VoterGA’s Garland Favorito Argues ‘Particularized Injury’ in Counterfeit Ballot Case Appeal

CORNELIA, Georgia – Garland Favorito, head of Georgia-based election integrity group VoterGA, appeared on radio talk show host John Fredericks’ show Outside the Beltway to discuss the conclusion of the oral arguments heard in the appeal of the Fulton County counterfeit ballot case, Favorito et al v. Wan et al, at the Court of Appeals of Georgia in Atlanta on Wednesday.

The plaintiffs argued they have a particularized injury according to all applicable state and federal precedents, and therefore the lower court’s dismissal of the case was wrongful.

Favorito stated, “We’re out to attack all of these bogus standing rulings by these cowardly judges. We appealed our ruling. Judge Amero ruled that we didn’t have what he called a particularized injury, so we were in court today to challenge that ruling and appeal the case.”

Garland Favorito, who serves as a volunteer elections director for the Constitution Party of Georgia, appeared on John Fredericks’ show Wednesday afternoon at the Habersham County Airport and explained the previous ruling by the court. “The ruling was based on the Lin Wood case. They threw out Lin Wood’s case, which I still think was a mistake, back a couple years ago- a year and a half ago. Well, Lin Wood’s case was an 11th Circuit decision,” said Favorito. “We are filing in state court with state law and the state constitution applies because the time, place, and manner for conducting elections is left to the states. Our case as a state court is based on state law and state constitution.”

The head of the citizen-founded nonpartisan group that advocates for transparent elections broke down why the one-time attorney for Richard Jewell’s case was thrown out. “Lin Wood made a generalized argument, he didn’t make a particularized injury argument, which is what we’re making in our case. They threw [Wood’s case] out on the grounds he made a generalized argument.”

He went on to articulate how the argument in Favorito’s case is different.

“Our argument is in fact a particularized injury, which is exactly what Judge Amero says we didn’t have. It is a particularized injury,” explained Favorito. “It’s based on equal protection, and there are two classes of voters in equal protection: one who had their votes strengthened by the ballot-stuffing and one group who had their votes weakened by the ballot-stuffing. That’s a legitimate equal protection argument. That’s what we made today, and I think the judges seemed to buy into it.”

The Georgia Court of Appeals will now decide whether to uphold or overturn the lower court’s decision. Favorito said he estimates the decision will be made sometime at the end of June, and he added, “I think that they will hear Caroline Jeffords’ case as well, which is similar, and then they will make a consolidated ruling to cover both of those cases.”

John Fredericks, who is also the publisher of The Georgia Star News, said, “This has been going on two years now, a year and half, it just goes on and on and on. We never get a ruling. We never get to the bottom of it.”

Favorito noted, “[T]hey knew that [nothing would happen] because they had Brad Raffensperger as the Secretary of State. You mentioned the 2000 Mules movie, which we saw the other night and we’re probably going to see it again tonight. That showed 2,000 mules, there [were] over 1,000 in Pennsylvania alone; 200 to 300 in Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin. They tracked them. They had the geo-tracking. They [knew] that they were going to these ballot stash-houses and then they would hit four or five drop-boxes, drop them off and come back for another stash. They have all the geo-tracking evidence they could possibly have.”

2000 Mules is the name of the documentary written and directed by author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza which will premiere worldwide on Saturday at 8 p.m. EST.

John Fredericks spoke about the ongoing bus tour of the Peach State. “I’m here on this bus tour, day three of this bus tour; three days have been absolutely incredible. Perdue and the Trump ticket in Georgia is surging. Kemp is fading. We’re going to catch him at the wire, and we’re going to get this runoff.” He added, “In 2016, I was the only one telling you that Trump was going to win, and he did. Perdue is going to get this runoff, Garland, because people, they’re sick and tired of this stuff.”

Garland Favorito, who has over 17 years of experience researching electronic voting systems and more than four decades of information technology experience, replied, “The thing that I am sick of, John, which you already mentioned, is people who claim that there’s no evidence. I mean, for the last year we have put out evidence after evidence after evidence on different topics. They could have been the fact that the audit was fraudulent, the fact that the chain of custody forms was missing on the drop boxes.”

Favorito added, “We had our own videos that we found of ballot-traffickers, but probably the most important piece of evidence is that the ballot images that were needed to basically tabulate the votes in Fulton County were electronically altered prior to the certification.”

“People are waking up. May 24 is going to be interesting,” Fredericks affirmed. “Trump voters are getting energized. They’re coming out.”

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Addison Basurto is a reporter at The Georgia Star and The Star News Network. Follow Addy on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected]


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