Attorney Lin Wood: Trump Will Be Inaugurated Based on Voter Fraud in Dominion Voting Machines


Attorney Lin Wood stated that the investigations into election fraud would clear the path for President Donald Trump to be inaugurated come January.

In an interview with The John Fredericks Show, Wood shared details of his Sunday night court victory. Initially, the court impounded all Dominion machines throughout Georgia. The court has since changed its order to reflect that only three counties would have their machines impounded.

“Dominion originated in Venezuela. It’s a Canadian company. It’s servers were used in Barcelona and in Frankfurt. There’s no question that there will be overwhelming evidence that foreign countries, including China were involved in interfering with our elections.”

Wood stated that President Donald Trump knows what he is doing in these legal battles against the current election results. He claimed that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and members of the media were involved in conspiring to interfere with the election results.

Wood added that Raffensperger’s involvement was the reason that he hasn’t been open to a forensic investigation of the machines.

“He who has nothing to hide, hides nothing. The secretary of state is taking every action he can through lawyers to try to prevent an inspection of these machines. He has something to hide.”

The attorney asserted that a slew of Republicans and government officials were involved as well, though he didn’t name any other individuals.

According to Wood, his experts will analyze the hard drives of the Dominion voting machines. He claimed that some of the fraud involved the machines being rigged to apply an algorithm weighting Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s votes heavier than President Donald Trump’s.

Included within Wood’s affidavits is a testimony from a purported former aid of Hugo Chavez. The filing stated that the individual witnessed how Chavez created and operated voting systems that would manipulate the election in his favor.

“At the end of the day, it’s not going to be the courts that decide this, it’s not going to be legislators that decide this. While they may be the procedural tools, this election is going to be decided where it should: it’s going to be decided by ‘We the People.’ We the people voted for Donald Trump, and we’re going to make sure our vote counts, we’re not going to have it stolen by a bunch of criminals and foreign actors.”

Wood added that the lawsuit from attorney Sidney Powell would present overwhelming proof of mass voter fraud.

Voting machines from Cobb County, Gwinnett County, and Cherokee County won’t be erased until they undergo an independent, forensic investigation. The secretary of state’s office has until Wednesday at 5 pm EST to file a brief and supporting evidence countering the judge’s order.

Listen to the full interview:

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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39 Thoughts to “Attorney Lin Wood: Trump Will Be Inaugurated Based on Voter Fraud in Dominion Voting Machines”

  1. Not

    This article didn’t age well, did it?

  2. Ronella Sanders

    Turmp is a great man know one else couldn’t put up with this crazy dec party members only GOD know how he haves did i pray for him every night that he will stay in the White House i know and every one that voted for Turmp knows that he was the winder of the White House so I hope every one that lied well go to jail Trump well still stay in the White House and the dec goes to jail Trump is the winners May God Bless him and his family.

  3. Russ Raabe

    What affect will all this have on the voting tomorrow, 12-14-20, of the Electoral College? What happens if Biden is confirmed as President Elect? Where does Lin Wood go from there? Will the clock have run out for President Trump? Nobody has address this to my knowledge..

  4. Avi Poster

    Lin Wood is a blithering fool. Another crybaby unable to accept the outcome of a legitimate democratic election as upheld in 40+ courtrooms since the election. Trump is damaging our democracy with his immature, selfish, and self-consumed behavior. You lost, Mr. Trump … run again in four years if you are up for it … but it is time for you to act like a man in the room, a President in the Oval. Your rant in GA, where you should have been spending your time building a case for those running, was yet another “look at and praise me” event with no heart for anyone else. How about saying a prayer for those fallen victim to Covid? How about asking the mob to wear masks? Both would have been reasonable acts.

    1. bettie ryals

      I think you protest much to strongly. You know that Trump won!

    2. David Brown

      Actually Trump won. It got stolen.

    3. JOE MAIO

      another blind bat. what is wrong with you. You just want to keep from the rest of us that joe biden is a fool. He doesnt even know where is is from. You dont see that. I guess not.

    4. Mary Johnson

      Trump won. Period. Fraud is being brought to light for people like you who are quite honestly gullible and brainwashed.

    5. howard nelson

      Avi Poster, you’re beyond help!

    6. Lamar Wingate

      Whoa is me said the town cryer trying to gaslight the public from the truth that is seen with thine own eyes vs the rhetoric of a fool that is the town cryer !!!

    7. Steven Hayes

      Does dreading socialism and loss of our republic and freedoms make us ciry-babies! I don’t think so!
      We don’t sit down and cry! We stand up and fight, and we fight hard until the Biden/Harris government should capture us and throw us in prison!

  5. Ronald Hatt

    Imagine what will happen in “Bid Cities”, where the *demoncrats, allow insurrection, looting, rioting, & mayhem……When it is determined that the *Demoncrats, tried to criminally steal this election,,,,,& the “good people”, of America, will not tolerate criminality in their elections!

    Low “IQ” voters, & political criminals, will try again to cause Governmental insurrection….the the Demoncrats, will use a a tool for the further introduction of Socialistic Communism!….{ It’s all…..”A Demoncrat thing”! The American People, & our prescious Constitution, will suffer greatly!

  6. Cassie

    Well, the method of firing squad has been reinstated sooo there’s that

  7. Susan E Gingrich

    Years ago when I lived in PA, a photo ID requirement for voting was passed. It was immediately challenged as voter suppression & the dem, dominated judges & court eventually ruled it as unconstitutional, despite additional proposed changes to accommodate more voters . Obama was president then, commonsense and fairness in elections greatly decreased, and continues today under PA’s current governor.

