Commentary: Getting to Know the Hillbilly Conservative

JD Vance

Some quick polling numbers that should give people pause. The New York Times reports that 1 in 10 Americans believe “use of force is justified to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.”

Statistics being a slippery and funny thing — one suspects Republicans aren’t echoing this statement — by extrapolation this means roughly 1 in 5 Democrats see the option for violence as a valid and legitimate path forward.

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Election Integrity Becomes More Mainstream Despite Democratic Opposition

Voter Registration

Election-integrity policies are increasing gaining mainstream appeal and acceptance, despite Democrats opposing them under their repeated claim that they are only part of right-wing falsehoods.

From preventing non-citizen voting in U.S. elections to voter ID, Democrats have largely opposed a wide range of election integrity policies that a majority of Americans believe are necessary for the security of elections.

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Analysis Examines What Happens If Biden Clings to Power Regardless of Election Outcome

Biden Speaking

A new report examines the possible outcomes of the Nov. 5  election and the prospect of President Joe Biden’s using government force to hold onto power.

“President Biden is very well-positioned to hold the White House by force in the case of an unfavorable electoral outcome,” says the report from the 2024 Transition Integrity Project, which is led by The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project. 

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Cheryl Fritze: Gretchen Whitmer’s Final Term as Michigan Governor ‘Not the End of Her in Politics’

Gretchen Whitmer

Cheryl Fritze, director of News Operations for Michigan News Source, said there’s no doubt that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has presidential ambitions, pointing to her new book published by Simon & Schuster called “True Gretch: What I’ve Learned About Life, Leadership, and Everything in Between.”

Whitmer began serving as Michigan’s governor in 2019. She was elected to a second final term in 2022, which ends in 2027.

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Commentary: Americans Want to Know Who Is Really in Charge in the White House

Presidential Podium

In last Thursday’s presidential debate, we saw the most decisive loss ever by an incumbent American president. Biden’s performance was so abysmal that it raises serious questions about how he can continue to function as president, especially in his role as commander-in-chief.

Donald Trump dominated the debate, making important new criticisms that Biden failed to answer—especially how the surge in illegal immigration during the Biden presidency is hurting social security. Trump put Biden on the defensive, parried tough questions, and pointed out how many of Biden’s statements were incoherent.

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Commentary: President Biden Must Resign, or Be Impeached

Joe Biden

President Biden’s duty to the American people is to “faithfully execute” his office. As a public trustee, Biden took an oath to do what is right. He is a trustee of powers bestowed upon him by the Constitution in return for his promise to be dutiful.

Like every agent and trustee, Biden owes fiduciary duties to those who are served by his decisions. He owes them two duties: the duty of always acting with due care; and the duty of giving them his absolute loyalty, always putting their interests above his own.

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Commentary: Democrats’ Convention Rules Actually Give Delegates Some Leeway

Joe Biden Speaking

President Biden’s debate performance on Thursday night has brought talk of replacing him on the Democratic presidential ticket out into the open. Most have focused on Biden voluntarily withdrawing from the race. There is, however, another solution that is being ignored by party leaders. They can simply decide to nominate a different candidate.

I know this sounds strange, since the 4,696 delegates who will attend the convention, and particularly most of the 3,949 who are pledged to vote for Biden, have likely already booked their hotel rooms in Chicago. The dirty little secret about the Democratic Party, as Bernie Sanders’ supporters learned in 2016, is that the rules governing their conventions are entirely “democratic.” Sanders’ problem was with the so-called “superdelegates,” who attend the Democratic National Convention by virtue of their leadership position in the party. The disconnect between voters and delegates, however, potentially also extends to the rest of the delegates.

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Analysis: 55 Percent of Democrats Think Biden Should Keep Running, 45 Percent Say to Step Aside After Debate

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden continues to command the confidence of just 55 percent of Democrats in the most recent CBS News-YouGov poll taken June 28 to June 29 in the aftermath of Biden’s disastrous June 27 debate with former President Donald Trump, where Biden occasionally appeared confused and lost his train of thought and uttered unintelligible phrases.

45 percent of Democrats think Biden should definitely step aside. Catastrophically, so do 70 percent of independents, with only 30 percent saying he should keep running. Unsurprisingly, 75 percent of Republicans say Biden should step aside, with 25 percent saying he should keep running — likely because they think he’ll be easy to beat in his current state.

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Commentary: SCOTUS Rulings, Biden-Trump Debate Shake Up Political Landscape

Jil and Joe Biden post-debate rally

What a week it’s been! We started off with Justice Amy Souter Barrett writing the SCOTUS ruling in Murthy v. Missouri.  At issue was whether it was okay for the federal government (the FBI and related elements of the American Stasi) to pressure social media and data-hoovering companies (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) to suppress opinions they didn’t like about things like COVID, the 2020 election, and the Jan 6 jamboree at the Capitol.

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‘Very Unrealistic’: Replacing Biden Will Likely Land Dems in A Political and Legal Quagmire

Joe Biden

Any effort to replace President Joe Biden with another Democratic candidate would likely be an uphill battle against practical, political and even legal obstacles.

