Tucker Carlson Travels to Spain for Episode 40 of ‘Tucker on X’

In episode 40 of his newest production, “Tucker on X,” host Tucker Carlson traveled to Madrid, Spain, to attend a protest and sit down with the leader of the Vox political party, Santiago Abascal, described by the former Fox News anchor as “honest, principled, and completely unafraid.”

The Vox Party is a national conservative political party in Spain.

“Spain is a relatively small country in Western Europe, but what happens here tends to act as a preview for what’s about to happen in the rest of the West,” Carlson said. “So when a couple of weeks ago, the founder of the populist Vox Party was shot in the face here in Spain, we paid attention. The shooting came at exactly the moment when the Left in Spain is trying to take over the country extralegally – pardoning terrorists, offering amnesty to terrorists against the Constitution in order to take complete control.”

Carlson then asked Abascal what he thinks is at stake for the rest of the West regarding what’s happening in Spain.

“I think it’s important for the rest of the world to understand that for many years, Spain has been the testing ground for extreme wokeness, extreme climate agendas, and incredibly radical gender laws since 2004,” Abascal said. “Spain is also the gateway to the Islamization of Europe, given its geographic position. It has been one of the main victims of mass migration…We should recognize that Spain is the only country in Europe with communist ministers in our government. That’s a dynamic worth understanding and it should be viewed with concern.”

Later in the interview, Carlson pointed out the extreme censorship in Spain, noting how Spanish citizens “are not allowed to say certain things” under current law.

Abascal attributed the current censorship laws in Spain to “extreme wokeism.”

“Wokeism has been taken to the extreme,” Abascal explained. “If you speak out against extreme feminist legislation, or gender laws, you are immediately called sexist or transphobic. If you want to speak freely about your history, you are immediately called a fascist. If you believe in national unity and want to defend it from separatism, they call you a centrist and authoritarian – they try to cancel you and pass laws to convict on the basis of your ideas and beliefs.”

“They turn right-wing thinking into hate so that only the left can be legitimate,” Abascal added.

As of press time, the latest installment of Carlson’s video podcast, posted at 10:49 a.m. Central Standard Time on Friday, had over 7.3 million views. The 40 episodes posted by @TuckerCarlson have been seen well over 4 billion times on Twitter / X.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Follow Kaitlin on X / Twitter.
Photo “Tucker Carlson and Santiago Abascal” by Tucker Carlson. 




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