  8. mike

    wasn’t there also a hand count? how does your fraud/electronic machine/conspiracy theory factor into a hand count?

    1. Mil

      So much fraud on so many levels in this election.TRUMP CLEARLY WON.

      1. Carl McCulley

        He won big time here in the great state of Ohio where they did it correctly my wife and I had to show id and show that our adress matched our id’s Trump forever Biden never

    2. Trump Won

      The “hand count” is a poor name for the actual process. Boxes of presorted ballots for Trump and for Biden are manually fed into a machine, which counts the ballots for the candidate it’s setup to count. The machine does not read the ballot or who it’s for, and does not verify the signature matches whats on file for the voter. Boxes of Trump ballots could easily be counted as Biden votes. Trump votes could be mixed in with Biden votes and those would be counted as Biden votes. Blank ballots and illegal votes could be in the Biden boxes and those too would be counted as Biden votes. The machine only counts the number of pieces of paper that run through it!

      To re-count properly, the ballots need to be read, validated, and counted by humans who are two party supervised. Machines could possibly be used for this, but both parties would need ongoing auditing during the process as well as open-access to the software and firmware of the machines to verify that the machines were impartial throughout the process.

    3. Carl McCulley

      So many different levels of fraud here quit watching fake news reports owned by the left they will not change the way we think or live our lives as law biden citizens the truth will prevail these far left nut jobs are about to turn on one another like a pack of wolves

  9. Joe Patriot

    Those servers encountered a “glitch” during the recount and the system software was removed and updated with a new version during the window in which the judge ordered them impounded and changed his mind. Once the software was replaced, he changed his mind again and allowed them to be impounded. During the “upgrade” the server was removed from the site and no one knows where it is now. OK.. sounds legit.

    1. Mil

      More good old buddy Hillary Clinton type cheating. We need to give this election to the man that legally won. President Trump 4 more years. Or go to war for the integrity of our country.

      1. white eagle

        I think they ought to give Mr Trump 8 years, just for their evil cheating and harassing him for 4 years.

  10. Cindy Best

    How on earth can each of these controversial states confirm the election! There are thousands of examples and witnesses! There is president in the Supreme Court from 1871 stating that ANY Fraud Automatically denies the candidate from ever holding office!

    1. Eleanor --- Cummings

      Governors, AG, and legislatures have been bought and paid for by Soros and his PAC, as well as some foreign nations!!

    2. Marcia Bleck

      I believe there has been fraud in many, if not all, elections but never to this extent. I did not know there was a ruling that a person who commits fraud cannot be a candidate in any election. Lord, help us find just one proveable fraud!

  11. Nota Dumbass

    You people are FUCKING NUTS

    1. Patrick Henry

      Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!

    2. theresa

      you are a dumbass.

    3. Mil

      The nuts are the liberals that actually thought they could get away with voter fraud. We are not standing for this. Our election will not be stolen from us. Fight everyone fight for America. Shout out we won’t take cheating.

    4. white eagle

      When you don’t have the truth on your side, you have to resort to filthy name calling. Very few words are needed to speak the truth.

    5. Stephen Jacks

      speak for yourself man

  12. Machismo

    At the end of the day, you have no idea your vote was counted correctly. You have no confirmation who you voted for. I see how the voting machines could be rigged. What’s worse is human beings that are of the opposite party counting votes for a competitor? There has been dishonesty in voting for quite some time. Minnesota is a typical example of how Al Franken got in. Shards, not colored in all the way, fraud at its best. Nothing was done. I have no faith in the system at present. I want an on line system where I can go to the RNC Independent site, or the DNC and see if my Vote was counted. If not then you can post and getter done. You can also check the other sites to see if they cheated.

    1. Eleanor --- Cummings

      Voter Photo ID will go a long way to helping purge our voter system of Voter Fraud by preventing illegal voting. Here’s a wonderful idea. If we had a credit card-like Photo ID, with a magnetic strip on it, we could keep track of how many times a person votes – and even where!! If we had electronic voter registration cards like these, a voter could go to any polling station, and cast their ballot and it would still be counted in their district. To vote outside the USA, you could use this Credit Card Voter ID in a US Embassy or military installation to cast your ballot. Maybe it’s not 100% fool proof, but it’s much better than Soros owned machines counting our votes! It’s worth thinking about. 

      1. Marcia Bleck

        Great idea! That would at least prevent one person from voting many times in various communities.

  13. Robert Rivers

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Anything less than firing squad executions by the thousands who are directly taking part in this theft will be unacceptable.

    1. Eleanor --- Cummings

      For some of the little fish – long term prison time. Governors and AG’s should get the maximum penalty according to their individual culpability.

    2. Eleanor --- Cummings

      If not executed, they will continue to work with other traitors and foreign enemies in the interests of the NWO taking us down and making us a 4TH rate country.

    3. Chris

      Totally agree.
      These subversive henchman and politicians need to face death. It is the only thing they respond to, and it is what is REQUIRED!
      We cannot sit idly by as our country is sold out to the highest bidder.
      This is OUR Country, not theirs.
      While like minded people, who advocate for harsh penalties, might sound violent, filled with bloodlust, or uncompassionate, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I believe this is the only way to stem what will likely end up turning into a civil war where countless millions of Americans will die needlessly, and ultimately, change very little in the power structure. In order to avoid this needless and ineffectual deaths of innocent Americans, I think it is best to strike at the heart of the problem: those traitors who we have entrusted to uphold our constitution and who are supposed to have incorruptible moral & ethical standards with a dedication to country first.