Critics: Family-Oriented Culture, Not High Taxes, Is Why Minnesota Ranks Among Best Places to Live

by Bethany Blankley   Minnesota ranks among the top places to live in the country according to the most recent U.S. News & World Report’s annual Best States Rankings. Some political leaders are attributing Minnesota’s third-place ranking to its high taxes, but critics argue that couldn’t be further from the…

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Commentary: The Breakdown of Family and Religion Explains France’s Social Unrest

by Star Parker   As France is gripped by civil disorder, many commentators identify, quite correctly, as the culprit the outsized burden that France’s bloated welfare state places on its citizens. According a recent report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the highest tax burden in the industrialized…

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JC Bowman Commentary: My Father’s Son

JC Bowman

It is an ancient ritual of fathers and their children. The child yearning to grow into adulthood, and a father’s tough love. Mothers can be demanding, but they have that nurturing and caring side that escapes most men. Fathers try to instill discipline in order to help their children succeed in a heartless, often uncaring, world.

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