Fired Star Wars Actress Gina Carano Slated to Travel to Nashville this Week for Talks with The Daily Wire

Fired Star Wars actress Gina Carano is scheduled to travel to Nashville this coming week to discuss her new film project with The Daily Wire. As reported, Disney officials fired Carano late last week. Carano starred in Disney’s Star Wars-themed series The Mandalorian.

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‘Mandalorian’ Actress Gina Carano Fired over Social Media Posts

Actress Gina Carano, who has a starring role in Disney’s Star Wars-themed series “The Mandalorian,” has been fired by Disney over her conservative views, according to Fox News.

The actress and former MMA fighter has frequently expressed conservative viewpoints on social media, ranging from pointing out voter fraud in the 2020 election to questioning certain government mandates related to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

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