Following Biden’s debate performance Thursday night, where he struggled to put together coherent sentences and often stared blankly away from the camera, Democrats began raising the possibility of replacing him as the party’s nominee. Biden, who has not indicated any intention to step down, would likely not be easy to replace due to internal party politics, state laws and numerous uncertainties.

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Majority of Voters Want to Throw Biden Overboard Following Disastrous Debate, Poll Shows

Joe Biden

The majority of voters want to see President Joe Biden replaced as the Democratic nominee following his debate performance on Thursday night, according to a Morning Consult poll released Friday.

After the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle, Biden’s performance left many major Democrats scrambling to soften the blow. But even with the damage control, 60% of voters and even 47% of Democrats said Biden should be replaced as the Democratic candidate, according to the poll.

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Atlanta Journal Constitution in Battleground Georgia Second Major Newspaper to Call on Biden to Retire

Joe Biden

Georgia’s largest newspaper on Saturday night published a front page editorial pleading with President Joe Biden to step aside and embrace “the shade of retirement.”

The Atlanta Constitution-Journal declared Biden’s debate performance in Atlanta on Thursday night was “excruciating” and failed to lay out a “competent and coherent vision for the future of America.”

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FDA Vaccine Regulator Shunned COVID Booster, Warns the System Lets ‘Hierarchy Overrule Science’

vaccine shot

A 30-year veteran of the Food and Drug Administration said at a congressional hearing this week he resigned in part because top brass sidelined his office to rush the full approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in August 2021, apparently to legally enable a vaccine mandate, then a booster under emergency use authorization over the objections of the agency’s outside advisers.

But former Office of Vaccines Research and Review Deputy Director Philip Krause perhaps saved his biggest embarrassment to the FDA for the end of Wednesday’s hearing on alleged Biden administration political interference in COVID vaccine review: He declined the booster.

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Frustrated by String of Conservative Wins, Democrats Go All Out to Delegitimize U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court justices with Attorney Brian Fletcher (composite image)

After several decades of conservative control of the Supreme Court and a string of rulings against their legislative and social priorities, Democrats and left-leaning media appear to be mounting an all-out assault against the judicial branch, casting doubt on its legitimacy and impartiality, while working to undercut the reputations and credibility of its more conservative justices.

Ostensibly conservative since the appointment of Chief Justice William Rehnquist in 1986, the court has generally not attracted comparable partisan scrutiny to the extent that it has under the Biden administration. The Roberts court, however, currently boasts three justices appointed by former President Donald Trump, who have solidified the court’s conservative character and handed conservatives decades-sought wins on abortion, gun rights, and affirmative action.

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Crom Carmichael: The Left is Attempting to Turn the Supreme Court into a ‘Rubber Stamp’ for Its Agenda

Supreme Court Protest

Crom Carmichael and Michael Patrick Leahy, editor-in-chief and CEO of The Tennessee Star, said lawmakers and entities on the Left are attempting to discredit the U.S. Supreme Court as the nation’s highest court hands down decisions in cases that the Left strongly disagrees with.

“There’s a lot of effort now by the left to try to discredit certain Supreme Court justices individually and then to also discredit the Supreme Court as an institution. The left will elevate the Supreme Court institutionally back when the Supreme Court rubber stamps what the left wants. Right now, they’re not getting what they want so now they are attacking individual Supreme Court justices for tiny things,” Carmichael explained on Wednesday’s edition of The Michael Patrick Leahy Show.

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Poll: Trump Leads Biden in Michigan

Trump Biden White House

The latest battleground poll reveals that President Trump is still leading Joe Biden in the crucial swing state of Michigan, with exactly five months to go before the November election.

As Breitbart reports, the poll by Mitchell Research shows Trump at 49% to Biden’s 47% in a head-to-head matchup. When the poll includes the three major third-party candidates – independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., independent candidate Cornel West, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein – Trump leads Biden with 46% to 45%. In the five-way poll, 5% support Kennedy, while 1% each choose West and Stein.

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‘Secure the Border Act’ Heads to Arizona Voters in November

Illegal Immigrants

Arizona lawmakers passed the “Secure the Border Act” on Tuesday, and it will now head to the ballot. It passed with 31 Republicans and 29 Democrats voting along party lines.

The resolution will be on the ballot for voters to have the final say on the act, which includes proposals ranging from making illegally crossing the border a state crime to stronger laws related to illicit fentanyl and e-verify. The Tucson sector is considered a hotbed for migrant encounters, according to federal government data.

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Hundreds of Non-Citizens on State Voter Rolls, but Democrats Say GOP Concerns Are ‘Election Denialism’

Democrats insist Republicans’ claims about non-citizen voting in U.S. elections is election denialism, despite states reporting hundreds of non-citizens were found and removed from their voter rolls.

As House Republicans passed bills ensuring that only U.S. citizens vote in federal elections, Democrats claimed that concerns over non-citizens voting is merely a GOP effort to undermine faith in elections ahead of the November presidential election.

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Ilhan Omar Votes Against Bill to Deport Illegal Immigrants Who Assault Police

Ilhan Omar

Two Democratic Minnesota congresswomen voted against federal legislation which seeks to deport illegal immigrants who assault law enforcement officers. Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Betty McCollum were the lone votes from Minnesota to oppose H.R. 7343.

