Former Pennsylvania State Senator Bruce Marks, Who Worked with John Eastman, Denounces Call for Investigation

Former Pennsylvania State Sen. Bruce Marks, who worked alongside John Eastman as an attorney for Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, is speaking out against a left-leaning organization’s call for the California bar to investigate Eastman.

In an interview with The Pennsylvania Daily Star, Marks averred that Eastman was “completely right and completely wrong” in authoring memoranda on Vice President Mike Pence’s prospective role in certifying the 2020 Electoral College count. Marks said Eastman had a right to advise Trump and make his advice known to Pence, though the former lawmaker differed strongly with Eastman’s assertions about whether Pence could take action for a Trump win while presiding over the Senate’s count of electoral votes on Jan. 6, 2021.

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Commentary: Claremont Institute Stands Up to Google Strategy to Silence Conservatives

by Glenn Elmers   Google tried to censor the Claremont Institute last week. The tech giant backed off under pressure, but the tactical maneuver was hardly a failure. To see why, we only have to think strategically. The Claremont Institute is a conservative think tank devoted to preserving the original…

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National Security Expert Says A Mae Beavers Win Is For The Country And Conservatism, Not Just Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — National security expert, Brian Kennedy, President of the American Strategy Group, calling gubernatorial candidate Mae Beavers “a hero of conservatism” said “if she can win here in Tennessee, it will be a win not only for Tennessee but for the country and conservatism.” Kennedy, speaking to a…

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