Tommy Hicks, Jr. Commentary: Biden Goes Down to Georgia and Lies About Election Integrity

by Tommy Hicks Jr.


Joe Biden went down to Georgia recently and once again peddled lies as he desperately tries to salvage his stalled agenda. In a divisive speech in Atlanta, Biden painted an apocalyptic picture of the state of elections in America. Biden claimed voting laws were under assault. He said democracy itself was under attack. In other words, Biden showed just how far he and Democrats are willing to go in their relentless pursuit for raw power.

Let’s be clear – almost everything Biden said in Atlanta was a lie. Nothing about Americans’ right to vote is in jeopardy. The only thing in jeopardy is Biden’s political agenda. That’s why Biden wants to upend longstanding Senate procedure and force a federal takeover of state and local elections. Biden knows Americans are rejecting his failed policies, and so he wants change the rules so he can ram his radical agenda through anyway. It’s sadly predictable that Biden is so obsessed with seizing power for himself. Just as bad is that he is willing to lie and manufacture fake hysteria to do it.

Here are the facts. Far from being difficult, voting in America has never been easier. The 2020 elections saw the highest voter turnout in more than a century. And more Americans cast ballots in 2020 than ever before, period, full stop. Additionally, polling shows Americans overwhelmingly support basic ballot security safeguards that Biden wants to eviscerate with his federal power grabs. For example, 75% of Americans – including 69% of Black voters and 60% of Democrats – support voter ID. Even more say they support getting rid of ballot harvesting. Joe Biden doesn’t care.

Biden’s Georgia visit was a reminder that this isn’t the first time he’s lied when it comes to Republican-led solutions that improve the election process. It was less than a year ago that Biden along with failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams likened Georgia’s commonsense election integrity reforms to “Jim Crow 2.0.” It was a lie so egregious that even the Washington Post called Biden out on it. The lie is even worse when you consider that plenty of blue states – including Biden’s home state of Delaware – have more restrictive voting practices than those in Georgia.

Biden’s lies and bullying tactics had real world consequences, costing the Peach State $100 million in expected revenue when Major League Baseball caved to cancel culture and moved their All-Star Game out of Atlanta. Many of Atlanta’s black-owned small businesses ended up paying the price for Biden’s lies. And what about those Republican-led reforms that supposedly amounted to “voter suppression?” Atlanta just held municipal elections under the state’s new system. The result? An orderly election where voter turnout actually increased compared to four years ago.

The lies Biden repeated in Georgia are part of a coordinated campaign the left is leading to subvert election integrity nationwide. Look no further than New York City, where their new Democrat mayor just allowed a bill to become law that lets more than 800,000 non-citizens vote in local elections.

It should go without saying that American citizens should decide American elections. However the only litmus test Democrats care about is whether it helps them impose their socialist agenda and consolidate political power. This lust for power is why Biden is willing to lie with reckless abandon and label anyone who dare disagree with him as “domestic enemies.” It’s why Chuck Schumer now wants to get rid of the Senate filibuster, even though he once said doing so would be a doomsday for democracy. His party even used this supposed mortal threat to democracy 327 times in 2020 alone! Fortunately for Americans, Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have reiterated they aren’t budging and won’t vote to eliminate the filibuster.

Americans are also lucky the Republican National Committee (RNC) isn’t standing by while Democrats try to force their federal power grabs– we are aggressively fighting back. As Democrats attempt to erode confidence in our democratic processes, Republicans across the country are working to restore faith in free, fair, and transparent elections. This ironclad commitment is why the RNC is involved in dozens of lawsuits nationwide – including in New York City – to defend election integrity against bad-faith, politically-motivated attacks coming from Democrats.

The vast majority of Americans want elections that are honest, transparent, and secure. With less than a year until the midterms, Republicans will continue to fight everyday without apology to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat for all Americans.

– – –

Thomas “Tommy” Hicks Jr. is the co-chair of the Republican National Committee.
Photo “Joe Biden” by The White House.






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