The aptly named “Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Cops Act” was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives last week in a 265-148 vote. In total, 54 Democrats joined Republicans in supporting the bill; 148 Democrats voted against H.R. 7343. No Republican opposed the proposed law.

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Commentary: Polls Showing Trump Behind Are Off the Mark

Donald Trump

For the past several months, the public has been inundated by polls. national polls, state polls, issue polls. Yet, the 64-dollar question remains: Who is winning for President, Trump or Biden?

Over the past two months, the two presumptive nominees have swapped first place multiple times with Trump mostly in the advantage. So, the short answer is that the race is so close that neither is really ahead, at least we cannot say who is ahead in that national ballot test with high certainty. Trump is probably ahead very narrowly and has been since February.

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Democrats Outnumber Republicans as Commencement Speakers – Again

Auburn University commencement address

Democrats will again outnumber Republicans as commencement speakers this spring, according to an analysis from The College Fix.

The Fix found similar results last year, after reviewing public statements, news articles, and political donations to determine party affiliation. The Fix reviewed the main graduation speakers at the Southeastern Conference, the Ivy League, and the Big Ten.

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Commentary: Jobs Report Shows the Specter of Stagflation Has Returned


The specter of stagflation has returned. The monthly jobs report released Friday showed only 175,000 jobs were created last month, well below the recent average and expectations.

More than half of new jobs were created in the unproductive government and quasi-government healthcare and social services sectors that don’t generate growth. Average wages grew at a slower rate than inflation, meaning Americans’ real wages and living standards are declining.

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Republicans’ Voter Registration Edge over Democrats Almost Doubles in Maricopa County, Statewide Increases to Almost Six Percent

Voter Registration

Despite the Democratic wins in Arizona in 2020 and 2022, Republicans have been widening their voter registration edge over Democrats over the past four years. According to data from the Arizona Secretary of State earlier this year, between 2020 and 2024, Republicans increased their lead from approximately three percent to 5.77 percent. In Maricopa County, Republicans increased their lead even more, from four percent to seven percent. 

The change has occurred primarily with Democratic voter registrations; Republican voter registration has remained steady at 35 percent of voters. Statewide, Republicans constitute 35.07 percent of voters, followed by independents at 34.10 percent, then Democrats with 29.30 percent. While Republicans outnumber independents at the state level by almost 40,000 voters, independents outnumber Republicans in Maricopa County by 2,631 voters. 

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While Condemning ‘Dark Money,’ Democrats Funnel Huge Amounts of Anonymous Cash into 2024 Election, Outpacing Republicans

A new review of financial documents shows Democrats are pouring more money than ever into 2024 political campaigns, especially in close races.

Since 2018, that amount has steadily increased in comparison to Republican spending. By 2020, the parts of the country that supported Joe Biden for president constituted 71 percent of the country’s GDP.

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James Carville Viciously Mocks Young People Who Don’t Just Roll Over and Vote for Democrats

James Carville

Democratic strategist James Carville on Sunday mocked young voters who are struggling with whether they will vote for the Democratic Party.

President Joe Biden’s support among young voters has been declining since even before the Israel-Hamas war commenced in October. Carville on an episode of “James Carville Explains” chided young voters for not committing to vote for Democrats, asserting that Republican and conservative control of the country will lead to them not having any rights for the remainder of their lives.

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Commentary: Immunity for Me but Not for Thee

Former President Donald Trump

“Whether and if so to what extent does a former President enjoy presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office?” That is the question the Supreme Court will answer when it hears oral argument in Trump v. U.S. on April 25, 2024.

Legacy media and the ladies of “The View” nearly lost their collective minds when the Court agreed to hear Trump’s appeal of the D.C. Circuit’s decision denying him immunity for his actions surrounding the events of Jan. 6, 2021. However, even Jack Smith, the Special Counsel prosecuting the case, argued that it was of “imperative public importance” that the Court resolve the immunity question before trial.

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Candidate Running Against Rep. David Schweikert Drops Out After Four People Say They Never Signed Her Petition, Progressives Implicated

David Schweikert

Michelle Martin, a Libertarian candidate running against Representative David Schweikert (R-AZ-01), has dropped out of the race after at least four voters said someone illegally signed her petition with their signatures. Martin’s paperwork revealed that a registered Democrat named Jeremy Garrett was one of the petition signature gatherers, along with four other registered Democrats. Someone named Jeremy Garrett works as an Electoral Campaign Manager at the progressive group Our Voice Our Vote (OVOV). 

Schweikert told The Arizona Sun Times that this is clearly fraud and needs to be prosecuted. He said it has been referred to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

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Johnson Sets Up Ukraine Showdown Vote

Mike Johnson

The U.S. House is expected to vote on funding for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan this weekend, a controversial climax to months of battling in both chambers.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., has arranged the vote for this weekend, likely on Saturday, despite calls from many in his own party to abandon funding for Ukraine, which is set to receive about $60 billion in foreign aid in its war against Russia’s invasion if the measure passes this weekend.

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