Commentary: An Overview of the 2022 Election Cycle

"VOTE ONE MORE TIME" sign on an electric pole in Atlanta, Georgia

It is now less than a year to the 2022 elections, with this, more stories about the midterms are developing. Below are the latest updates.


In California, Progressive San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin will face a recall. Conservatives have tapped into anger over his decisions not to prosecute certain cases. Meanwhile, CA Governor Gavin Newsom is facing controversy over his lack of public appearances.

In Wisconsin, Republicans are continuing their 2020 election audit, even amidst criticism that the audit is too partisan and unruly. Republican Senator Ron Johnson is set to decide in the next few weeks over whether he will seek re-election

In New Jersey, Powerful Democratic State Senate President Stephen Sweeney has conceded in his race for re-election. Sweeney’s race caused national headlines because it was so shocking.

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Governor Bill Lee Announces ‘Constitutional Carry’ Legislation

At a press conference Thursday surrounded by more than 40 members of the Tennessee General Assembly, Governor Bill Lee announced that he will be introducing legislation supporting the God-given and constitutionally-protected Second Amendment rights of Tennesseans with a Constitutional Carry bill.

Word of an announcement that would generically expand “constitutional rights” got out late Wednesday, although the Tennessee Firearms Association’s Executive Director John Harris said that they were made aware weeks ago of a major announcement on a 2A issue that TFA members would likely be pleased with.

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State Sen. Steve Dickerson’s Promise To Introduce ‘Red Flag’ Bill Getting Criticism From Local And National Gun Rights Advocacy Groups

State Senator Steve Dickerson (R-Nashville) has gotten the attention of local and national gun rights activist groups for promising to introduce a “red flag” bill in the upcoming legislative session. So-called red flag laws permit a judge to issue an order to seize firearms from a lawful owner based upon…

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Bredesen Claims ‘Not With Dems’ on Gun Control Before Bloomberg Fundraiser

On issues Tennesseans care about, Phil Bredesen likes to have it both ways, The Tennessee Republican Party said. The organization pointed to the National Rifle Association’s criticism of the U.S. Senate candidate for claiming he has an “A” rating, when that endorsement comes from 2002. His current score is a…

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‘Fibber Phil’ Bredesen Called Out by NRA: ‘Stop Lying’ About Endorsement

Phil Bredesen has a “D,” not an “A” rating from the NRA-ILA, and the organization wants him to “stop lying.” The Democratic former governor of Tennessee had received an “A” rating from the NRA – in 2002, The Tennessee Star reported last week. Bredesen is running for the U.S. Senate…

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NRA Tells Bredesen to Take His ‘Misleading’ Gun Rights Ad Off the Air

The National Rifle Association is demanding Phil Bredesen retract a misleading ad from his U.S. Senate campaign in which he uses an old rating to make it appear the organization supports him. The Washington Free Beacon on Friday reported on the gun rights organization’s demand. Watch Bredesen’s ad: The Democratic…

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Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Wants Gov. Haslam To Veto Gun Bill

Tennessee Star

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry is asking Gov. Bill Haslam to veto a bill that would require cities and counties to enhance security at public venues or allow permit holders to carry handguns. The legislation would apply to parks, zoos, buses, auditoriums, museums, fairs and more. Places like Bridgestone Arena and Nissan…

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