Mark Skoda Commentary: Diane Black for Governor

Mark Skoda

Over the years, I have observed Diane Black support pro-life issues, our 2nd Amendment gun rights and more recently, President Trump.  Her conservative bona fides are clear reasons for this endorsement.  Her experience and tenacity in the face of vocal opposition are what we need in Tennessee’s next gubernatorial term.…

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America First Federation Calls on Mitch McConnell to Remove Bob Corker As Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman on National Security Grounds

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — On Tuesday, the America First Federation (AFF) called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to remove Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on national security grounds. For good measure, Corker should resign entirely from the United States Senate, the conservative…

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America First Federation Launches Effort to Impeach Three Federal Judges

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – The America First Federation (AFF) announced today that it is launching a campaign to impeach the three federal district judges who have unconstitutionally ruled to revoke President Trump’s executive orders to protect the United States from foreign terrorists. “The three judges are Judge James Robart of Washington…

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Commentary: Constitutional Crisis or Judicial Tyranny?

Tennessee Star

  President Trump has now issued two executive orders temporarily halting refugees from all countries and immigration from several Middle Eastern counties deemed security risks to the United States of America. Trump’s actions are constitutional and lawful. These countries affected by the temporary travel ban have little to no infrastructure…

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‘America First Federation’ Formed as Broad Coalition of State-Based Groups Supporting President Trump’s Agenda; Inspired by Success of Nashville Rally

NASHVILLE, Tennessee– “A broad coalition of patriot leaders and groups have announced the formation of the America First Federation (AFF),” the organization announced in a press statement released today. The group’s mission is to support President Trump’s agenda and push back against the mainstream media and organized left wing activists…

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