John Kasich Joining John Kerry for ‘World War Zero’ Climate Town Halls


Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich is partnering with former Secretary of State John Kerry for “World War Zero” climate conversations.

Kasich and Kerry announced the formation of their new “World War Zero” group late last year, saying the goal is to make “the world respond to the climate crisis the same way we mobilized to win World War II.”

“We’re going to try to reach millions of people, Americans and people in other parts of the world, in order to mobilize an army of people who are going to demand action now on climate change sufficient to meet the challenge,” Kerry said in a November interview.

The project has “enlisted” several high-profile politicians and celebrities, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, and actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher.

The group recently announced that it will host its first “climate conversations town hall” on March 8 at Otterbein University in Ohio. Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will join Kasich and Kerry for the event.

“World War Zero’s goal is to drive ten million climate conversations in 2020, including at town halls like this one,” an event description states. “At the upcoming town hall they will talk about the impacts of the climate crisis and pollution on local Ohio families, how workers in Ohio and across the country would benefit from America leading the way toward a clean energy economy that would create millions of good new jobs, and what people in Ohio can do to help.”

Organizers said it’s the first of many similar events they plan to host this year, according to the Associated Press.

Kerry was making the rounds on cable news late last year to promote his new project.

“The world is not getting the job done. The results are we’re going to have massive dislocation of human beings coming at us – part of the reason we have people coming across the border from Central America,” he said during an MSNBC interview. “It’s climate change. They can’t farm. They can’t feed themselves. If you think we see a problem today, wait until you see what happens if we don’t respond adequately.”

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  1. If you can beat them join them!

    Poor Johns, both still have not gotten over that they had their a$$es whipped during their run for the President.

  2. john

    John Kerry is so full of bullsh!t he can fertilize Iowa