The Castro Family’s International Businesses Expand Throughout the World

Rogelio Singh Luque
by ADN America Staff


An investigation published by Yucabyte and the investigative journalism outlet revealed on Friday  a network of companies ranging from Mexico to Cuba, passing through Miami, with close ties to descendants of the Castro family, including Héctor Santana Castro, Sandro Castro and his cousin, the model Antonio “Tony” Castro.

According to the investigation, Hector Santana Castro,  great-nephew of Raúl and Fidel Castro,  would manage the family business in Europe through his law firm.

The network of entities with links to Santana Castro’s law firm even includes micro, small and medium-sized businesses, known in Cuba as Mipymes, which the Biden administration tries to present as “independent of the Cuban regime.”

Among them, Yucabyte mentions the Mipyme Nego Servis Expreso SURL, directed by state security colonel Rogelio Singh Luque (pictured above), father of Yolexi Singh Frías, a Cuban who lives in Spain and who was denied Spanish naturalization after being accused by the Spanish National Intelligence Center (CNI) of being part of a Cuban espionage network in Spain.

Yolexi Singh Frías, accused in 2016 of spying for the Cuban regime, was the president of the Valencian-Cuban Center, a position that, according to an interview by Sergio Comas in America Teve, had very close ties with the Cuban embassy, ​​although Singh Frías denied its links with intelligence at the time.

Currently, Yolexi Singh Frías advertises the services of the MSME registered by her father in Cuba. According to the investigation, the address associated with this entity in Madrid coincides with that of Boza Consultores SL,  the law firm of Héctor Santana Castro, grandson of Ramón Castro Ruz, brother of Raúl and Fidel Castro.

Yucabyte’s investigation also revealed another network of companies that includes the promotion of the Mexican beer Sol in Cuba, headed by Marco Jesús Amorós Moreno, a close friend of Sandro Castro, grandson of Fidel Castro.

The article also mentions Dibermex LLC, registered in Florida in 2015 by Mexican businessman José Israel Adato Steiermann. Along with his company Interglobe, Adato was responsible for the marketing behind Sol beer in Cuba. In addition, Dibermex LLC, which maintains branches in different parts of the world, shipped at least 8,368 cases of American Miller Lite beer to the island, according to import-export databases.

Interglobe Inc. (formerly Interglobe Trading Inc.), registered in 1984 in Canada, is the oldest company in this network. Interglobe is registered with the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and has an office in El Vedado, Havana, which also housed Dibermex LLC until 2023.

Dibermex LLC and Interglobe Inc., linked to José Israel Adato Steiermann and Héctor Castro Santana, operate in sectors such as beverages, coal and telecommunications, with connections in Mexico, Canada and Europe.

Boza Abogados y Consultores SLP is a law firm in Madrid that offers nationality and immigration processing services to Cubans, as well as advice to companies interested in investing in Cuba. This firm registered the Interglobe Iberica SL branch in Valencia, which is dedicated to the wholesale marketing of beverages, tobacco and food products.

Also appearing on the network is  Luis Enrique Martínez Estañol , a Law graduate from the University of Havana and lawyer from the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM), who has held several positions at Boza Abogados y Consultores SLP . He is currently the sole administrator since Héctor Castro was revoked from office on February 25, 2022 . Martínez Estañol is a representative of multiple companies around the world, some originally registered since the 1970s.

Another link with the Castro family is achieved through Yaino del Castillo Barbosa , current partner of Liset Ulloa Díaz, mother of Antonio Tony Castro Ulloa, grandson of Fidel Castro. Like his father, Antonio Castro Soto, and his cousin Sandro Castro, Tony has been involved in scandals due to his ostentatious lifestyle. Yaino is part of a Dibermex branch in Panama and other entities, and is a close friend of José Israel Adato.

In the relationship map created by Yucabyte, the links between many of these entities can be visualized in detail.

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Photo “Rogelio Singh Luque” by Rogelio Singh Luque. 






Reprinted with permission from ADN America.

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