long-term contracts for solar and wind energy. “It’s costing them big time,” vice president of research at the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), Bill Peacock, told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview. “This doesn’t appear to be the first time they’ve lost money, just the first time it was big enough to have to go public with it.” Georgetown made national news after being featured in Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Sequel,” which was released in 2017. The film followed-up on Gore’s inaccurate 2006 film”An Inconvenient Truth.” “I think Georgetown is already a trailblazer,” Gore said during his 2016 visit to learn about Georgetown’s plan to get 100 percent of their energy from wind and solar power. “And one thing that Georgetown demonstrates to other places that are just beginning to think about it is that the power supply is…

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Paris Climate Accord Backers Won’t Say if They Support Ban on Private Jets

by Michael Bastasch and Chris White   Big businesses largely came out in support of the Paris Agreement on global warming, but most contacted by The Daily Caller News Foundation were silent on whether they would give up flying private jets. TheDCNF wanted to test the commitment of big companies, foundations and outspoken activists who back the Paris accord. The question: Would you support a ban on private jet travel to help stem global warming? Most companies and individuals TheDCNF reached out to did not respond, including Facebook, Apple, Google and other companies that often tout their “green image.” Not even former Vice President Al Gore, the father of climate activism, responded to TheDCNF’s question. In fact, all but two of the 26 corporations were silent when asked by TheDCNF if they would support a ban on private jets to help cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with what the United Nations says is needed to meet the Paris accord. TheDCNF asked a total of 31 companies, foundations and individuals if they would support a private jet ban. To keep projected global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, the main goal of the Paris accord, the U.N. says emissions need to…

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Al Gore Combating Climate Change With 24-Hour Live-Stream

by Michael Bastasch   Former Vice President Al Gore kicked off his live 24-hour broadcast calling for solutions to man-made global warming Monday as waves of protests against the very types of policies Gore champions rocked major French cities. “All of it is felt most keenly by the world’s most disadvantaged people,” Gore said during the live broadcast Tuesday from southern California’s Los Angeles State Historic Park. “It’s up to each and everyone of us now to demand that our leaders do more.” “A dramatic shift is underway, but it must be accelerated by new policies,” Gore said, pushing for policies to phase out fossil fuels and use more green energy. Gore noted this year’s 24-hour broadcast coincides with the United Nations climate summit in Poland, which is meant to further hash out the Paris climate accord agreed to at the 2015 conference. The theme of this year’s 24-hour broadcast is climate and health, Gore told the “Today Show” in an interview Tuesday. "The problem is still getting worse…this is a global emergency," – @algore talks climate change during a 24-hour livestream event to raise awareness. — TODAY (@TODAYshow) December 4, 2018 But Gore’s concern for the Paris accord…

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A New Report Details How Nonprofits Are Funneling Millions To Democratic Governors To Further Their Global Warming Agenda

by Michael Bastach   California Governor Jerry Brown’s upcoming global warming activist summit is part of an effort to funnels millions of dollars from nonprofits to state politicians to advance a liberal climate agenda, according to a new report. Brown’s so-called “Global Climate Action Summit” begins on Wednesday, and is sure to garner media attention. Its list of speakers includes former Vice President Al Gore, actor Alec Baldwin and former Secretary of State John Kerry. Indeed, the whole point of the summit is to give politicians and activists a platform on global warming ahead of the November elections. However, Competitive Enterprise senior fellow Chris Horner wants people to remember one thing about the summit: “this is what activist government for hire looks like, and how it is brought about.” “Open record productions reveal that this summit is part of a major climate industry that funnels donor money through nonprofit organizations to staff up politicians’ offices,” Horner wrote in a new report published Tuesday. And what an industry it is, Horner’s report reveals. Democratic state governors hope to mobilize $50 million by 2020 from nonprofits towards promoting liberal climate policies, including meeting the goals of the Paris climate accord. This is…

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Jason Reynolds Commentary: U2 Turns Nashville Concert Into Political Rally

U2 Twitter

There is no question U2 is one of the most talented bands in our time. They also have done some great work in terms of social justice. Their work has included relief efforts for HIV-positive people in Africa. (RED) was created by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to fight to end AIDS in Africa. U2 is currently campaigning for global women’s rights such as an estimated 130 million girls who are not getting to attend school. I applaud them for that work. Then there is the right to life — but U2 is not campaigning for people’s rights to live, but rather, for women to have the right to murder their babies. On Friday, the people of Ireland voted to legalize abortion. The nation’s Eighth Amendment had protected preborn babies since 1983. Five previous votes on the repeal had failed. Earlier in May, U2 stepped into the debate by tweeting their support of ending the protection of preborn babies. Breitbart reports, “After U2 tweeted a photo endorsing the ‘Repeal the 8th; campaign… fans erupted with a barrage of more than 800 overwhelmingly negative replies, with many voicing their decision to stop supporting the band or attending its concerts.”…

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Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Tanks at Box Office

Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel” drew a lukewarm response from moviegoers, ranking 15th at the box office in its first weekend of wide release and earning tepid reviews from audiences. The sequel to Mr. Gore’s influential 2006 climate-change documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” has earned about $1 million since its limited release July 28, prompting one critic…

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Al Gore’s Nashville Estate Expends 21 Times More Energy A Year Than Typical U.S. Home, Study Says

Former Vice President Al Gore’s 10,070-square-foot estate near Nashville, Tennessee, expended more than 21 times more energy than the average U.S. household over the past year, according to a new report. A report by the National Center for Public Policy Research – self-described as a nonpartisan, independent conservative think tank – said that according to data…

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Fox News’ Chris Wallace Confronts Al Gore With His Failed Global Warming Predictions [VIDEO]

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace confronted former Vice President Al Gore on his 2006 claim that unless drastic action was taken humanity would face a “true planetary emergency” in the next decade. “Unless we take drastic measures the world would reach a point of no return within 10 years,” which Gore said would precipitate a…

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Al Gore Personally Pleaded With President Trump to Stay in the Paris Climate Agreement

Former Vice President Al Gore personally asked President Donald Trump not to withdraw the U.S. from a United Nations agreement aimed at limiting global warming, a source revealed. Gore called Trump Tuesday morning to discuss the Paris agreement that the Obama administration joined in 2016, the source told Axios. “Mr. Gore made the case for why…

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